Apex Legends Storm Point Gameplay Trailer is Here!

Apex Legends Storm Point Gameplay Trailer is Here!
Welcome to Storm Point, Legends!

The Apex Legends Escape gameplay trailer premiered at 5:00 PM EST and was a blast of tropical violence.

The Barometer on Storm Point. Image by Apex Legends.

The new map, which is called Storm Point, is situated in the oceans of Gaia. The trailer opens with a wide shot of Storm Point and cuts to Valkyrie chilling on the beach. 

The next series of shots reveal rusty old raised buildings, a building with a giant lightning conductor, and a bunch of destroyed roads and buildings.

Ash fighting Prowlers. Image by Apex Legends.

The air crackles with green lightning as the Legends battle for survival on the new map, which is overrun by Prowlers and giant spiders.

The trailer reveals gravity cannons capable of launching a Legend into the sky and across a large distance. There are a variety of tall buildings, lots of undergrowth that will make for an ambush paradise, and plenty of key chokepoints to channel players through as the zones close.

Gravity cannon. Image by Apex Legends.

The trailer also shows the new C.A.R smg in action, confirming that it will use both light and heavy ammo. 

The new Legend, Ash, puts on a deadly display with her Tactical ‘Arc Snare’, which releases an arc of electricity that snares nearby enemies, slowing them down and damaging them. She goes on to complete a vicious finisher on Horizon with her blade.

Ash with a giant spider. Image by Apex Legends.

As the trailer draws to a close, Ash is shown strolling away from a scene of violent carnage, and a voice describes Storm Point as “... a place where dreams come true.” Apparently nightmares too...

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