Apex Legends Review: Is It Still Good in 2024?

Apex Legends
A Deep Dive Into The World Of Apex

Is Apex Legends still worth playing in 2024? Lets embark on a journey to uncover the magic that continues to captivate players worldwide. We’ll explore its standout features, assess its current state, and determine whether it remains a top contender in the gaming landscape. Get ready for an honest analysis that sheds light on what makes Apex Legends stand out in today's gaming scene.


About Apex Legends

You find yourself immersed in the world of the Titanfall Universe embodying not a player, but a true legend. The options are limitless as you join a team of three navigating through maps with a shrinking area. It's more than just scoring kills and it's not about just your individual skills, teamwork is key. Rally your friends and embark on your journey to become an apex legend.


Apex Legends Story

"Mirage, where charm and illusions hide a deeper story"


The Apex Games stand as a brutal spectacle overseen by the Syndicate. The syndicate is a powerful organisation that have a complex agenda beyond the bloodsport known as the Apex games, where legends from every corner of the frontier compete for riches, fame and glory.

For those who prove their mettle awaits the title Apex Champions. With each passing season, our legends embark on a journey that slowly unveils the secrets lurking behind the Syndicate’s veil of secrecy.


Apex Legends Gameplay

Legend Roster

The 25 playable legends in Apex Legends aren’t just characters, they’re way more than that, each with their own captivating story to share. Some of these stories even overlap, creating cool friendships amidst the chaos of battle. 

Currency system

Let's discuss the economy within Apex. Apex Coins are the main currency of Apex Legends. Apex coins can be used to purchase anything you want in apex, you can receive crafting materials from opening packs and with enough crafting materials you could use them to buy certain things, and with legend tokens you receive them from levelling up, you use them to get a new legend or a weapon recolor.

Map and features

Loot and various helpful items are scattered throughout the maps in Apex Legends, found in buildings, supply bins, and other locations. Players can also utilise beacons, replicators, and respawn beacons strategically to gain an advantage. With maps rotating periodically, the gameplay stays fresh and exciting, catering to players and keeping them engaged.

Leveling System

Overall, the Apex Legends leveling system provides a sense of accomplishment and progression for players as they strive to gain a high account level and receive the rewards that come with it, as the max level is 500 however you can prestige four times. There are also levels for firearms which allows players to level up their favourite guns using badges they unlock to showcase their guns level.


Now this is the best part, the customization starts with banner frames, the banner frame is like a showcase of your legend and what you’ve achieved with them as you can show off your hard earned badges and trackers flexing your wins, kills etc, also lets not forget weapon charms and recolours, which are just your favourite skins in another colour.

Variety of Classes

With five different classes to choose from, there’s something for everyone in Apex Legends. Whether you prefer revealing weapons, scanning for enemy positions, or providing support to your team, each class offers unique playstyles. These classes include Skirmisher, Recon, Support, Assault, and Controller. Skirmisher allows the legend to see the highest value item in a supply drop (Skirmisher legends are mostly movement or focused on positioning). Recon allows the legend to scan survey beacons to see all enemy positions on the map for a short time (Recon legends are focused on getting intel and tracking) Support legends can access the hidden loot in blue supply bins, which gives them support items and having a support legend on the team allows that team to craft ally banners (Support legends are focused on supporting the team through keeping them alive). Assault legends can access the hidden loot in red supply bins, which gives them assault items (Assault legends are focused on dealing damage). Controller legends can scan ring consoles which allow that team to see the map's next ring location allowing that team to rotate and have the positional advantage (Controller legends are focused on holding or controlling an area).

Ranked Mode and Rewards

For those seeking a more competitive experience, Apex Legends features a ranked game mode that has ranks that span from rookie to apex predator. Climbing the ranks offers a challenge which is thrilling yet rewarding, as you receive rewards depending on the highest rank you reached.

Diverse Game Modes

In addition to the standard duos and trios modes, Apex Legends offers a variety of other game modes for players to enjoy. From the firing range for warm ups to intense deathmatches where its a 6v6 in one location, to chaotic control where two teams of nine legends fight to control three zones, or even gun run where four teams of three legends fight, its traditional gun run and the LTM is always something different but fun.

Player preferences

While some players may have their favourite maps or playstyles, Apex Legends offers a diverse and dynamic experience for all types of players. Whether you’re exploring new maps or mastering your skills on familiar terrain, there’s always something to enjoy in the world of Apex Legends.


Apex Legends Combat

Firearms Mastery

In Season 20 there’s a total of 29 guns, each weapon offers a unique experience, from the kick of a heavy hitting LMG to the precise control of a sniper rifle, finding what works for you is key so it's best to experiment, whether you're a sharpshooter who picks off enemies from a distance or a close range brawler it's best to tailor your arsenal to suit your playstyle as you can only hold two weapons, certain weapons can be equipped with a hop up which makes the weapon better by adding something special, like a unshielded damage boost or more headshot damage.

Situational Awareness

Maintaining awareness of your surroundings is vital in Apex Legends. Keeping your eyes peeled and senses sharp allows for swift reactions and immediate decision making under pressure, ensuring your survival in intense combat.

Team Synergy

Team synergy is an important element in Apex Legends. When you and your squadmates work together, coordinating abilities and watching each other’s backs, your team will be a force to be reckoned with.

Movement Mechanics

In Apex, movement is more than getting from point A to point B. The game allows players to be creative with it, doing more than just sliding, crouching and climbing. From outmanoeuvring your opponents, dodging bullets and gaining the upper hand, Movement is vital.


Positioning is a key part of apex as it can make or break a team. Whether it is seizing the high ground for a tactical advantage or seeking cover to avoid enemy fire, choosing the right position can tip the scales of battle.


Shields also known as Evo serve as a crucial defensive asset in Apex Legends, evolving through combat, from grey all the way to red. It's important to reach a better evo as fighting a team with better Evo shields than you isn’t a great idea.

Perk System

The introduction of the perk system in Season 20 offers players a way to enhance their legends abilities, by reaching blue evo you’ll be able to pick a perk and then if you reach purple evo you’ll be able to pick another perk but choose carefully as you can only have two.


Apex Legends Quest/Mission System

Ah, the battle pass in Apex! It’s like a journey with 110 tiers to complete, keeping the excitement alive as the battle pass provides players with a sense of progression and accomplishment as they work their way through each tier. They also offer missions to help you out. Each season brings new challenges and cool rewards like skins, charms, and emotes.


Apex Legends Graphics

Onto the graphics, Apex legends graphics are pretty slick for a game in 2024. Everything looks so lifelike and realistic, It’s like you’re right there in the action. Season 20 introduced this 120 fps feature for console players, and while it sounds awesome, some players have noticed a massive dip in graphics quality when on 120 fps, this makes players choose between performance or graphics.


New Content Updates

So, here’s the deal with Apex Legends, they’re always cooking up something new and exciting for each season. And let me tell you, it’s like a magnet for players, it's hard to resist diving back in when there’s a new legend to try out, or a fresh map but don't forget the battle pass. They also release one new heirloom per season and the players love the heirlooms as they're cool to run around with. Trust me, the new content never disappoints!


Apex Legends Developer

Gather round’ as we discuss the battle royale Apex Legends brought to you by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts. The developers do keep things in mind, as in season 19 they had a ranked system most players didn’t like, the developers kept this in mind and made some major improvements to the ranked system for season 20. Apex Legends is pretty solid as it doesn’t have any major bugs.


Apex Legends Price

Ever wondered where you can snag a great game that’s totally free and playable on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, And PC? Well look no further than Apex, with no pay to win shenanigans, Just loads of awesome cosmetics. And let's not forget about those heirlooms, loved by all besides the huge cost and rarity, who can resist the satisfying inspects?


Final Verdict: 9 out of 10


  • A Lot of Free Content (Apex does release some free things every now and then but you have to play to get them)

  • Cross Platform (You can play apex with others from different platforms which makes it easier to play with your friends)

  • Team Oriented (Working together is a powerful part of apex)

  • Free to Play (A good free to play game is hard to find these days)

  • Intriguing Lore (The lore will get you hooked due to its rich character backstories, world building and its evolution through seasons)


  • Server Issues (Players will suddenly load into a game where they’ll be lagging and in other cases the apex ranked game they were in will shut down)

  • Learning Curve (The learning curve could scare off new players as there’s a lot to learn such as the movement mechanic’s and combat)

  • Cheaters and Hackers (Players have experienced a few hackers or cheaters in their lobbies with aimbot or various other cheats)

  • Expensive Cosmetics (Heirlooms are quite expensive / rare)

  • Seasonal Content Droughts (There will be parts of a season what will get boring if played enough)

In conclusion, Apex Legends is standing tall in 2024 as its Season 20 has fixed a lot of issues and brang a lot of new content.


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