[Top 5] Apex Legends Most Played Characters

Apex Legends Most Played Characters
Apex Legends Most Played Characters

[Top 5] Apex Legends Most Played Characters

Are you a stubborn TTV_Wraith who rushes, dies, and then quits? Or an adrenaline junkie Octane running wild on a map? Or a Bloodhound that forgets he must scan for his teammates before rushing a building of full knitted squad? Or a Lifeline who is the first one to die in the squad?

Well, if you are any of those players, then I have good news for you!

Recently, Apex Legends Status revealed the data gathered from almost 4 million registered users which shows the popularity graph of the legends before season 9 and after season 9 release.

This graph shows which legend is being played the most and which legends are played the least.

Now, calm down, I know Mathematics is not your strongest suit. So I have decided to break it down for you guys!

Here are your Top 5 most played Legends and why gamers play them.

5. Pathfinder

MRVN – Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity

In simpler words, A polite android with aggressive tactics!

Alright, suppose, you are clutching an intense squad in Olympus. You hear, "Get ready! It's Zipline time!" from a distance. Congratulations! you are being attacked by the polite android and its teammates. You managed to escape only to get chased by an android who has mastered the art of sling shooting itself in the air. And to add salt to the wound, it would still address you as a friend…after it kills you! 

This legend is popular among the pros who want to have that competitive edge in the game and enjoy maneuverability. Mostly, because the players discovered they can slingshot the legend in the air and move at greater distances quickly. Both while rushing in and escaping a fight using the grapple. This puts Pathfinder right next to the likes of Octane users.

It is helpful if you have a Pathfinder in your squad. While it had issues with its hitboxes in season 8 (slightly increased), it is still the top choice for the aggressive players.

There is one unique advantage while playing this legend, can you guess what that is? Well, unlike the simple dot crosshair on other legends, Pathfinder has a particular crosshair visible which helps in that hip-fire shots. You know why?  Because it is an Android duh! 

And, who does not want to have the high ground in an intense last circle battle? It gives you dominance over other squads

  When you have the high ground!

If you like rocking the Kraber or any other sniper loadout, just shoot that zipline to the highest vantage point and show your enemies who is the real boss! 

Moreover, if you want to spice things up for the internet, try doing a Slingshot with 360 Degree no-scope headshot! 

What’s great about Pathfinder? 

  • Insider knowledge:  the passive ability to scan every survey beacon on the map to reveal the next ring location. If you scan enough beacons the cooldown time of your other abilities shrinks to a few seconds!
  • The Grappling Hook: Move faster and reach unreachable places quickly.
  • Zipline Gun: fires a zipline for you and your teammates to places other legends cannot get to. An android so nice it even lets enemies use its zipline!

4. Lifeline

Ajay Chey aka combat medic of the Frontier Corps!

Lifeline is the game’s only healer thus you will see most squads with a combination of Lifeline in most matches. Hey, you must have someone who has your back in a fight right? 

Therefore, she is played keeping in mind support for the team. Still, she manages to make the top 5 most played legends with approximately 8.7 percentage which roughly makes up to 115,407 players according to Apex Legends Status. That's a lot of people having protective instincts!  

She is that sweet legend in the game that will save your life either by reviving or by patching you up using the D.O.C Heal Drone. She will provide you with extra loot by care packages and extra loot from blue supply bins. 

For season 9 she went through some serious rework. Her healing drone does not deploy a shield while reviving, which frankly, was the most important feature of the Lifeline. However, the healing rate has been increased from 5 to 8hp. Now she can revive both downed teammates at the same time using the healing drone.  

Gamers have another thing for this legend, guess what? It is her signature voice line “Mozambique here!” 

What’s great about Lifeline:

  • Tactical: Deploys D.O.C Heal drone to heal nearby teammates over time. 
  • Combat Medic: Deploys D.O.C to auto revive allies, leaving you free to move.
  • Ultimate Care Package drops in upgrade loot based on what your current teammates are equipped with.
  • In most scenarios, her Care Package is used as a barricade for incoming firing!
  • Pro- Tip: If you get a gold backpack, give it to the Lifeline as she can revive you faster with that!

3. Bloodhound

“I am the hunter the Gods have sent.”

You have rushed a squad. Your teammates are knocked down in the battle. You finished the enemy squad and start reviving your teammates, but you hear "I bathe in the blood!"  you already know you are dead. Better start running! 

One of the favorite legends of the pros which have been heavily used in esports. Almost 11.2 percent or 148,105 players currently play Bloodhound according to Apex Legends Status

Do not be surprised to see this legend in the top 5. Apart from being a great recon legend, bloodhound’s ultimate gives super movement speed which is very effective while tracking an enemy squad.

The legend is widely used by strategists who do not go for the kills themselves but rather help their teammates by using the element of surprise, The Eye of the Allfather tactical, followed by Beast of Hunt ultimate.  

One thing which I must mention here for those who play Bloodhound is that it is a humble request to use the Eye of the Allfather often so that we do not have to remind you every time!

Also, after season 9, using their ultimate no longer receive assists in ranked matches so watch out for that!

What’s great about Bloodhound?

  • Eye of the All-father: Tactical can scan many enemies, traps, and clues at the same time. 
  • Tracker: Track your foes by their footprints.
  • Beast of the Hunt: The ultimate which boosts your senses, gives you faster movement, and highlights your hunt.
  • One of the deadliest combinations of this legend is with Bangalore. The "Smoke n Scan" as people call it, is troublesome for the enemies you are rushing. The smoke blinds them, the scan reveals them for you and your allies. Easy clutch!
  • Because of their abilities, they are popular among entry-level players who have difficulty spotting enemies. So, if you are new to Apex, you may want to play this legend to get familiar with the game.

2. Wraith

"Try not to blink, you may miss me”.

This Interdimensional Skirmisher AKA TTV-wraith among the gamers is the most popular legend in the game. You would find a Wraith in almost ALL squads! 

So, the question is why is this legend in the second place if it so popular? Well, the answer is the nerfs and tweaks this legend went through overtime. From an increase in hitboxes to delaying the tactical ability.

Still, she is the first choice of many aggressive and many pro players, who want to destroy lobbies with an option to escape if things go south. The funny thing is the players who play this legend are so aggressive and toxic, 90 percent of them would go solo in a squad match and rage quit as soon as they die. One more coincidence, gamers found is that most of them had “TTV” in their name. Hence, they nicknamed them as TTV-Wraiths! 

Jokes apart, this spacetime manipulator has one of the best movements in the game which is why she is hard to kill if she is moving. Her ability to escape a fight is what triggers the enemies the most. With the power to transport your teammates to other places using dimensional Rift, they can go in and out of the fight quickly!      

What’s great about Wraith:

  • Into the Void: Escaping fights or dodging bullets by quickly reposition yourself by running through Void avoiding all damage, it is frustrating for enemies, and it gets the job done.
  • Voices from the Void: What is more helpful than hearing warning voices just before you are in danger of being attacked.
  • Dimensional Rift: A 60-second portal linking two locations at disposal of your team. Many pro players have mastered this ability and have found creative ways to use it. One such case is the “Kidnap”. Using the portal, A player rushes in towards the enemy squad only to release the portal on one of the enemy players. Bringing them to your squad alone, unprotected, and easy to kill. 
  • Another technique the player use is to make a random portal in the final circle and release it just before the ring closes completely. While you travel the portal, the chances are your enemy dies first because of the ring and since you are in the portal, you may survive. Chess, not Checkers!

1. Octane

"These legs weren't made for walking."

Arguably one of the craziest, most funny, and ferociously aggressive legends in the game packed with adrenaline juice stims!

He is like that mad lad in your class who is up for any challenge you throw his way no matter the outcome he would jump right in and want you to jump in with him as well. He is popular among the players who have only one objective in the game, Kill. 

Superfast adrenaline freak flying around with that Launchpad doing mid-air kills is what the players enjoy the most. With the popularity of approximately 17 percent, it is the most played legend in the game currently!

What is not to like about Octane, he is fast, he is wild, and most importantly has the coolest voice lines. 

"Reckless and full of wrecks. Let's go!"

The perfect run n gun, high-risk high-reward kind of legend.

For season 9 some things have been reworked, now he can only use stims four times as one stim per second. But at the cost of twice as much health.  Bullet spread has increased while you are launching yourself from the pad. 

He tops the charts for two main reasons. First, he is fun to play with, you do not get bored. Second, he is the top pick for players who like to play solos, running around the map quickly and getting them kills.

 "You and me, Mamacita. You're all the Squad I need."

What’s great about Octane:

  • Stim: Gives you a boost for 6-seconds at the cost of health. Trust me it's worth it!
  • Swift Mend: Health regeneration over time, so you do not need to pick up medkits or syringes. More room for ammo and throwables!
  • Launchpad: Deploy a jump pad for you and your teammates who want to ride or die together while rushing a squad and bring in havoc from above!

These are your Top 5 most played legends in Apex legends. Comment below your favorite legend. And the craziest thing you did playing them in the game! 

Till then,

"Time is flying, and I am too."


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