Apex Legends Best Beginner Legends - Who To Pick

Apex Legends Best Beginner Legends
A guide for noobs.

As of Season 5, Apex Legends has thirteen unique characters. The legends are classified by four classes—Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Recon—that dictate their abilities and their contribution to their team.

As a rule, most offensive characters play aggressively. Therefore, mobile legends like Wraith and Pathfinder are recommended for more experienced players with map knowledge and control mechanics mastery.

Apex Legends is known for its user-friendliness and nonverbal communication system, making it easy to pick up even with the inevitable learning curve that comes with a new game. But a battle royale that advertises unique legends means each plays differently. With this character breakdown, players can decide what legend best meets their experience level and playstyle even if they are a total noob. 

1. ​Bangalore

Professional Soldier 

Bangalore is one of the most well-rounded legends. Her tactical ability shoots a smoke grenade allowing her to flee from battle, shield teammates, or revive while concealed. With a military backstory, Bangalore’s quips include practical information about weapons and ammo that may be useful for an Apex Legends newcomer.  

Pick Bangalore For:

  • A powerful offensive ultimate thrown at a distance. 
  • Double Time speed boost that activates when under fire. 
  • Flexibility to discover your type of playstyle.  
  • A free legend unlocked in the base game.

2. Gibraltar

Shielded Fortress

Designed as a traditional tank, Gibraltar can endure more damage than other legends due to his mounted gun shield, making him an ideal pick for beginners. Combining his Dome of Protection (tactical) with Defensive Bombardment (ultimate) allows him to deal considerable damage while still protecting his “bruddahs”. Gibraltar’s ultimate rains down a plethora of explosions producing a powerful attack that is difficult for enemies to contend with, especially in open spaces. 

Pick Gibraltar For:

  • Fortification: 15% less damage from every attack.
  • The ability to call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position.
  • Reviving teammates more quickly while in his Dome Shield. 
  • A free legend unlocked in the base game.

3. Mirage

Holographic Trickster

Giving a whole new meaning to the term “double trouble”, Mirage is an offensive legend perfect for tricksters at heart. Holographic decoys distract and baffle enemies, making him a solid choice for new players. His updated passive cloaks Mirage in invisibility while reviving teammates or using Respawn Beacons, which is an asset to any team. 

Pick Mirage For:

  • 15-second holographic tactical ability. 
  • Invisibility while downed, reviving, or using Respawn Beacons. 
  • Fans of more aggressive playstyles and comedic quips.

4. Caustic 

Toxic Trapper

An expert in toxic gas, Caustic is an excellent choice for fans of slower, defensive playstyles. Gas canisters can block or guard doorways and lead unsuspecting teams into a poisonous trap. Caustic’s Nox Vision gives him the ability to see in his gas, providing an advantage over his many “test subjects”. 

Pick Caustic For:

  • Fortification: 15% less damage from every attack. 
  • Gas canister traps that damages and confuses enemies. 
  • Speedy tactical ability cooldown. 
  • Immunity to enemy Caustic gas.

5. Octane

High-Speed Daredevil

Octane is the fastest legend and the ideal pick for more aggressive players looking to close in on enemies quickly. With only a 2 second cooldown time, Octane’s Stim gives him a massive speed boost perfect for covering large distances during an attack or retreat. His passive automatically regenerates 1 health every 2 seconds, replacing HP lost from using his Stim or battle.

Pick Octane For:

  • The fastest tactical ability cooldown in the game. 
  • 40% speed increase while sprinting with Stim.
  • 30% speed increase while walking with Stim.  
  • The ability to passively repair health with Swift Mend. 

6. Lifeline

Combat Medic

Lifeline is a support legend adept at keeping teammates’ health up and reviving during a firefight. A force to be reckoned with, Lifeline’s passive revives friendlies with her D.O.C. Heal Drone from behind the safety of a shield. Although her abilities require some strategy, Lifeline is the best choice for Apex Legends newbies wanting to contribute healing and gear to their team. 

Pick Lifeline For:

  • Care Package drops containing valuable loot for teammates.  
  • Low Profile: more difficult to hit. 
  • The ability to shield or return fire while using the D.O.C. Heal Drone.
  • Reviving teammates with drone, leaving her free to defend during battle. 
  • A free legend unlocked in the base game. 

7. Bloodhound

Technological Tracker

Bloodhound is a recon legend and seasoned hunter who automatically sees recent hostile activity like footsteps. Their unique tactical scans the environment and passes through walls to reveal hidden enemies and traps. With their exceptional tracking skills, Bloodhound is the only legend able to provide accurate insight of hidden enemy clues.

Pick Bloodhound For:

  • Briefly highlighting nearby enemies for teammates.
  • 30% speed boost while using Beast of the Hunt.  
  • The ability to ping clues for teammates that indicates recent footsteps or battles.
  • A free legend unlocked in the base game

8. Pathfinder

Forward Scout

Pathfinder is a highly mobile legend that will appeal to players who want to get in and out of battles quickly. The main attraction is his 21-meter grappling hook, which allows him to close distances and hold down hard-to-reach ledges while preparing for an aerial attack or unsuspecting flank. Ever the optimist, Pathfinder is sure to entertain beginners and seasoned pros alike with his comedic quips. 

Pick Pathfinder For:

  • His grappling hook!
  • Zipline Gun that allows the team to perform a quick escape or reposition. 
  • Survey Beacons that reveal the next Ring location.
  • Low Profile: more difficult to hit.  
  • A free legend unlocked in the base game. 

9. Wraith

Interdimensional Skirmisher

A common pick for pro players, Wraith is an offensive legend ideal for aggressive maneuvers and flanks. Her tactical ability, Into the Void, provides her with a small opportunity to reposition while avoiding damage. Wraith requires some game knowledge and skill, such as deciphering when to push enemy squads and when to use Dimensional Rift to create a portal to safety.

Pick Wraith For:

  • Voices From the Void, which warns you when danger is near. 
  • The ability to retreat without taking damage.  
  • Low Profile: more difficult to hit. 
  • A free legend unlocked in the base game.

10. Wattson

Static Defender

Wattson is a defensive legend who is excellent for holding down buildings and chokepoints. Practice makes perfect when it comes to placing her Perimeter Security fences that slow and damage enemies. Her Interception Pylon stops all projectiles within its radius, acting as a solid counter to Bangalore and Gibraltar's explosive ultimate abilities.   

Pick Wattson For:

  • A slower, defensive playstyle.
  • Ultimate Accelerants that fully charge her Ultimate with Spark of Genius. 
  • The ability to charge the team's armor with the Interception Pylon. 
  • Low Profile: more difficult to hit. 

11. Revenant 

Synthetic Nightmare

Armed with a silent fast-crouch, Revenant is the perfect choice for quick pushes and deadly ambushes. His throwable tactical deals a small amount of damage while rendering affected enemy abilities useless. Despite time and distance limitations, his ultimate is ideal for aggressive attacks by returning "shadow" teammates to his Death Totem with 50 HP when defeated. 

Pick Revenant For:

  • Countering enemy abilities with Silence. 
  • Climbing walls two times higher than other legends. 
  • Crouching speed that is the same as his walking speed. 
  • The ability to participate in risky combat with the help of his Death Totem. 

12. Loba

High Society Thief

A burglar by trade, Loba is a support legend driven by her love of high tier loot. Her Black Market Boutique is a portable device that teleports nearby items to her and her teammates' inventory. Loba's throwable, teleporting bracelet allows her to flank, flee, or reposition to hard-to-reach places. But be careful where you toss it though, or you might just end up in the middle of a battle.  

Pick Loba For:

  • Eye for Quality, allowing her to see epic and legendary items through walls and bins.
  • The Black Market Boutique which provides valuable loot to teammates.  
  • The ability to teleport via her bracelet. 

13. Crypto 

Surveillance Expert

Crypto is a recon legend recommended for more experienced players due to the complexities and knowledge that go into mastering his technology-based abilities. He is a strong team player that can utilize his Surveillance Drone to ping enemies, environmental clues, items, and supply bins. His ultimate, Drone EMP, deals 50 shield damage, slows enemies, and destroys traps, setting teammates up to successfully push weakened hostiles. 

Pick Crypto For:

  • The ability to collect teammates' banner cards with the Surveillance Drone.
  • Neurolink, which automatically highlights enemies and traps within the drone's line of sight.
  • Fans of more stationary gameplay that enjoy using drones to scoot areas before pushing.  

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