Apex Legends Best Ultimates [All Ultimates Ranked Worst To Best]

Best Apex Legends ultimantes
Revenant staring down his next victim.

24. Mirage - Life of the Party

Mirage's ultimante 'Life of Party' in use.

Mirage's ultimate “Life of the Party” deploys several clones of himself confusing the enemy. Although this may confuse them, it's relatively easy to find the real one making it a pretty useless ultimate compared to other legends.

Life of the Party confuses the enemy and nothing else it has no significant use for helping your team or helping you win fights. Although it's pretty trash it can be useful from time-time against an unsuspecting enemy.

Life of the Party Review

  • Rotation use: This ultimate has no real rotation use other than using to make the enemy miss a couple bullets. 
  • Team use: Mirages ultimate has no team use as it just deploys lots of clones potentially distracting the enemy. 
  • Solo use: The only good thing about this ultimate is its ability to confuse an enemy in a 1v1 when you're losing and need to run away. 

Overall: Bad



23. Vantage - Snipers Mark

Vantage holding her ultimante, 'Snipers Mark'  

Sniper's mark provides the user with 5 bullets that marks the opponent dealing double the damage if the first shot is hit (50 damage to 100 damage). Although it can be strong the user must hit their shots with it and it doesn’t provide much use because it’s a sniper.

Vantage can deal some serious damage from range with this ultimate but its utility in a fight is limited because the opponent can heal if you dish damage from afar and it's not easy to hit the opponent consistently with limited bullets from range. 

Snipers Mark Review

  • Rotation use: Snipers Mark provides little to none rotation use except for the fact you can see enemies from a distance.
  • Team use: This is a hit or miss ultimate, in the right hands it can provide amazing support to your team but the bullets are limited and it requires you to hit most of your shots to make any real impact.
  • Solo use: Being a sniper it makes for a good weapon to use solo to dish damage if you’re looking to farm a team down or go for a damage record.

Overall: Bad


22. Rampart -Mobile Minigun Sheila

Rampart unleashing her ultimante 'Mobile Minigun Sheila'

Mobile Minigun Sheila provides the user with an automatic machine gun with tons of ammo without serious damage. Although it’s a powerful weapon it has a time and place to use it and players find themselves getting melted when they try to use it in a gunfight with it having a slow charge up time and decreased run speed when in use.

It does pair well with Ramparts walls when placed but it is tricky to use in most scenarios. It has the feature to break doors down so it can be a strong weapon to catch teams off guard when entering a building but it has too many restrictions to use (charge up time, slowed speed, limited ammo).

Mobile Minigun Shiela Review

  • Rotation use: As a weapon it provides no rotational usage.
  • Team use: It has little team use as it can be placed, it leaves the user immobile and has limited turn range making it difficult to use. 
  • Solo use: Ramparts sheila can be a very OP weapon but overall it falls short making it hard to use in general, but it can be a very strong weapon if used in the correct situations.

Overall: Bad


21. Ash - Phase Breach

Ash unleashing her ultimante 'Phase Breach'

Phase Breach provides the user with a teleport horizontally or vertically allowing for quick repositioning in fights. It can be useful in many ways but its range falls short compared to other mobility legends and the ultimate can be hard to place at certain times.

Ash’s ultimate has its uses and can save your team from a tough spot or give the ability to push into unsuspecting teams but its mobility falls short range, utility wise to other legends.

Phase Breach Review

  • Rotation Use: Phase breach provides decent rotational usage with it being a mobility ability but its range is too short for it to be called a good rotational use.
  • Team Use: Its most useful function is transporting you and your team to a new location instantly, giving multiple uses situations.
  • Solo Use: Although it can be good for team usage it being an ultimate limits its use in fights and has no real advantage in gunfights.

Overall: Decent


20.  Octane - Launch Pad

Octane's 'Launch Pad' waiting to be used

Octane's Launch Pad provides great mobility and is able to be used multiple times, but the distance is lacking since its nerf. It can be used to push onto teams height or escape from incoming fire making it a viable ultimate that can be useful in many ways,

Octane's ultimate is good for mobility but it is a little slow going through the air and the distance isn’t the best. It has its uses but overall it’s in the middle for usage with it being easy to get shot in the air and it not launching you very far.

Launch Pad Review

  • Rotation Use: It is a good rotational ability with it having no time limit for use, decent range and good height allowing for great distance at certain spots. 
  • Team Use: Launch Pad provides great mobility for your team making it easy to push teams or a quick escape. 
  • Solo Use: Although it is a great way to position to certain spots it can get you beamed if used when the other team is looking.

 Overall: Good


19. Ballistic - Tempest

 Ballistic welcoming anyone who wishes to test his skills

Ballistic’s ultimate provides infinite ammo and quick reloads for you and your teammates guns. This can be especially helpful in close-mid range when ammo is being used quickly allowing for faster damage output with quicker reloads. 

Tempest is overall a good ultimate in fights providing support for the team while also strengthening each player individually. Although it has its advantages, a quicker reload speed doesn’t make too much of a difference in high level play when most players hit all their initial shots.

Tempest Review:

  • Rotational Use: It provides no rotational usage at all as it only provides infinite ammo and quicker reload speeds.
  • Team Use: Ballistics ultimate is centered around support for your team making it a great ultimate allowing your team to steamroll through a team in a timely fashion.
  • Solo Use: Although it isn’t the best, the quick reload speed on your gun can easily make or break a 1v1.

Overall: Good


18. Mad Maggie - Wrecking Ball

Mad Maggie deploying her 'Wrecking Ball'  

Wrecking Ball deploys a destructive ball dealing 20 damage and a stun. Upon use small speed boost circles are deployed following the direction of the ball. It is ideal for using into tight spaces or initiating a fight with added speed.

Overall Mad Maggie’s ultimate is good and bad, there's situations where it's completely useless and there are times when it can completely change the flow of the fight. It shines when used into a building allowing for you and your team to get a fast attack with the speed and wipe squads easier thanks to the stun/damage on impact.

Wrecking Ball Review

  • Rotational Use: With an added speed boost it is a viable way to rotate but can cost you if you’re encountered before it recharges
  • Team Use: Paired with a coordinated team attack Wrecking Ball can greatly increase your chances of destroying a team if Wrecking Ball hits.
  • Solo Use: It is good for solo use with multiple buffs and variables it can change.

Overall - Very good


17. Horizon - Black Hole

Horizon's ultimante 'Black Hole'

Black Hole deploys a wide range black hole that sucks in any nearby players. This can be especially useful slowing a team down or trapping them inside a building making it ideal for grenade uses. It's a great ability but it ranks lower on this list because of how easy it is to break, with it withstanding only 200 damage.

Horizons ultimate can be very strong in the correct usage but it can be challenging finding the correct timing for it with how easy it is to break. Overall it can be a game changer in fights leading to an easy wipe in the hands of an experienced player. 

Black Hole Review

  • Rotational Use: It has little to no rotational use other than distracting a team trying to fire while you're on the move.
  • Team Use: It can deal massive amounts of damage if you throw a coordinated ultimate or it can be a great distraction for teammates to shoot them trapped inside of it.
  • Solo Use: It is strong but in solo use it gets broken easily and players can find it hard to apply in a solo play.

Overall: Very Good


16. Loba- Black Market

Loba's ultimante 'Black Market' being used

Loba’s Black Market provides a market containing any items in a 112.5 meter radius. This can be especially useful for looting quick early game or getting ammo when you run out. This ability allows for you and your team to loot areas quickly and always stay stacked on ammo if used in the correct places. 

Black Market provides many utilities that no other legend can do and has a good range and updates as new loot is dropped. In endgame zones players find themselves running low on ammo and needing to loot but too much crossfire to find time to do so, Loba covers that perfectly.

Black Market Review

  • Rotational Use: Although you might think this has no rotational usage, dropping it and looting from areas quickly can speed up your time to rotate by decreasing time to loot.
  • Team Use: Black Market is amazing for capitalizing on your teammates needs whether it be getting an upgraded magazine or ammo for their gun it has you covered.
  • Solo Use: It has the same effects in team use and solo use making you as stacked as you can be based on the loot in the areas you visit.

Overall: Very good


15. Lifeline - Care Package

Lifeline's 'Care Package' in use

Lifelines Care Package provides the player with various gears ranging from armors to magazines to batteries. It is a good ultimate because it always gives an upgrade to your current gear and provides lots of batteries and medkits. Another function not commonly used is it can provide decent cover to your position.

With a guaranteed upgrade to your current gear Lifelines ultimate is great for getting early purple sheilds and lots of heals. In the past Lifelines ultimate used to be relatively weak because of the long drop time but with its buff it is great for equipping fast and dropping some cover.

Care Package Review

  • Rotational Use: It provides no rotational usage with it taking time to deploy and no mobility.
  • Team Use: Lifeline’s Care Package is great for team use providing better upgrades and heals constantly throughout the game giving room for a faster playstyle.
  • Solo Use: It is a good ultimate even for solo use as it will give multiple upgrades to your gear and keep you stocked on meds throughout the game.

Overall: Very good


14. Pathfinder - Zipline Gun

Pathfinder escaping using his grappler

Pathfinder's Zipline Gun provides one of the longest mobility uses in the game distance and speed wise by deploying a zipline that can be vertically or horizontally up to 200 meters. With long range mobility Pathfinder’s zipline can be very useful for rotating or positioning quickly.

There are many different ways you can utilize this ultimate whether it be moving to height, rotating to ring or even, using it close range to catch an enemy off-guard with super jumps. Pathfinder's zipline is one of the best for rotation with its only downfall being relatively easy to be shot while riding on it.

Zipline Gun Review

  • Rotational Use: It is amazing for rotating whether it be a long distance vertically or horizontally it can be the difference of getting stuck in a warzone of rotating teams.
  • Team Use: With it being long distance and able to go very high vertically it can make for great team plays when pushing teams.
  • Solo Use: It can be used to easily escape when separated from your team or even as a means to increase your movement by implementing super jumps into your fight.

Overall- Very Good



13. Fuse - The Motherload

Fuse deploying his ultimante 'The Motherload'

The Motherload deploys a ring of fire dealing massive damage and highlighting enemies inside. It can be extremely difficult to deal with when trying to escape with rapid damage and a slowness effect. Like its name applies it is a motherload of damage to deal with if caught inside.

Fuses ultimate can be insanely strong trapping teams inside of the ring of fire and dealing massive damage to players trying to escape. With few legends that have the ability to escape from it if you catch someone inside of it, it pairs perfectly with fuse’s knuckle clusters and can easily wipe a player or squad out in seconds.

The Motherload Review

  • Rotational Use: Although it provides no mobility it can block passages for a long time and can slow other teams down trying to shoot you while rotating.
  • Team Use: Paired with grenades Fuses ultimate can destroy an entire team with a coordinated spam of grenades inside the ring of fire. 
  • Solo Use: It can be great for giving cover when in need of a quick heal or trapping teams inside and dishing out loads of damage yourself with knuckle clusters and grenades.

Overall- Very good


12. New Castle - Castle Wall

New Castle's ultimante 'Castle Wall' providing cover

As the name implies Castle Wall deploys a wide range wall that has a lot of health and can stun the enemy if crossed. It provides cover where cover is needed, whether it be putting a blockade around a knocked teammate or solidifying your position in the ring, Castle Wall has you covered (literally).

When used correctly New Castle’s Castle Wall can give you an amazing position where there would normally be no cover to play off of. With a stun inflicting barrier and good coverage there is little cover that beats Castle Wall in a gunfight.

Castle Wall Review

  • Rotational Use: It doesn’t provide mobility but can be a big help if you want to gate-keep a team or need to use his wall onto a teammate in the ring to move a little quicker.
  • Team Use: Whether it be providing cover for your team or moving to a teammate and giving them cover it is great for supporting your team when needed.
  • Solo Use: It can be used aggressively to push onto height or block pathways allowing for easy shots onto incoming enemies.

Overall- Very Good


11. Revenant - Forged Shadows

Revenant preparing to use his ultimante 'Forged Shadows'

Revenant’s reworked ultimate Forged Shadows, provides 75 rechargeable health on kills and overtime when no damage is taken. It is perfect for an aggressive playstyle that rewards you when you get a knock. It is very strong in the correct hands but can lead to some overconfidence like Octane’s with their jump pad.

Forged Shadows can be very useful in team fights allowing Revenant to be the initiator without as much risk of dying being as it gives an extra 75 hp. When used correctly it allows for constant fighting without the need to heal in between gunfights.

Forged Shadows Review

  • Rotational Use: It provides no rotational usage for you or your team.
  • Team Use: It doesn’t give a buff to your team but allows for you to be the team. With the additional hp it gives little to no repercussions to being an initiator and getting the first knock.
  • Solo Use: Forged Shadows is one of the best solo use abilities because it provides the user with a ton of additional hp and can seem like infinite health when constantly knocking opponents.

Overall- Great



10. Crypto - Drone EMP

Cyrpto initating his 'Drone EMP' on his enemies

Crypto’s Drone EMP deploys a wide range EMP that stuns and deals 50 shield damage to the opponent. This can be extremely strong as an opener in fights if used correctly. The main downside is although it breaks their shields typically Crypto needs to be playing on his iPad to activate it correctly.

Crypto being one of the most difficult legends to play in Apex it can be hard to get a good EMP off, but when you do it makes rolling teams extremely easy. With it also dealing slowness it makes it great for catching a team off guard in the open for some easy knocks.

Drone EMP Review

  • Rotational Use: Although it may not have mobility with it slowing players down it can be good for making a team retreat when trying to fire at you or slowing their pursuit down.
  • Team Use: It is a great opener for you and your team to catch the enemy off guard and launch a quick attack. 
  • Solo Use: It isn’t the best for solo usage as you have to catch the enemy inside of the radius of the EMP. This typically requires actively controlling the drone but it can be deadly in the right hands.

Overall - Great


9. Wattson - Interception Pylon

Wattson's 'Interception Pylon' in use

Wattson’s Interception Pylon commonly referred to as her ‘Generator’ blocks all grenades, most ultimates, provides shields to players in range and also quickly recharges Wattsons electrical fences. With so many functions it is difficult to not put it into the top 10, with it being amazing for its defensive capabilities not only for Wattson but for her entire team. 

Interception Pylon provides amazing support for mid-range gunfights blocking all grenades and regenerating shields allowing for more shooting and less healing. Its capabilities are crazy, it blocks all throwable ultimates that would otherwise deal deadly damage to you and your squad.

Interception Pylon Review

  • Rotational Use: Wattsons ultimate has no real uses for rotation, it being stationary.
  • Team Use: Interception Pylon is amazing for team support, it blocks all grenades and tons of ultimates while healing your team. Can you ask for a better ability when holding a position?
  • Solo Use: Wattson’s Generator not only does everything listed in team use but also charges her electrical fences at a dramatically increased rate making it impossible to push a skilled Wattson in range of her ultimate.

Overall- Great


8. Wraith - Dimensional Rift

Wraith deploying her ultimante 'Dimensional Rift'

Dimensional Rift provides the user with a long-range speedboosted portal that makes the traveler invincible while inside it. Paired with Wraith's cue, it allows for a fast portal that can block doors, be a perfect escape or even trap someone into falling off the map. Dimensional Rift has many utilities and ranks up high for its wide variety of solo play and team play uses.

Wraith's portal (Dimensional Rift) allows the user to essentially hold two positions at once with free travel back and forth. In the right hands this can lead to solo plays by trapping players on different sides of the portal. 

Dimensional Rift Review

  • Rotational Use: It is amazing for rotating, providing an invincible portal that quickly moves a player from one location to another. 
  • Team Use: With Wraith being able to move solo and transport the rest of their team with them it makes it much easier to hold positions and find where you can and can’t play.
  • Solo Use: Wraith portal is amazing for solo plays with its ability to split teams up and block doorways making healing easy for skilled users.

Overall - Great


7. Caustic - Nox Gas Grenade

Caustic trapping a scientist inside with his ultimante 'Nox Toxic Gas'

Caustics Nox Toxic Gas deploys a wide range gas that deals ticking health damage that increases over time. This can be very useful in blocking areas, trapping teams inside of places or giving the ultimate fighting zone for a Caustic. With slowness also being applied when trapped inside it can deal massive damage to players that stick around for too long.

With many ways to use it, it is the best trap ultimate that specializes in killing the enemy team. When safed until the final ring closure it almost guarantees a win for any Caustic and his team by deploying the ultimate gas bomb making it impossible to deal with for any team.

Nox Toxic Gas Review

  • Rotational Use: It can be used to block pathways or create a smokescreen making it a viable option to use during rotation.
  • Team Use: With it affecting everyone but other Caustics and your teammates it gives a huge advantage to anyone inside of it making it easy for you and your team to mow down squads.
  • Solo Use: It is one of the best solo use ultimates with it making it virtually impossible to deal with if used correctly and can lead to an easy 1v3 if used in the right places.

Overall - Great


6. Seer - Exhibit

Seer's ultimante 'Exhibit' being deployed

Seer’s Exhibit deploys a 65 meter sphere highlighting any enemy that moves within its radius. Giving wall hacks to you and your entire team this ultimate is one of the best for its ease of use and large radius. The only downside to this ultimate is its inability to move making enemies able to leave the sphere, but when they don’t you’ll find it much easier to wipe a squad when you can see them through the wall.

Exhibit can be used in hard to see spots against teams trapped in an enclosed space making it impossible to lose track of your enemy. With its wide range and absolute scan it makes for one of the best ultimates in the game.

Exhibit Review

  • Rotational Use: Exhibit gives no rotational use other than a potential distraction.
  • Team Use: Giving an absolute scan on the enemy it’s one of the best ultimates to boost your squads powers.
  • Solo Use: Seer’s ultimate is great for solo use giving wall hacks to you it allows for easy tracing and makes your chance of being surprised much lower.

Overall: Very Good


5. Valkyrie - Skyward Dive

Valkyrie and her team launching off with 'Skyward Dive'

Skyward Dive allows the user to travel from one POI to another within seconds. This ultimate is a mobile jumptower which can be very useful when rotating to ring or trying to pounce on an enemy squad. With little to no disadvantages on use it finds itself in the top 5 for its ease of use and ability to take one of the major challenges in the game (ring closure) out entirely.

Whether it be getting you and your squad to safety or moving in on a fight, Skyward Dive gives long range mobility that no other mobility legend can compare to. This ultimate has a short activation time (2 seconds) and quick flight into the air, Valkyrie is a walking jump tower.

Skyward Dive Review

  • Rotational Use: Skyward Dive gives the best rotational use in the game allowing for you and your squad to never have to worry about the ring.
  • Team Use: Allowing for quick transportation it’s great for you and your team to get where you need to go.
  • Solo Use: Although it has no gun fight advantages it is a quick escape if you need to run.

Overall - Very Good


4. Bloodhound - Beast of the Hunt

Bloodhound's vision when 'Beast of the Hunt' is active

Beast of the Hunt activates a 30 second rechargeable hunt. Changing the players vision to black and white and highlighting opposing players red, it makes it exceptionally easier to see enemies. With an additional 30% speed boost as well you will be running around with fast scans, highlighted enemies and footsteps leading to their location. It makes for an amazing ultimate when you want to put constant pressure on an enemy squad.

Bloodhounds ultimate allows for the user to hunt down enemies that otherwise might be impossible to catch. With a 30 second long speed boost it gives more than enough time to make a play. It provides amazing insight to your team with 3 fast scans and makes it hard to lose track of the enemy.

Beast of the Hunt Review

  • Rotational Use: With its speed boost it can provide the user a quick rotation but doesn’t help the team.
  • Team Use: Giving fast scans this ultimate can provide insight like few others allowing for you and your team to always keep track of your enemy.
  • Solo Use: Bloodhound’s ultimate is amazing for solo use with it highlighting enemies and giving a speed boost it is arguably the best ultimate for gun fights.

Overall: OP


3. Catalyst - Dark Veil

Catalyst's wall 'Dark Veil' dividing the battle field

Dark Veil deploys a long wall blocking and blinding enemy combatants. With its use in gunfights, rotational usage and separating teams it is one of the best in the game. Making it difficult to see when crossed, Dark Veil is an absolute divider that can be insanely strong when used correctly.

Dark Veil shines the most when used in endgame rings, with it splitting the battlefield in half it makes it easy to single out players and take control of the chaos. With little to no downsides Dark Veil is hard to counter and has many uses.

Dark Veil Review

  • Rotational Use: With it being a long wall it is great for crossing a valley or getting to cover using the wall
  • Team Use: Giving anyone but the team blindness when crossed it is great for teamplays acting as cover or getting a superior position.
  • Solo Use: Catalysts Dark Veil is great for solo use giving her the ability to split teams up and make them play in her space, leading to easy fights.

Overall: OP


2. Gibraltar - Bombartment 

Gibraltar's ultimante 'Bombardment' being used in game

Bombardment deploys a wide range of missiles dealing 40 damage and stunning the enemy. With little to no counter if used correctly Bombardment is absolute when used on a team. With a 24 meter radius of missiles it is sure to either deal serious damage to a squad or force them to reposition. 

When used in endgame rings Bombardment is insanely powerful, with it dealing 40 damage per hit it can lead to an easy victory if used correctly. That’s not its only use, it can be deployed on a team with little cover in the open and force them to panic leading to free kills. 

Bombardment Review

  • Rotational Use: Although it provides no mobility, quickly throwing it on an enemy team can assist with you getting into safety.
  • Team Use: With it stunning and dealing massive damage to anyone inside it is great for assisting your team getting kills or weeding a team out giving free fire to you and your team.
  • Solo Use: With it being not very difficult to escape from as a solo it could be challenging keeping a team inside, but when you do it provides the chance for some easy kills.

Overall - OP


1. Bangalore - Rolling Thunder

Bangalore standing next to one of 'Rolling Thunder's' shells

Rolling Thunder deploys a massive stun, blinding and damage dealing missile strike that can easily destroy a team. This ultimate has the ability to stop teams in their tracks, force them to hide or even crack an entire team's shield. Rolling Thunder is no joke. With no way to counter Rolling Thunder other than cover it takes the #1 spot for its ease of use and wide range destruction.

Whether it be rotational use, dealing damage and stuns to enemy teams, or even providing an easy means of escape for yourself Rolling Thunder has loads of uses. In endgame circles Rolling Thunder matches up with Gibraltar's Bombardment dealing the same amount of terror, changing the flow of all players around into your favor.

Rolling Thunder Review

  • Rotational Use: Although it doesn’t provide mobility it can easily stop any team's pursuit and lead the way to where you are going.
  • Team Use: With it either dealing massive damage or stopping a team in their tracks when paired with your team it can easily lead to you farming a team when they’re hit.
  • Solo Use: With it dealing wide-range damage and stunning it can be great for killing players one by one. It can also be a great means of escape if you find yourself in a pickle.

Overall - OP


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