[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Banners And How To Get Them

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At the end of the day, these words are what we all want to see.

Players grind day and night in Apex Legends just to see these words on their screens. The statement gives each gamer more clout, and the ability to brag about their accomplishments on and off the map. It also has benefits. It’s not so hard to get at least one win in the game, it will happen eventually whether you're carried or you get the “game-winning” kill all by yourself. 

One thing is clear when your competition sees all the wins you have, they’ll be quaking in their gamer chairs. It’s just as effective as seeing the number of kills each player you’re competing against has under their belt. Seriously, it would have to give you pause to see a 12,000-kill Wraith landing in Skulltown right next to you. You would try to creep away without them noticing, but they can smell your fear, and they’d track you down like a Bloodhound. The next thing you know, you’re Cracked, Knocked, and Finished by that sweaty try-hard. 

Don’t worry, I’m happy to let you know there is some good news. High kills and Wins stats aren’t the only thing to work for in the game. There are other achievements that are right up your alley. Each of the game’s now 12 Legends have their Banners to collect. The main one, most people care about are the Badges. For any newcomers to the game, you might be asking: What are these Badges? How do I go about getting them? 

Never fear, I’ve got your back. Here are the Top 10 Apex Legends Best Banners And How To Get Them.

Top [10] Banners

It should be noted that this list goes experience in the game and as such it has determined the order in which each banner is mentioned. Some banners might be easier or harder for you to obtain. It could be said that with the right situation or the right squad, any of these badges would be easy to collect. Although, it’s not likely that you’ll have an easy time with some of these. 

#10 - Live Die Live

This badge shows just how dedicated you are to this game and how long you've been playing this game.

It’s a staple amongst the Battle Royale games for players to exist between the lines of Life and Death. Apex Legends is no exception. This banner is for fans of this game from the beginning since you could obtain it during a limited timeframe early after launch day.

What’s awesome about Live Die Live:

  • It shows that you’re a dedicated Apex Legends player and you’re one to support good games.
  • It proves that you’re not one to leave your teammates behind, even in a fight. 

How to get Live Die Live:

  • Revive or Respawn a player. Available for a limited time around Valentine’s Day.

#9 - Master Of All

What’s awesome about Master Of All:

  • You’ll earn experience playing other Legends and you’ll have plenty of options when someone chooses your Main character. Caustic is mine, by the way.
  • If you’re playing in a Premade squad, you’ll be better able to support your teammates by choosing a Legend that compliments their Tactical and Ultimate abilities. 
  •  It’s an Account Badge so that you don’t have to get multiple times per Legend. Once you have it, it’s forever.

How to get Master Of All:

  • Win at least ten times with eight different Legends.

#8 - Team. Work.

It's hard to get random teammates to understand just how important teamwork is in Apex Legends.  

Nobody likes getting paired with a Noob; usually, your squad will get Knocked quick and you won’t have any time to defend yourself. However, it’s safe to say that no one likes a squadmate who sits back and lets their teammates do all the work. This banner has to do with pulling your weight.

What’s awesome about Team. Work:

  • Forces all of your squadmates to keep their head on a swivel and work together.
  • It helps you find better ways to quickly dispatch Knocked opponents. Doing it incorrectly attracts third parties and solo stragglers.
  • It’s an Account Badge so that you don’t have to get multiple times per Legend. Once you have it, it’s forever.
  • Let’s your squad know that you’re ready to work together with them to snag that victory.

How to get Team. Work:

  • With a full Premade squad, play a game where each player gets 3 kills.

#7 - Triple Triple

If you've gotten this badge, it shows just how dedicated and skilled you are in this game.

This banner isn’t one of the hardest to collect, but it is by no means the easiest. Especially if you’re in a lobby where the squads are dropping fast. In this case, you need to be the driving force behind the Eliminations.

What’s awesome about Triple Triple:

  • This badge shows that you get things done quickly and efficiently. 
  • A testament to the fact that you take no prisoners and if squads mess with your squad, they’d better be ready for a fight.

How to get Triple Triple:

  • Kill three members of three squads in the same match.

#6 - Double Duty

This next banner is about consistency and skill level. It’s also Legend specific so if a player is able to flash this banner for multiple Legends, then you might want to get them to join your squad. While some might say it’s not difficult to win a match as the Kill Leader, it’s surely more challenging to win one a second time. 

What’s awesome about Double Duty:

  • Show’s you’ve got the potential to play in Big Leagues. 
  • Having this banner for more than one Legend only gives you more freedom to brag. So, toot that horn, Legend.
  • Proves you’re consistent and you don’t mess around in a match.  

How to get Double Duty:

  • Win a game where you were the Kill Leader and the Champion.

Once Revenant gets his hands on you, it's over. Just ask Forge.

#5 - Long Shot

If you like hiding behind cover or performing gun-inspection-trick snipes, this badge may be for you. Bear in mind, unless you’re used to sniping in FPS games, this one will take some practice as well as good fortune. I recommend using the Longbow, Kraber, or Sentinel.

What’s awesome about Long Shot:

  • It’s a banner that a gamer can brag about to their friends. 
  • It’s an Account Badge so that you don’t have to get multiple times per Legend. Once you have it, it’s forever.
  • It takes skill, dedication, and patience. In the long run, this will make you a better sniper overall. 

How to get Long Shot:

  • Downed a Player from a distance greater than 300 meters.

#4 - Rapid Elimination

You’ve either got guts, you’re stupid lucky, or you’re just that good. This banner might be a testament to having good fortune and being in the right place at the right time. Let’s be honest winning in this game takes a bit of luck and some gamers just have more than others. This banner is also Legend specific and just proves how much of an Apex Predator you really are. Nobody will want to mess with you. 

What’s awesome about Rapid Elimination:

  • It might be a good warning to anyone who might land near you and keep the crowds around you pretty thin. 
  • Shows you can handle yourself in a crowded situation and you never lose your cool. 
  • If you like jumping into Hot Spots, this badge should be easy for you since you enjoy the fast pace jumping and shooting these situations provide. 

How to get Rapid Elimination:

  • Down four enemies within 20 seconds.

#3 - [Legends Name] Wrath

This is certainly one of the rarer badges to see on a player’s ID card, and it certainly should be. There are many variables that can affect a player obtaining this badge. You have to put yourself out there and be aggressive when it comes to pushing fights. You have to break out of your comfort zone. It has different tiers, but the last tier is the one that really matters.

What’s awesome about [Legend’s Name] Wrath:

  • It proves that you’re dedicated and aggressive in fights. You show no quarter to your enemies and don’t give them time to retreat and recuperate. 
  • Having the banner shows that you’re clearly skilled at the game and a destructive force of Nature. People should think twice before messing with you. 

How to get [Legend’s Name] Wrath:

  • Deal 4,000 damage in a single game.

#2 - [Legends Name] Wake

You are a god among insects, an idol among a congregation of worshippers. Even over the course of four seasons, this banner still eludes many players. And for good reason. It takes good timing of shots, consistency, guts, determination, and the desire to shed bloth. You won’t get this one easy and if you can do this with multiple Legends, then I don’t want to fight against you in a public match.

What’s awesome about [Legends Name] Wake:

  • Puts you in a small list of Pro players (not literally, but figuratively) and grants you an achievement not many can obtain. 
  • It commands immediate attention from your squadmates and opponents letting them know just how serious you are about this game. 
  • Getting this banner has made you a well-oiled machine of power. You can dodge and dose out spoonfuls of death to your liking. 

How to get [Legends Name] Wake:

  • Getting 20 kills with one Legend in a single match.

#1 - Apex Predator (Ranked Mode)

This achievement might have fallen further on the list in Season three, but since the new season of Apex Legends dropped on February 4th, 2020 the Devs have made some much-needed changes to Ranked Mode. Ranked mode is arguably the reason Apex Legends has replayability for its dedicated players, especially now with the addition of a new tier. 

With the Master Tier (formerly the Apex Predator rank) only the Top 500 players per gaming platform (PC, Xbox, PS4) can get to Apex Predator. Ranking in this tier is based on Rank Points and once your RP drops below another player’s RP then they rank above you. Eventually, you may lose your spot in this tier and have to re-rank. Earning more RP will help you to stay in the top 500. 

What’s awesome about Apex Predator (Ranked Mode):

  • It’s probably the highest achievement in the game and your one of a small percentage of players who have reached this rank. Ultimately as of January 10, 2020, only 1% of players achieved Apex Predator, which is up from 0.02% in Ranked Series 1. 
  • You’ve reached the same level as Professional Apex Streamers like Daltoosh, LuluLuvely, Shroud, TSM Diego, and Staycation. Congrats.
  • Now, as of the Update, you have to defend your title, keep getting better, and stay sharp around your enemies.

How to get Apex Predator (Ranked Mode):

  • You must rank and continue to rank in the top 500 players on the platform you play on.  

While Battle Royales are not new to the gaming scene, I believe that this title has a unique approach to rewarding and motivating its player base to continue playing the game. While these aren’t all the worthy banners to collect, they are some of the most noteworthy and you should count yourself among the Elite if you’ve managed to grab them all. After all, the game has only been out for a little over a year. If you’ve been here since launch day, then it’s obvious that you’re dedicated to this game. 

As it’s evolved over its four seasons, the Devs have learned a lot and listened to the wise words of its gaming community. At times there may be a lag in the gameplay or some events fail to keep things interesting, but it’s important to keep an open mind and remain positive. Let’s be honest with ourselves, even after four seasons, seeing ‘You Are The Champion’ hasn’t lost its effect.

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