Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020 [Apex Legends Best Weapons]

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Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020 [Apex Legends Best Weapons]

UPDATE (May 15, 2020)

Season 5: Fortune’s Favor officially launched on Tuesday of this week and among the map changes, and Legend buffs and nerfs, we’ve also seen some weapons change stats as well. While most of the weapons won’t be affected, there are seven weapons that need to be adjusted on the tier list. Also, the Devs saw fit to release the Skullpiercer Hop-Up from the Vault. Once again, it can be equipped on the Wingman and Longbow.

Apex Legends has seen so many changes since it’s launch last year that in some ways it’s practically a new game. We’ve seen another map and four new Legends drop as well as a whole list of buffs and nerfs to those Legends. However, it’s safe to say that there have been just as many of these changes to the wide variety of weapons in the game. Some of these tweaks have radically affected the viability of the weapon in a fight, and whether you keep it for the final circles. 

Therefore, it’s also imperative to mention that each of these weapons has a determined strength based on its stats, skill cap, and availability on the map. Which weapon should you choose? Often, that is a difficult question to answer as you dodge an onslaught of weapon fire from three different teams. This list, bearing in mind the Season four patch, will rank some of the most common weapons in Apex Legends. It’s also intended to highlight which weapons are reliable and which ones are destined for the scrap heap. 

It should be mentioned that due to patches and world drop changes to some of the weapons, it was necessary to remove the S tier. Most of the weapons that would have fallen into that category were nerfed by Devs enough to bring them into line with the other weapons on the list. 

What are the best weapons in Apex Legends?

The summary tier list with tier explanations will show where the gun was in Season 4 and where it moved as of Season 5. The detailed tier list with gun stats and descriptions will simply show its new rank in the tier list.

A Tier - These weapons offer an incredible damage output, quality magazine size, and various sight attachments. They are powerful weapons that should be kept through all phases of a match as well as into the endgame circles.

  • R-301 (100/100)
  • Devotion (99/100)
  • Flatline (98/100)
  • Peacekeeper (97/100) - Season 5
  • Mastiff - Season 4
  • Kraber (95/100)
  • Wingman (94/100) - Season 5
  • R-99 (94/100)
  • Prowler (93/100)
  • Wingman - Season 4
  • Peacekeeper - Season 4
  • Mastiff (91/100) - Season 5
  • G7 (90/100)

B Tier - These weapons offer better-than-average damage output, good magazine sizes, and various sight attachments. They can be outclassed by A tier weapons, but you should consider holding onto them through all phases of the game. 

  • L-Star (88/100)
  • Hemlock (87/100)
  • Longbow (84/100) - Season 5
  • Charge Rifle (82/100) - Season 5
  • Charge Rifle - Season 4
  • Eva-8 Shotgun (81/100)

C Tier - These weapons offer average damage output, competent magazine sizes, and various sight attachments. They can be outclassed by A and B tier weapons and should be dropped for higher quality weapons as soon as possible. Better for early and intermediate phases of the match.

  • Havoc - (77/100)
  • Alternator (76/100)
  • RE45 (75/100)
  • Longbow - Season 4
  • Triple Take (70/100)

D Tier - These weapons offer low or underpowered damage output, limited magazine sizes, and flexible sight attachments. The examples in this list are intended to be this way, by design. It is not a mistake. Most of these weapons are situational at best and provide good early game options, but should be dropped the moment a higher tier weapon becomes available. In a serious firefight, these weapons could cost your squad the game. 

  • Sentinel (68/100)
  • P2020 (62/100)
  • Mozambique (52/100)

A Tier

R-301 - (100/100)

An absolute laser in anyone's hands. It's fun to practice with and easy to shoot.

It should be no surprise to find this weapon at the highest place on the list due to its dependability and versatility in a fight. Noobs and experienced players alike flock to this gun for its low recoil at close and medium ranges, and its respectable damage stats. The Carbine has remained a staple throughout the game’s four seasons and it isn’t changing anytime soon. A fully kitted R-301 is a force to be reckoned with especially when experienced hands are holding it. The Season Five update saw a minor change where the Anvil Receiver was vaulted so you no longer have the option of pecking your opponents from a distance. 

  • This weapon has the lowest recoil in the game, hands down, making it easy for beginners to pick up and an absolute laser in experienced hands. 
  • With a base damage of 14 and high damage of 28 per round, one might second guess the R-301’s status, but fear not, the fire rate more than makes up for the gun’s shortcomings. 
  • The R-301 switches effortlessly between automatic and single fire, but you’ll most likely want to keep it in automatic firing mode. 
  • One negative of this weapon is its base clip size, you’ll want to upgrade your Light magazine as quickly as possible. However, you’ll never be hurting for ammunition as it’s quite common. 
  • Overall, still the best weapon in the game. 

Devotion LMG - (99/100)

It's hard to find this gun nowadays, but that just makes it even better.

As experienced players know, the Devotion used to be a world-drop weapon. Much like the Havoc, there was a slight pause before the LMG started firing. As it fired, the rate would increase and max out simultaneously with its damage output. It also accepted the Turbocharger Hop-Up, which removed any wind-up time. Due to the weapon’s ridiculous fire rate and potential for damage, it was promoted to the crate-only weapon. It ranks below the R301 for a few reasons, but mainly its ADS movement speed is nearly 10% lower.

  • This weapon’s jumpy recoil and wind-up time rank it below the R301, but once maxed out it’s difficult to counteract its power. 
  • With a base of 17 and a max of 34 damage, this weapon smokes the R301, but as mentioned, it’s slower to ADS and has to wind-up before it can fire and reach maximum damage. 
  • Like crate-only weapons, there are no additional methods of retrieving extra ammo, but like the Mastiff, you shouldn’t need it. 
  • This weapon has no equipable attachments, but it behaves as if it were fully kitted, with a bruiser scope for close or medium range gunfights.
  • A max fire-rate of 15 makes this laser cannon crank out bullets, which you can use to pepper opponents with consistent pressure or take out an unsuspecting squad from a flanked position.

VK-47 Flatline - (98/100)
The first cousin to the R-301, and nearly just as good. If you're mindful of the recoil of this weapon, you could be unstoppable.

Often referred to as the “R301’s First Cousin” this assault rifle is a near mirror image of the weapon. It’s versatile in close and mid-range. A change in Season Five has vaulted the Anvil Receiver, so it might not be as helpful at long-range encounters  It’s high damage output makes it a go-to weapon for all phases of the match. Unfortunately, the left to right horizontal recoil can make it difficult to stay on target and take a cracked opponent to a Knocked opponent. 

  • Much like the R-301, the Flatline’s hip-fire can be useful in a fight. 
  • The projectile speed is noticeably slower, giving this weapon a bit of a handicap, in some respects. A fire rate of 10 could cost you in a fight, but its ADS movement is similar to the R-301. 
  • It is worth mentioning that despite the flaws, the base and high damage values are better than the R-301. Coming in at 19 and 38, this weapon can put an opponent down before they know what hit them. 
  • The left to right recoil brings this weapon down in rank, but with a little practice, that won’t be a problem for long. 
  • Unless you’re rocking the Battle Pass Level 100 and Level 110 skins for the Flatline in Season Four, the Iron Sights can be problematic, but luckily you can equip all the way to a 3x Ranger on the gun. 
  • Despite its flaws, this gun should be found and kept until the match is over. With the attachment options and high DPS, you can’t go wrong. 

Peacekeeper - (97/100)

It's hard to dodge the bullet spread from this gun. Just because you can dodge a wrench doesn't mean you'll be successful against the Peacekeeper. It was uplifted to a crate-only weapon as of Season Five.

This weapon has seen a consistent history of nerfs in the past few seasons, but who’s keeping track? Now, with the Season Five update, the Peacekeeper has been uplifted to a crate-only weapon using unique ammunition with increased stats. It seems like the Mastiff and the Peacekeeper switched places, so-to-speak. 

The gun has seen a dramatic increase in damage output from becoming a Legendary weapon. The bullet spread pattern has been tightened, and they’ve increased bullet size to maximize consistency at close ranges. It’s also had the rechambering time and reload time shaved down.

It’s extremely dangerous at close-range now, but even still if you’re not accurate and hitting your shots with complete accuracy, the PK could cost you in a fight against an AR or SMG. 

  • No longer needs the Barrel Choke Hop-Up. 
  • It has a reduced rechamber time of 1.2 to 0.9.
  • Reload times have been reduced to 2.45 base and 3.35 empty.
  • The quality magazine size available for this weapon gives you plenty of opportunities to hit your enemies before having to reload. 
  • This weapon’s low rate of fire is its greatest weakness, but one that can be overcome with practice.

Kraber - (95/100)

This weapon can make you a God on the map, as long as you've got great aim. It must be a crate-only weapon thing.

The final crate-only weapon and arguably the best one of them all. Ultimately, if sniping is your game, then you’ll have no better example than the Kraber .50-cal sniper rifle. With its ability to shatter an enemy’s health and shields in one well-placed shot, it would be ill-conceived to say you could do better. Its max damage output rivals that of the Mastiff and requires no attachments to do its job well. However, you are severely limited by the gun’s ammo capacity once you find it. 

  • You get only eight full shots with the sniper rifle, so it is imperative to make them count. 
  • The rarity of the weapon itself will ultimately affect the ability to find it. 
  • Unbearably slow fire rate drops this weapons’ rank.
  • In a pinch, the reload time of the Kraber could cost you the fight if the enemy has flanked you. It needs a good four seconds to fully reload. 
  • On the plus side, it can do a base damage of 145 and high damage of 295 per round. So, you’ll certainly give those Red Evo-Shield toting Legends something to think about. 
  • Given the powerful nature of this gun, you might expect it to ADS slower, but in fact, it’s on par with all the other sniper rifles. 

Wingman - (94/100)

A hand cannon forged by the gods and gifted to human hands. It's not true, but it sounds good, right?

People who’ve played Apex since launch often talk about what his gun used to be, but honestly, as nerfs go, it was necessary. In Season Two, when they made the Skullpiercer a Legendary drop, it was more difficult to find and might have turned some would-be Wingman users to other weapons. Then when they phased the Hop-Up out completely, more users decided to cut their losses and move onto other choices. 

With only five shots in the standard gun, each shot must be well-placed and practiced. This weapon requires more skill to use than your average players may want to invest, and that’s okay. Plenty of players still use this gun and see its worth. 

A couple of minor changes in Season Five and this weapon has jumped up the ranking list. While it did see a reduction in the base headshot multiplier, the Skullpiercer Hop-Up is back, so the changes won’t affect it much at all.

  • Up to an eight-round magazine gives you the option to do damage between 40 to 94.5 in the head. 
  • Due to the nerf, you’ll want to find an extended magazine in the first circle and especially before the final circles. 
  • Its DPS ranks it higher than most sniper rifles and its range gives you the flexibility to keep your enemies at a distance. 
  • The sharp accuracy makes it a great weapon, but the skill level required to use it to your advantage makes it a less forgiving option for newbies. There are several better options to use instead.
  • The headshot multiplier was reduced from 2.10 to 2.
  • Although, when you equip the Skullpiercer Hop-Up, the headshot multiplier shoots up to 2.25.

R-99 - (92/100)

Be ready when you pull the trigger. Your bullets are gone in the blink of an eye.

The R-99 is a fantastic weapon in close range Skulltown fights as well as medium-range fights with recoil-control firing technique. It doesn’t rely on a Hop-Up and is naturally able to empty its clip in the blink of an eye. Its DPS is relative to the R-301 and Flatline assault rifles. Since it's classified as A Tier, it is perfect for all phases of the game and is great for all situations. It is capable of attaching a Threat Detector scope, creating a deadly tool of shield-eating destruction. Although, that’s not to say the R-99 isn’t without its difficulties. It has an extremely high recoil that shoots straight up in untrained hands, you’ll empty a clip into the air and leave your target unscathed. It takes practice and patience, but in the right hands, it ends fights before they begin. 

  • It uses common ammo and easy-to-find attachments which can double or triple as an attachment holder for any other light ammo weapon like the G7 or the R-301. 
  • It has a low mag size, but a quick reload time.
  • A recent damage reduction (From 18 to 16.5 per round) has dropped this weapon’s rank slightly, which is more than made up for by its insane fire rate. 
  • As mentioned, the R-99 is great for all situations, even final circles, but you’ll want to source those purple mags, stocks, and barrel stabilizers beforehand, otherwise, you might not reach its full potential. 
  • Ultimately, this weapon’s use is largely affected by player skill and preference. Some can’t get over the vertical recoil or the low magazine capacities to see using it over the Prowler. 

Prowler - (93/100)
A great alternative if you're hurting for an R-99. It's definitely easier to control once you equip the Selectfire Hop-Up.

Both the R-99 and the Prowler are ranked so closely that it’s difficult to say that one is better than the other. Because the R-99 doesn’t require a Hop-Up to meet its fire rate potential, it gives it an edge over the Prowler. Not only that, but the Iron Sight on this weapon is OK at best and is often limiting in a fast pace fight. With that said, a potential Achilles heel for this weapon may also be the 5-round burst fire option. If you aren’t careful, it may leave you with little ammunition in the middle of the fight. 

However, while it may seem like this weapon is destined for the scrap heap, just hold on for a second. For starters, a Level 1 Heavy mag and a Selectfire Hop-Up, bring to fully kitted R-99 level right off the bat. So, as you hunt for loot throughout the rest of the game, this gun only gets better. It deals more damage than the R-99 and is an absolute laser at close range. It’s probably one of the best guns to get in the early game and to take into final circles. 

  • High, 35-round magazine size makes this gun an obvious choice for experienced players. The learning curve for new players is flat. 
  • With a slightly higher fire rate than the R-99, this gun can crank out the damage, but it still doesn’t compare to its cousin. 
  • With a bullet damage range of 12 to 22.5, you can provide maximum coverage for your squad as they revive or loot boxes of fallen opponents. 
  • A Threat Detector scope makes this a dangerous gun in any situation. Bangalores beware.

Mastiff - (91/100)

It's so powerful, that this gun should be outlawed. One well-placed shot from this will put you in the dirt. This is still true after the Season Five update.

As of Season Four, this was still a crate-only weapon, and for good reason. You didn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of these. Now, with the Season Five update, things have changed quite a bit. Basically, a lot of small changes to the Mastiff’s gun stats bring it in line with regular shotgun stats. Be that as it may, it's still a dangerous weapon in the right hands.

  • An increased drop rate, in tighter situations, can turn the tide for the fortunate finders of this shotgun. 
  • Newest updates to Apex have dropped shotgun ammo stacks from 64 down to 16, so clear your inventory if you plan on keeping this weapon all the way to the end. Now, this weapon actually uses shotgun ammunition so this applies.
  • Each time the gun is fired, it fires eight rounds. With the Season Five update, each pellet damage potential has dropped to now doing a base damage of 13.
  • Said in another way, and with the Season Five update, in one pull of the trigger, this weapon can do 130 total damage.
  • The update saw an increase in the magazine size from four rounds to six.
  • The fire rate for this weapon was reduced from 1.3 to 1.0.
  • A big chunk was taken out of the headshot multiplier going from 2.0 to 1.25. 
  • The gun did see an increase in projectile speed to make it comparable to other shotguns.
  • The Mastiff also saw an increase in blast pattern distances for the outer pairs of pellets. 
  • One last change was the Increase in blast pattern scale for the ADS multiplier from 0.5 to 0.55. 

G7 Scout - (90/100)

Even after all of the nerfs, this weapon is still going strong. Pick yours up today.

This is such a great weapon, but it ranks lower on the tier because of its limited magazine size, obstructive Iron Sights, and heavy reliance on its attachments. The G7 was moved from a Sniper Rifle to an AR in Season four and therefore lost the ability to use Sniper scope attachments. That may or may not be a loss for some. It gained the use of a new Hop-Up, the Double Tap Trigger, which allows firing of two rounds with each trigger pull. It also inflicts more damage per round than any other AR in the game, minus attaching the Anvil Receiver to the R301 or the Flatline.

  • The small magazine size makes this weapon hard to use in later circles. Find a magazine as soon as possible. 
  • The same goes for a sight. It’s nearly impossible to aim down the sight and track a target. Find a sight, you’ll thank me later. 
  • The gun didn’t lose accuracy during the status change and still remains lethal from close range as well as long-range. 
  • You can equip up to a 2-4x scope giving the user versatility as the fight migrates on World’s Edge or Kings Canyon.

B Tier

L-Star (88/100)

It's a stable EMG that fires large rounds at its target. Feather the trigger for maximum damage and firepower.

This gun has seen a recent nerf in Season four since its launch in Season 2: Battle Charge, but you wouldn’t know it. It used to be a crate-only weapon, but since the nerf, the good ‘ol Devs of Apex saw fit to let it drop into the world maps. It works mostly as it did before with a slight reduction in damage and rate of fire. With larger bullets and no wind-up period common with energy weapons, you should have no issue hitting your targets, even if they’re a squirrely Wraith. 

  • Works like most Light Machine Guns, and has larger bullets and higher damage output. 
  • A built-in overheating mechanic and a slower reload time may require you to rethink your strategy when you use this gun. 
  • No magazines let this gun keep firing as long as you feather the trigger and fire in shorter bursts. 
  • Slightly higher fire rate makes a great option for the early game fights. 

Hemlock - (87/100)

With two firing options, this gun can help you rack up the kills on the field. 

The Hemlock sports one the lowest recoils for an AR in the game, it would be difficult for you to find a better option. Allows for two firing modes, like the Flatline and the R-301, but features a 3-round burst option instead of Autofire. In certain situations, it can outperform most of the other ARs in the game and is a popular choice by experienced and inexperienced players alike. 

  • It can inflict a whopping 100 damage in less than a second. Single-fire option has the same potential for damage with little kick-back.
  • Easily switched between burst and single-fire making this weapon the ultimate example in versatility. 
  • You can equip up to a 3x Ranger sight on this weapon for long-range fights. 
  • It has so little recoil, it’s hard to believe. 
  • One of its flaws, and it can be huge, is that it’s not automatic. 
  • Also, the Iron Sights are hard to aim through and can block a lot of target movement.

Longbow - (84/100)

This weapon has great stopping power. If you're an experienced sniper, then this one is probably one of your go-to guns.

The change in seasons hasn’t changed how much this weapon can hurt you. It’s a decent sniper rifle, but it’s difficult to hit strafing targets. Usually, the weapon is limited to long-distance fights, but it is possible to attack close-range targets if the situation presents itself. The loss of the Skullpiercer was a huge hit for this weapon’s popularity, but it remains one of the most powerful snipers in the game.

With the Season Five update, this sniper rifle jumped tiers and for good reason. While the changes were minor, it mainly affects this gun’s damage potential and also brings it closer to its former status in the early days of Apex Legends. While the headshot multiplier saw a decrease from 2.15 to 2.10, the addition of the Skullpiercer Hop-Up pretty much nullifies that change. By equipping the Skullpiercer, the headshot multiplier jumps from 2.1 to 2.5. 

  • With a bullet damage potential of 44 to 118 per round, this DMR still has the power to Knock your opponents before they realize it.
  • Accuracy is imperative with this weapon, it’s not at all like the Triple Take.
  • It’s very reliant on its attachments to reach its full potential.
  • A slower fire rate isn’t the worst thing and its magazine size gives you some flexibility. 
  • Firing this weapon has a horrible habit of attracting third parties to your location.
  • Since the addition of the Skullpiercer Hop-Up, this weapon may have it’s viability back for the entire match all the way to final circles. 

Charge Rifle (82/100)

An annoyingly effective sniper rifle. People say using this gun makes you a toxic player. Do you agree?

Introduced in Season Three, this weapon has received its fair share of flak from the Apex community. For those that use this weapon on the regular, they couldn’t be happier. It’s received no nerfs, other than the removal of most of its attachment options, and it’s a bit surprising. It’s a Hitscan sniper that is scary efficient at removing targets from the board. Ultimately, it has the potential to wipe any target shield, minus the Red Evo-Shield, with one sniper round. 

  • It’s capable of equipping all sniper rifle capable sights. 
  • It’s a better option to use in World’s Edge since it’s more open and flat than Kings Canyon. 
  • While it has the potential to do over 90 damage per burst, you still have to watch your aim. There are only four rounds per magazine and it takes nearly five seconds to reload. 
  • Still, it’s probably the best sniper rifle option in the game currently, when only considering world drop weapons.

Eva-8 Shotgun (81/100)
If you see one in Skulltown upon landing, pick it up.

People think automatic shotgun and immediately daydream about the squads they’ll wipe when they get their hands on this amazing weapon. The Eva-8 brings that daydreamer back to reality without totally destroying their dreams. Its large magazine size can give you ample opportunity to come out on top. It has a higher DPS than the PK or Mozambique, making it a great option a secondary weapon. 

  • This gun is more forgiving than the PK and often, due to its fire rate, it gives you the opportunity to win the fight more often than not. 
  • If the fire rate wasn’t formidable enough, the addition of the Double Tap Trigger makes this weapon a shredder. 
  • Shotgun ammo nerf affects this gun slightly more due to its needs in a consistent fight, it’s best to dedicate large space for this weapon. 
  • Lowest damage per shot of all the shotguns, yes, even the Mozambique.

C Tier

Havoc - (77/100)
The sheer power coming from this weapon can be scary sometimes, but you'd better keep that trigger primed and ready.

This gun has seen better days and with the removal of the Turbocharger in Season four, a long-standing attachment for this gun, those days are hard to come by. This gun is difficult to master due to its current state and isn’t recommended for inexperienced players. Now, there’s nothing to counteract the wind-up time required to get this gun going. Even still, it may be worth it to some players to practice with this gun as it has the highest DPS of all the ARs.

Now, with the Season Five update, you might have even fewer reasons to use this weapon, specifically when it comes to firing it. While the gun was jumpy in terms of recoil, now the Havoc will recoil more in the first two shots and the vertical and horizontal recoils have been increased as well. While that may not sound like much, it earned this weapon a drop in rank points, but it didn’t affect its place on the tier list. 

  • Wind-up time is a huge flaw in this weapon’s design. 
  • High DPS around 200 and the second highest fire rate can still make this gun an attractive option. 
  • Slower reload time may end up costing you if your enemies are close, so keep this gun full. 
  • It can act as a sniper rifle with the Selectfire option, but you’re almost better off finding an adequate sniper rifle instead.

Alternator - (76/100)
The "Poor Man's" R-99. Is that a fair nickname for this weapon?

No weapon in Apex Legends has had more highs and lows than the Alternator. For a brief time, it was the king of all SMGs capable of sporting the all-powerful Disruptor Rounds. Soon, that reign was cut short by the removal of the Hop-Up and now the gun can barely carry its weight when compared to the other guns of its type. However, it does reload faster.

The Season Five update gave this gun an increase in magazine size overall. The base magazine increased from 16 to 19 rounds. The extended magazine also increased to 22, 25, and 27 rounds from Level 1 to Level 3 respectively. While the change is helpful and needed, it didn’t affect the gun’s place on the tier list.

  • Best for early Skulltown or Capital City gunfights, but shouldn’t get kept past the first circle.
  • It can serve as an attachment holder for the upgraded R-99 or the R-301. 
  • The lower firing rates can cost you against its upgraded counterparts. 
  • It’s good for quick, surprising attacks on weaker enemies, especially with its comparable DPS for its class.
  • Its range isn't that great so save your ammo and keep your enemies closer.

RE45- (75/100)
It would be great if the Disruptor Rounds were still available for this weapon. 

Referred to by some as the “Poor Man’s R-99.” Serves as a great option in the close-quarters fights in the early stages of the game. Much like the Alternator, it had its 15 minutes of fame due to the Disruptor Rounds, but they quickly vanished. Low damage output and low magazine size make it imperative to find good quality barrel stabilizers and magazines so that every shot counts. It does slightly less damage than the P2020 but offers a higher fire rate that makes up for it.

The Season Five update increased the base damage from 11 to 12. It also reduced the reload time slightly from 1.74s to 1.5 base and 2.12s to 1.95s empty.  These weren’t fundamental changes so it didn’t affect the weapon’s place on the tier list. 

  • It does slightly less damage than the P2020 but offers a higher fire rate that makes up for it.
  • Good damage output for early in the game can make this gun invaluable. 
  • Should be swapped for R-99 after the initial fights.

Triple Take - (70/100)
How many of you guys are still using this weapon? C'mon, be honest.

Over the course of the progressing seasons, this sniper has become less and less useful the later in-game you last. It’s fantastic for landing zones and early, first circle fights, but its usefulness is short-lived. The horizontal spread of its bullet path makes it easier to hit targets that are strafing or zig-zagging to try and get to cover, but not at a distance. It requires the Barrel Choke Hop-Up to be effective at range, you’d be better off to use that on a Peacekeeper. 

  • Its apparent need for attachments to be effective like its counterparts couldn’t be more obvious. 
  • A good option for the landing zone and early stages. 
  • The Barrel Choke slows down the fire rate of this weapon since you need to charge it up. This could be valuable time you’re missing while your target gets to safety. 
  • A decent magazine size keeps this gun from falling completely off the list.

D Tier

Sentinel - (68/100)
When you hear this gun firing, watch out, your Body Shield may suddenly look a little cracked.

When the Sentinel was announced, it was hard not to get a little excited. A bolt-action addition to the sniper family, that wasn’t Legendary, seemed like it was needed to balance the scales. Unfortunately, the fire rate, arguably the weapon’s biggest flaw is what drops it down so far on this list. If you manage to hit your target with it, they’ll certainly feel a pain worse than the Longbow, but after you reload, they might have disappeared entirely.

  • A slow reload time of nearly four seconds and a fire rate that’s half of the Longbow kills this weapon’s versatility. 
  • It has the unique ability to use a Shield Battery to charge the gun so that it does higher damage to shields. 
  • When you consider the damage the Sentinel is capable of on its own, it may not make sense to use a Shield Battery to charge it when you may need it for yourself.
  • No slower ADS or movement speeds with this weapon even though it seems bulkier.

P2020 - (62/100)
A fast fire rate is about the only thing that saves this gun. Am I right?

The most standard of all the standard guns in the Apex Legends arsenal. You can’t get any more common than this gun. It uses Light Ammo and has a single shot firing mode. It has the fastest reload time of all the pistols and with the addition of the Hammerpoint Rounds, it’s not the worst gun you could pick up. 

  • Best for early landing zone and first circle encounters. The Hammerpoint Rounds and equipping a better magazine might allow you to take this gun into the second or third circle.
  • It has more range than the Mozambique.
  • You can equip up to a 2x Bruiser sight on this weapon for more accurate shots. 
  • Ultimately, there are better options to fight with, but if you’re in a pinch and need a weapon, this could save you from Elimination.

Mozambique- (55/100)
Do you roll your eyes when someone pings this weapon in-game?

A laughable weapon that uses shotgun ammunition. It has a three-round magazine with low damage output. Quite honestly, you might be better off punching. If you can find a sight and a Hammerpoint Rounds Hop-Up, you might have something of a weapon on your hands and can defend yourself. To be effective with this gun, you must be up close and personal, which also puts you at risk.

  • The Hammerpoint Rounds only give bonus damage to unarmored opponents, which leaves its viability in landing zones only. There may be an opportunity in the middle of a fight, but that chance is very low.
  • It uses shotgun ammo and is therefore affected by the limited stacking of that ammo type.
  • For a shotgun, it has a low DPS, around 99 and that’s assuming that every round hits its mark.
  • It also has the lowest fire rate. Honestly, you’d have to be desperate to pick up this weapon.

Due to the admission of the Sentinel, the Spitfire was removed from the list. Due to the weapon’s nature, it would rank below D Tier. Honestly, that is a mistake, as it’s not intended to be that way and requires balancing and buffing to bring it back in line with the majority of the available guns. 

Hopefully, this list provided you with some good tips you can use to hone in on the magic boomstick that will lead you to victory. And that does it for the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020. What do you think? Is this list on the right track? Are certain weapons ranked too low or too high? Comments are welcome.

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