[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Items

Apex Legends Best Items
Stock up on items and win.

Items are an essential aspect of Apex Legends. Launch onto the island and snag healing and armor before your opponents.
Be on the lookout for Legendary (Gold) items equipped with perks to enhance healing or resurrect your legend. Although the legends’ unique abilities will dictate what items you prioritize, this list provides a breakdown of each and their benefits to itemize your way to victory.  

10. Mobile Respawn Beacon

Once only available in the Armed and Dangerous Evolved LTM, Mobile Respawn Beacons are the newest addition to the game after being released with a patch in early July. These portable beacons allow players to revive teammates (almost) anywhere on the map. Although this gadget can provide a considerable advantage, it also draws a lot of attention from nearby enemy teams. 

Why Mobile Respawn Beacons Are Great

  • Reviving teammates from any exterior location. 
  • Reviving teammates when there are no Respawn Beacons left in the Ring. 

Mobile Respawn Beacon details:


9. Ultimate Accelerant 

Ultimate Accelerants restore 35% ultimate energy for all legends except Loba, who only receives a 20% boost. This item is more useful to certain legends based on their unique ultimate abilities and cooldown times. Wattson's passive, Spark of Genius, stores up to 2 Ultimate Accelerants per inventory slot and fully recharges her ultimate ability. 

Why Ultimate Accelerants Are Great

  • Boosting ultimate charge time for all legends. 
  • Speeding up the availability of Lifeline care packages.  
  • A Wattson main staple. 

Ultimate Accelerant details:


8. Phoenix Kit

Phoenix Kits are considered rare items. They are a combo type, meaning they fully charge a legend’s shields and health simultaneously. Be warned: Phoenix Kits occupy 1 inventory slot and take a long time to use, making them tricky to pop during firefights. 

Why Phoenix Kits Are Great

  • Fully restores health and shields. 
  • Best healing method for replenishing large amounts of damage. 
  • Relatively easy to find in supply bins and care packages. 

Phoenix Kit details:


7. Syringe

Perhaps an underrated item, Syringes play an important role in a player's chance of surviving the battle royale. Restoring 25 HP in only 5 seconds, Syringes are the ideal choice for teams stuck in the Storm needing to replenish health quickly and on the move. They are also excellent for repairing small amounts of damage instead of wasting larger healing items better reserved for endgame. 

Why Syringes Are Great

  • Fast use time. 
  • Spawn in stacks of 2. 
  • Commonly found.
  • Best choice for "out healing" the Storm. 

Syringe details:


6. Knockdown Shield 

Knockdown shields are a valuable item that prevents easy finishes. The Legendary (Gold) Knockdown can withstand a max of 750 damage and allows downed players to—cue dramatic music—resurrect. This one-time Resurrection perk gives the player the ability to revive themselves without a teammate's aide, setting the stage for an epic comeback opportunity. 

Why Knockdown Shields Are Great

  • Damage protection while knocked.
  • Legendary Resurrection perk. 

Knockdown Shield details:


5. Med Kit

Med Kits are rare items stored in stacks of 2 per inventory slot. Victory often comes down to out healing the enemy team. Therefore, a proactive player will prioritize Med Kits, allowing them to replenish 100% of their health with each use. 

Why Med Kits Are Great

  • Restore full health. 
  • Use in endgame or after taking large amounts of damage. 
  • Share with teammates. 

Med Kit details:


4. Helmet

A type of gear, Helmets are shield items that reduce headshot damage. Legendary (Gold) Helmets include a Fast Charge perk, which lowers tactical and ultimate recharge time. Not to be overlooked, Helmets are a great addition to armor, and as Bangalore says, "Mind those headshots." 

Why Helmets Are Great

  • Reduce headshot damage up to 25% based on the Helmet’s level. 
  • Legendary Fast Charge perk. 
  • Do not need to be recharged. 

Helmet details:


3. Shield Cell

Shield Cells may be small, but they are a great multi-use item. Their basic utility entails repairing armor shield damage. They also can be used to charge up the Sentinel sniper rifle, annihilating enemy shields with a direct hit.  

Why Shield Cells Are Great 

  • Restores 25 shields in 3 seconds. 
  • Stack up to 4 per inventory slot. 
  • Charge up the Sentinel. 
  • Commonly found. 

Shield Cell details:


2. Shield Battery

Shield Batteries are the larger version of their Shield Cell counterparts. Although they can only store in stacks of 2, Shield Battery collection should be prioritized due to their ability to restore 100% of shields quickly. Having ample amounts of Shield Batteries can play a significant role in becoming the last team standing. 

Why Shield Batteries Are Great

  • Fully restores shields. 
  • Relatively fast use time. 
  • A powerful asset in endgame. 

Shield Battery details:


1. Backpack 

Backpacks hold the number one spot on this list because, without them, players cannot store any of the valuable items mentioned above. Inventory slots increase with higher Backpack levels, providing space to carry sufficient ammo, throwables, and healing. The Legendary (Gold) Backpack comes with a Guardian Angel perk, which restores 50 health and 50 shields when reviving downed teammates or self-reviving. This is a serious buff to legends adept at reviving like Lifeline and Mirage.  

Why Backpacks Are Great

  • Increased inventory slots. 
  • Legendary Guardian Angel perk.

Backpack details:



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