(Top 10) Apex Legends Best Bloodhound Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Apex Legends Best Bloodhound Skins
Bloodhound. The hunter, not the dog.

Bloodhounds out there...

Is Bloodhound your main? Do you want to turn heads as you mow through the lobby? Then check out my list of the ten biggest head-turners Bloodhound can have equipped!

10. Neural Net (Okay)

Top10-Neural Net-2

Neural Net’s turquoise blue fabric creates the perfect background for the luminous neon blue ripple which flows over its surface.

What makes Neural Net awesome:

  • The neon ripple generates an aura of cold energy as you ruthlessly obliterate your opponents.

  • You glow in the dark and all your opponent sees is a flow of neon blue light.

  • Wanna dazzle your pals with your skill and skin? This one’s for you!

How to get Neural Net:

You go to the Legends menu, select Bloodhound. Select the sub-heading Skins. You can then select and craft Neural Net for 400 crafting metals.

See Neural Net in action: N/A

9. Hack the System (Okay)

Top10-Hack the SystemThe continuous movement of luminous green rings rolling over the black and green fabric of Hack the System gives it life. And guess what, the color green also represents life!

What makes Hack the System awesome:

  • Because it has bright green rings rolling over it, and honestly, who doesn't like that?
  • It dresses your killer Bloodhound in the color of life, which is ironic. (Yep, now you wish you'd paid more attention during English class, right?)

  • Because it'll make all the guys in the lobby who only have common skins turn green with jealousy!

How to get Hack the System:

Select Bloodhound in the Legends menu. Go to the Skins section. Select Hack the System and craft it for 400 crafting metals.

See Hack the System in action: N/A

8. Glowing Viral (Okay)

Top10-Glowing Viral

As it's glowing red eyes stare at you, chequered red lights weave their way across Glowing Viral's surface.

What makes Glowing Viral awesome:

  • The scarlet lighting on the black fabric creates a wicked-looking contrast.
  • You can laugh as you finish your enemies. Because even with a flashing red alert, they still couldn't beat you!
  • Red stimulates aggression. So hey, maybe that's all you need to get you going!

How to get Glowing Viral:

Go to the Legends menu and select Bloodhound. Choose the Skins sub-section. Select Glowing Viral and craft it for 400 crafting metals.

See Glowing Viral in action: N/A

7. Master of the Hunt (Good)

Top10-Master of the Hunt

It's white and black fabric is trimmed with gold and silver. The metalwork is all shiny gold, creating a very elegant image. A leopard skin pattern decorates the calf straps, quad flaps and the fabric around the shoulder.

What makes Master of the Hunt awesome:

  • Because the leopard skin pattern pays tribute to the ultimate hunter, the leopard.
  • Because it proves to everyone who failed to earn it that they're gutter tier gamers compared to you!
  • Because it's elegance would make it a gentleman's favorite. (If you thought it sucks... well that's just too bad isn't it?)

How to get Master of the Hunt:

The only way to get Master of the Hunt was to earn it during the Legendary Hunt event by completing the challenge it demanded.

See Master of the Hunt in action: 

Master of the Hunt gameplay.

6. Royal Guard (Awesome) 

Top10-Royal Guard

Royal Guard is a samurai-style skin. It has a blood-red, black and silver color scheme. The red face mask and black goggles create piercing contrast.

What makes Royal Guard awesome:

  • Samurai were respected and honored, plus, they were elite warriors. Royal Guard makes you one.
  • It's a legendary skin. Know what that means? You get to show it off!
  • It's the perfect color for you. (That is if you're any danger to your enemies!)

How to get Royal Guard:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Bloodhound then select Skins. Choose Royal Guard. You can then craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Royal Guard in action:

Royal Guard gameplay.

5. Imperial Warrior (Awesome)

Top10-Imperial Warrior

Imperial Warrior has the same Samurai theme as Royal Guard. It has gold metalwork, blue upper body fabric, and black pants. The boots also have golden bands on them.

What makes Imperial Warrior awesome:

  • The blue fabric and gold combination indicate royalty and prestige. Anybody loves those two, right?
  • It has a bronze face mask, although only a fool would dare to say that you're brass-faced!
  • You wanna be a cut above the rest? You need this skin!

How to get Imperial Warrior:

Go to the Legends menu and select Bloodhound. Now select the Skins sub-section. Select Imperial Warrior and craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Imperial Warrior in action:

The Imperial Warrior gameplay.

4. Rune Keeper (Awesome)

Top10-Rune Keeper

Rune Keeper has a raven's beak face mask. It has orange fabric with black boots, knee pads, arms, and gloves. Bright yellow patterns and stripes adorn select strips on the boots and upper body.

What makes Rune Keeper awesome:

  • It has a wicked looking beak for you to freak your enemies out with.
  • Orange is a happy, energetic color. The best way to keep your friends is to keep them happy so you may as well make use of color, right?
  • Runestones are used for magic, so as a Rune Keeper, you must be pretty powerful.

How to get Rune Keeper:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Bloodhound and choose Skins. Choose Rune Keeper and craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Rune Keeper in action:

Rune Keeper gameplay.

3. The Plague Doctor (Legendary)

Top10-Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor is all black, with a raven's beak face mask and black goggles staring at you like beady black eyes.

What makes The Plague Doctor awesome:

  • It looks like a raven. Some folks believe that ravens symbolize bad luck. (Hopefully for your enemies and not for you!)
  • A plague doctor is a sawbones who treated victims of the Black Death. (Only, you'll be killing your victims, not helping them.)
  • Ravens are really smart. So, if you think you're smart too then go for it!
  • It's as black as death. Really good skin for deadly characters, or is it for dead ones?

How to get The Plague Doctor:

Select Bloodhound in the Legends menu. Go to Skins and select The Plague Doctor. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See The Plague Doctor in action: 

Plague Doctor gameplay.

2. Protector of the Patch (Legendary)

Top10-Protector of the Patch

With a glowing Jack-O-Lantern for a head and faded blue fabric, Protector of the Patch is totally unique.

What makes Protector of the Patch awesome:

  • The massive glowing Jack-o-Lantern head makes an attractive target and does a great job of giving people the willies.
  • It gives one the idea that Bloodhound may have eaten one too many pumpkin fritters.
  • Seeing a raven on a scarecrow's arm looks pretty classical.
  • The laughing Jack-o-Lantern gives Bloodhound a comical vibe.

How to get Protector of the Patch:

To get Protector of the Patch you had to buy it for 1800 Apex coins, or craft it for 2400 crafting metals during the Halloween Event.

See Protector of the Patch in action:

Protector of the Patch gameplay.

1. The Intimidator (Legendary)

Top10-The Intimidator

The Intimidator has a blood-red mask with devil horns. It has red shoulder pads and a red chest piece. The normal fabric of the upper body has been replaced with silver metal and the legs are of gray, with red skull knee pads and boots.

What makes The Intimidator awesome:

  • The red horns and armor pieces are absolutely wicked.
  • It suits Bloodhound's role as a killer. Or is it you that's the killer?
  • It has metal instead of fabric. Who would have guessed? Metal might be better armor after all!
  • It emanates power. Everyone love's power. I think.
  • It really is intimidating. I wouldn't like to run into one of those, especially not in the dark. Yikes!

How to get The Intimidator:

Buy the Apex Legends physical Bloodhound Edition for only $19.99.

See The Intimidator in action: 

Intimidator gameplay.

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