25 Best Apex Legends Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners

Best Apex Legends Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners

25. Pick any legend you have, don't stress.

When loading into an Apex Legends match, you can select a legend. As you play the game, you will earn currency to purchase more legends, but all of the basic ones are great pics. Being new to the game, just select whoever looks the coolest to you, or which legend’s abilities catch your attention. 

Since you're new, you shouldn't worry about which legend you play, just try them out and find one you like, don't stress.

How it works: 

  • Hover over each legend you own to see what they look like.
  • You can also click on them to select them for that specific match.
  • You cannot swap legends in the middle of the match.


24. Knowing the abilities of each legend.

Each of the legends in the game has their own unique abilities, consisting of passive, tactical and ultimate. Learning what each legend does, even if you aren't going to play them, its fantastic to learn. 

Knowing what they all do is a good piece of information as it will allow you to decide who to play, and know what you're up against. Make sure you hop into the firing range and check out each legend.

How it works:

  • You can do this in two areas of the game. One is whilst loading into a match. You can press right-click on your mouse whilst hovering over a legend to see their abilities.
  • Whilst in the main menu of the game, go to legends, click on a legend and then click the same button as before to see what each legend can do.


23. Launching out of the dropship.

Once you've decided on a legend, and booted into a match, deciding on where to land is the next step. Because of how many maps Apex has as of season 16, it's quite a daunting thing. If you've played any other battle royal in the past, then you know that some locations on the map are good, and others are bad. 

If you're the jump master, then you direct your entire squad where to land, if not, you're at the mercy of your teammate’s decision. Either way, if you're learning Apex, don't worry about where to land just yet. Look around the map, and just land wherever you want. 

How it works:

  • Pressing “R” launches your entire squad if you're the jump master.
  • Make sure to dive towards your location and allow the ship to get as close as possible before dropping.


22. Some Locations Have Better loot.

Now that you know how to drop out of the jump ship, it's time to learn about locations. No matter the map, locations vary in the quality of the loot they provide. You could land in an unnamed area, but most areas on the map have distinct names. 

Apex tells you which locations have better loot than others by its rarity system. There are so many locations on each apex map, so take the time to check them all out and see which ones have the best loot.

How it works:

  • When you land in a named location, its name will pop up on the side of your screen,
  • Here it will notify you what type of loot is in the area. 
  • Remember the Apex rarity system. White, Blue, Purple, Gold, Red.


21. Make sure to ping weapons for your team, as well as enemies.

Modern gaming has many ways for teammates to communicate with one another, even without a microphone. Apex pioneered the “ping” system in battle royal games as many games copied after its release. 

This is fantastic for voiceless communication as you can show your teammates what loot is around and where enemies are on the map. For people who don't want to talk to their team but still give some information, it's a great thing to learn.

How it works:

  • In Apex, you can press the middle mouse button (Scroll Wheel) to ping items and enemies.
  • Press it multiple times to spam ping to directly show where enemies are as they move better.


20. Make sure your inventory isn't a mess.

It's easy to just go around and pick loot up randomly, even seasoned veteran players do that. However, you most likely won't need certain items in the game as they don't mesh with what guns you have. 

If you've got an SMG and an Assault rifle, then don't be carrying a shotgun bolt. Yeah, you might want a shotgun later on in the game, but it's not worth the space if you have a white backpack. You can open your inventory and drop things from it that you don't need. 

Remember to ping the items as your teammates might want them.

How it works:

  • Press I whilst in an Apex match to access your inventory. Here drag and drop items either to the left or right of the screen.


19. Items are colour coded in terms of rarity and ammo types

Just like many other battle royale games, Apex’s loot is separated into rarity and ammo types. First, we have loot. Loot is separated from White to Blue, to Purple, To Gold and then to Red. Gold and Red are very similar and don't exactly progress as the other three do. 

Just know that if you see something gold or red, it's a good item to pick up. Then we have ammo types, which are colour coded. Light Blue is Heavy, Orange is Light, Dark Blue is Sniper, Red is Shotgun, Green is energy and Yellow is Arrows.

How it works:

  • In your inventory check the bottom right of each gun, here you will see what ammo it takes.
  • In terms of loot, white is the worst, blue is better, purple is even better, gold is rare and Red is perfect.


18. Make sure you pick up the right kind of Ammo.

Sometimes newer players get a little overwhelmed with the way ammo works in Apex, so here is another way to make sure you can find the correct stuff. When roaming through Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, Olympus or any other Apex Legends map, check what the little gun symbol looks like on Ammo. If you need that ammo, your gun will pop up on that little notification. It's a great way to get used to what each gun needs to get going.

How it works:

  • Look at the ammo on the floor, and check for the small gun symbol.
  • If it matches the symbol in the bottom right of your screen, then it's the correct ammo.


17. Loot Ticks, Supply Drops

Speaking of loot, another important aspect of Apex Legends is Loot Ticks and Supply Drops. You should already know about the loot on the floor, and the ones in bins, but there are more ways to get better loot. 

Throughout each apex map are Loot Ticks. Little rare robots that look like Apex Packs. Shoot or punch these things to get some good loot from them. They come in Purple and Gold rarity, seen by the lights on their bodies. Supply drops will make a very distinct sound in the match, and come down at select intervals. 

Look for a white beam in the sky and head towards it. These can give you purple loot, Gold items or even Red guns, known as care package weapons. They are incredibly powerful items so look out for them.

How it works:

  • If you're a Skirmisher Legend, then you can see where care packages are going to spawn and what is inside of them.
  • Loot Ticks make a little sound when you're near them.


16. Crafters and Vaults.

Similarly to Loot Ticks and Supply Drops, next we have Vaults and the Crafters around the maps. Vaults are only available on World’s Edge and require a keycard to get into. Whilst around the map, you will see drones flying in the air. 

If they have a small red flashing light, then  shoot it down for a key. These vaults have higher-tier loot in them. Crafters are on every map and are used to craft ammo, meds and specific items depending on the day. These are fantastic for gearing up and getting into battle.

How it works:

  • Vaults can be spotted on your map once you're holding a key.
  • Head to one and hold interact on the door to get your loot.
  • Loba can also steal items from a vault without a key, but only one item as it will break her Black Market.
  • Crafters require crafting materials, which are around crafters on your map and also passively acquired through opening pills.


15. Damage is colour coded depending on the player’s armour level.

When shooting an enemy in Apex, the game gives you some great information. From how much damage you have dealt to that player, to what armour they are wearing. Each armour is colour coded. White, Blue, Purple, Gold and Red. 

When shooting an enemy, you know what armour they're wearing because the damage numbers will correlate to that colour. It's great information for your team and teaches newer players about how important armour is.

How it works: 

  • When you shoot an enemy, look at what colour the damage is. If it's purple, they have Purple armour and so on.


14. Put away your gun to run faster.

It might sound a little dumb and counterintuitive, but putting your gun away in Apex actually increases your movement speed. The game is quite fast-paced already, and this makes it even better. 

Remember, your pull-out speed from stopping running to shooting is the same as pressing 3 to pull the gun back out after running. So there is no real downside to this. Just remember to bring your gun out when you need it.

How it works:

  • Press 3 on PC to holster your gun. This will bring up your hands, or Heirloom if you've been lucky.
  • Now run faster around the maps.


13. Sliding is key.

One of the basic movement techniques in Apex Legends is the sliding mechanic. It's super essential to get better at the game as sliding can get you out of some seriously bad situations. I mean, have you been in a situation where you get caught off guard in Apex? 

Yeah, I assumed you have. Third partying is a massive part of Apex, and sliding can get you into cover quicker and allow you to fight back. Sliding is even good when chasing down a foe, as it keeps your momentum and speeds you up a bit.

How it works:

  • Hold “C” or “Left Ctrl” to slide.
  • Do this whilst running to get the best results.
  • Also, use this with your weapon holstered.


12. Apex has no fall damage.

Yeah, Apex Legends have no fall damage, unlike Fortnite and even Warzone. Though this might seem a little easy mode to some, it's built into the game perfectly. Buildings are meant to be climbed and jumped off of for movement and pushing fights. 

Apex does not limit its players in that way, making it super smooth overall. Take risks in Apex. Just remember, if you fall from a high enough place, you will get stunned, and you can't move quickly or shoot instantly.

How it works:

  • Find any area on the map and just jump off into fights, to get loot or to get a better position.


11. Friendly Fire isn't a thing.

Just like no fall damage, there isn't any friendly fire damage either. This means if you accidentally shoot your teammate, then it doesn't matter. Just remember, abilities don't go through your teammates, so if you fire a Bangalore Ultimate, Ash Tactical or Fuze Tactical, then it's gonna bounce off of their backs.

How it works: 

  • Shooting your teammates is fine in Apex, just remember to avoid doing it in fights to actually shoot the enemy lol.


10.  Redeploy Beacons are all around the maps.

Every Apex map has redeploy beacons around them. These are large rope towers with balloons at the top of them. These red balloons are markers around the map to show where the tower is. Go up to one and jump on it, they will send you high up in the sky so you can reposition or get around the map with ease.

How it works:

  • Just go up to them and press interact on the rope.
  • Remember to skydive to a better position or even land on enemies if you want to.
  • Valkyrie can also redeploy from anywhere, so it might be more useful than a beacon.


9. Climbing Walls is fantastic for getting around the map.

Unlike many other Battle Royale games, Apex is full of insane movement. One of the other most basic ones to learn is wall climbing. Any surface in the game can be mounted from rocks to buildings. This is great for getting around the map easier and even getting a better position on high ground.

How it works:

  • Go up to a wall or surface and hold “space bar” on it and you should start to climb up.
  • You will mantle as you get to the ledge as well.


8. You can mute your squad members.

One of the most annoying parts of any online game is people leaving their mic on or just being annoying in voice chat. Thankfully, Apex Legends allows you to communicate well enough without a microphone or even hearing your teammates. So feel free to mute them in-game if you want.

How it works:

  • In a match, open up your inventory and go over to the Squad tab.
  • Here look in the bottom corner and press mute.


7. Make sure to respawn dead teammates.

People die in Apex, that's just the way of the game so to speak. I mean, do you win all your games? Nah, I didn't think so. Even the best players in the world get knocked and die now and then. This is why respawning your teammates is a core mechanic in Apex. Head over to their death box and pick up their respawn card. You can also craft them as a support legend at a Crafter. Head towards a respawn beacon or use a mobile respawn to get them back into the action.

How it works:

  • You can see your teammate's banner/ card flashing when they fully die. Their icon will be green.
  • Once you've grabbed the card, move towards a respawn tower, which will be pinged on your map.
  • Hold interact on one to get your teammate back.


6. Weapons have Skins.

A cool cosmetic side of Apex is that things have skins. From your legends to charms to even the guns. Though many of them are just for cosmetic purposes, some gun skins change the iron sights. There are quite a few, so just craft what skins look best to you. Oh yeah, you can craft skins in the game. From Apex packs or the battle pass, you can gain crafting materials.

How it works:

  • Head over to the weapon tab in your inventory and select a gun.
  • Here you can see all the gun skins available for crafting.
  • Each rarity varies in price, so get grinding.


5. Best Guns.

Apex has many guns, of varying types, classes and of course power. Some guns are insane, and others are okay. Don't worry though, you can use any gun you like in Apex as they all have a role depending on your stage in a match. Some guns will be fine early game, but awful in the final few circles. Find what you like and get used to them.

How it works:

  • Some of the best guns in the game are R-99, R-301, Flatline, Volt, CAR SMG, Peacekeeper, Charge Rifle, Mastiff, Wingman, Hemlock, Nemesis.
  • Use these guns to get better at the game and destroy your foes.


4. Firing Range

Now, have you been struggling a little bit in the game? Feeling like you're not up to the competition? Well, the Firing Range is for you. Even right now, before the massive Season 17 overhaul coming, the firing range is fantastic for getting to learn guns and perfecting your aim. 

Most players use this as a warmup as they can get their bearings once again before getting into a game. It's fantastic for any player, maybe hop in and test your metal.

How it works:

  • Instead of selecting Duo’s or Trio’s go down and press “Firing Range” instead.
  • Here you have access to all guns in the game with unlimited ammo, all attachments and anything else you might need.


3. Movement Techniques.

I think you've learned a lot from this list, so how about something hard? Let's get into some movement techniques that the game offers. The players have perfected these over the years, so don't feel bad if it takes you ages to get a hold of them. We have wall bouncing, tap strafing and super gliding. 

These are all the basic movement techniques we haven't spoken about so far, but all are hard. Each one has its own specific requirements to hit, so get trying in-game and in the firing range.

How it works:

  • To wall bounce, slide and run up to a wall. As soon as you hit the wall, press jump and change your direction. This will give you a speed boost and keep you in the air.
  • To tap strafe, you need to input a directional key multiple times in a short time. This changes your direction on a whim. The best way to do this is to map W to a scroll wheel.
  • Finally, we have super gliding. If you mantle a wall, press crouch and jump at the same time, you will glide across the floor or in the air. Many players use a macro or a CFG file for this.


2. Team composition.

Now you're a low-key pro at Apex, let's get into team composition. I assume you've found your Apex main right? Even if it's someone like Rampart, Wattson or Newcastle, who aren't exactly Meta, you can create a team composition with friends. 

Find the strengths of your legend and base your teammates around that. Or use another legend and build around them. There is a myriad of ways to build a team, just find what works for you.

How it works:

  • For example, if you play Rampart, you might want an Octane or a Pathfinder on your team to get you around the map easier. Sheila is super powerful, so using this makes sense.
  • If you play Lifeline, then you might want a Newcastle to make sure your revive capabilities are perfect.


1.  Have Fun.

And the final thing to remember in Apex is to have fun of course. We all know that games can get stressful and annoying nowadays. Ever since the Pandemic, people have gotten insane at games en masse. 

There are so many people who are just gods at games, it's hard to just chill out with friends and have a good time anymore. Still, try to find the fun in Apex, it really helps. Use a legend you aren't comfortable with or one that challenges you. There's so much to look out for, you've got this.

How it works:

  • Find something new to do. Choose a new legend, try a new gun, anything.
  • Maybe find a movement technique you haven't mastered yet, and get trying it out.

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