[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Reticle Colors Used By Pros

Apex Legends Best Reticle Colors Used By Pros

5. Red

One of the best colours you can use for a reticle in Apex Legends has to be the very basic, yet iconic, Red. Many games in the past have used Red as their basic reticle colours, so loads of gamers all around the world are used to it.

It's a clear colour on most Apex maps, and it allows for precise movements over terrain and other players. Finally, it's extremely vibrant in contrast to most areas of Apex, which is why lots of professional players tend to use it.

It might be a basic colour, but honestly, it's one of the best and you can't go wrong with it. 

Pros who uses Red: 

iiTzTimmy -

Aceu -

Red Settings: 

  • Head into settings and set the reticle slider to - 255 0 0.


4. White

Another extremely basic colour in the grand scheme of this has to be White, but that's why it works so well in a game like Apex. In contrast to something like Red, White doesn't exactly stand out very well on certain Apex maps and against specific skins, but overall it's a clear colour.

Some professional players tend to use this setting if they have trouble seeing other colours or just want a basic colour to see over black skins. Many professional players tend to avoid bright skins anyway, so it might be a great choice for them in most matches.

Pros who uses White: 

Ayex -

ShivFPS -

White Settings: 

  • For all platforms, the white reticle is the basic colour.
  • However, you could modify it slightly for a better effect if you're having a hard time.


3. Neon Blue

Now onto some pretty great reticle colours that the normal playerbase can use. One of the best out there in the professional scene right now has to be Neon Blue. Some of the top-tier professionals use this right now as it's just a great colour.

This one does use a certain CFG setting through Steam to make it much brighter than the in-game slider can manage, but it's completely okay and legal by Apex’s standards. Professionals tend to use this one because it stands out quite a lot when compared to most Apex maps and of course skins.

Pros who uses Neon Blue: 

StayNaughty -

NRGSweetdreams -

Neon Blue Settings:

  • For Steam, go into the properties section of Apex and select General. Under Launch Options, enter this +reticle_color "-255 255 1255"
  • For Origin, do the same as Steam and enter +reticle_color "-255 255 1255".


2. Neon Lime Green

In a similar vein to Neon Blue, Neon Lime Green is another great choice that various professional players tend to use. They both do the same thing, but for some gamers, green is a much more vibrant colour than blue. Everyone’s eyes are different, so choose which one works for you.

Both do the same thing, stand out amongst other enemy players and of course the map you are playing on. Check it out and hopefully one of them works well for you.

Pros who uses Neon Lime Green: 

TSM_Reps -

TSM_Albralelie -

Neon Lime Green Settings:

  • For Steam, go into the properties section of Apex and select General. Under Launch Options, enter this +reticle_color "-255 1255 107"
  • For Origin, do the same as Steam and enter +reticle_color "-255 1255 107"


1. Yellow

Finally, we have Yellow as the best colour used by professional players in Apex Legends for their reticle. The main reason for this is that it stands out amongst other abilities in the game. Though the other colours on this list do extremely well against dark skins and most maps, Yellow does fantastically against abilities.

Whether it's a Bangalore Smoke, Caustic Gas or Catalyst Wall, Yellow is a great choice for standing out against them. This means you can line your shots better up at range and even better in close-quarters battles. Pros tend to use this because abilities are a massive part of end-game fights, so it helps a lot.

Pros who uses Yellow:

Ayex -

 Lamic999 -

Yellow Settings: 

  • We don't need CFGs for this one, so the in-game slider works perfectly.
  • Hop into settings and down to reticle colours, then set the slider to 252 255 108.

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