10 Apex Legends Tricks That Pros Use to Win Matches

Apex Legends Tricks That Pros Use to Win Matches

1. Basic Movement

One thing that professional players have mastered is the basic movement in Apex Legends. They fully understand what is capable of the legend they are playing and how they can move around. Even legends without movement abilities such as Seer are used so perfectly as pros know the basic movement so well.

This is key to winning matches as even the smallest mistakes in movement can get you out of position, away from your team or just falling into an enemy fight. 

How to do it:

  • Move around the map with the purpose
  • Understand the basic movement
  • Know your limitations


2. Selecting The Right Weapons

Another thing professional players know well is what guns they can perform well with. Yes, every gun can be used to get kills in Apex, but some are better than others. Off of drop, a professional player is looking for the best gun possible, not a random gun to win a fight. 

If they can, they will seek a good gun, or drop a bad one for a better one later on in the match. Don't keep a Mozambique just because you have it fully kitted, as you can drop it for a Mastiff or a Peacekeeper instead.

How to do it:

  • Know what guns work for you
  • Also, don't hold any attachment to certain guns
  • Swap if you need to for more ammo or a better set-up


3. Close The Door Behind You

A technique that many players have started to adopt in the casual and ranked scene is making sure to close doors behind you. Not only does this give you some sort of protection if an enemy is behind you, but it also allows you to tell when someone is coming or has been there.

If you close that door, then if someone opens it you know an enemy is nearby. As well as this, if you rotate back to a location and the doors are now open, then someone has been there and you know a fight is about to break out.

How to do it:

  • Ensure that you close doors as you rotate
  • Know which doors you closed for more information


4. Shields Before Heals

Shields should always be prioritised over health after taking damage or being revived. They are the first thing to be hit when taking damage, meaning you should pop a battery first rather than a medkit. 

So many casual players forget about this tip and it gets them killed more than anything. Focus on using shield heals first rather than health and you should have a better time in Apex.

How to do it:

  • Use shield healing items after taking damage or being revived first rather than health items
  • This is because that's the first part of you to take damage in a fight


5. Be Aggressive

This one probably doesn't need to be said as nowadays everyone is aggressive in Apex Legends, but play aggressively. You should always be pushing fights as it either gets enemies of the game or gives you more loot. Just understand how the game works and how to position yourself in the fight first.

Don't just run in blindly, but still push fights as much as possible for a better outcome.

How to do it:

  • Push teams after getting all the information you can first
  • Know if you can even take on a team in the first place before going in


6. Teamwork

Teamwork is a massive part of Apex Legends that many casual players ignore. Though you might be a player who can do well on their own, if you want to win games you need to be working alongside your team.

Even if this team is a bunch of random people, you need to know how to play with them. Stay with them during fights, use your abilities around them and most importantly, treat them all with respect to not get toxic.

How to do it:

  • Play around with your team and help them out
  • Use your abilities together
  • Push together
  • Communicate 


7. Callouts

In a similar vein to using Teamwork to your advantage, using Callouts also works well. You can either do this through the built-in ping system Apex has or using your microphone. Players avoid talking in games as they find it awkward or just don't want to in the first place, but if you want to win games it's best to talk to your team.

Even if it's just a small callout like, “help” or “don't push yet”, it all helps out and ensures you have the best chance of winning. 

How to do it:

  • Enable push to talk in the settings
  • Callout certain things in a match
  • Or just talk to your team as much as possible to get more information to them


8. Map Knowledge

Professional players know this game inside and out, meaning they know every inch of the maps they play on. Because of this, their map knowledge is elite, allowing them to have perfect rotations, plans and ideas of what to do next.

Knowing these maps is key to victory as you understand loot, where enemies might be and how to safely get around without getting caught off guard. It's a key aspect of the game that many casual players could learn from.

How to do it:

  • Research each map
  • Play more to understand rotations
  • Know where loot can spawn and where enemies might be getting it from


9. Movement Techniques

Movement is an extremely important part of the casual and ranked scene of Apex Legends, but not that important in professional play. However, it still has its place in the scene as basic movement techniques like Super Glides and Tap Strafes are used often.

This is because it allows for safer movement across areas or allows them to get into position better. Though they aren't as in-depth into movement as the casual players, professional players still often use it to their advantage in and out of combat.

How to do it:

  • Use super glides and tap strafes to get in and out of the cover.
  • You can also use them to avoid fire and get to your team easier


10. Consistent Drop Locations

Finally, the most important trick that professional players do to ensure wins is having consistent drop locations. In tournaments like ALGS or others, each team involved has their mapped-out drop location for everyone to get some loot and start to battle it out.

Because of this, each team knows their location extremely well, which allows them to clear it out quickly and rotate towards a team instantly. Having the same drop location makes it way easier to loot up and understand the game at hand. Try this out in casual play, as if you land at let's say Gardens each game, then you'll get better at fighting there and rotating out.

How to do it:

  • Land at the same place to create muscle memory 
  • You will also start to understand the map better and what rotations to make.

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