[Top 12] Apex Legends Best Abilities

[Top 12] Apex Legends Best Abilities
The better your abilities, the deadlier you are!

What Difference Does It Make?

Well, each legend has unique abilities but let's face it, not all of them are that great. Knowing which are the best abilities can help you choose the most powerful legend which is most suited to your needs.

12. Perimeter Security – Wattson

Perimeter Security is electric fences that can be set up with nodes carried by Wattson. They stun enemies and cause electric shock.

Why Perimeter Security is Awesome:

  • It creates a barrier that causes enemies to hesitate. Indecision is deadly you know…
  • It can indicate when an enemy is coming up behind you, as you know when it gets destroyed or zaps someone.
  • It allows you to fortify an area, especially a building, and hold it against whatever your enemies throw at you. Including themselves!

Perimeter Security details:

  • Tactical ability.
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • The max number of nodes on the map at a time is 12.

11. Drone EMP – Crypto

Drone EMP discharges an EMP strike which stuns enemies and damages their shields.

Why Drone EMP is Awesome:

  • It does 50 damage to any enemy shields within its radius.
  • It stuns enemies and allows your buddies to mow them down while they can’t move. Don’t feel bad. They would have done it too…
  • It is quite an intimidating factor. The drone distracts your enemies from the real threat… You!

Drone EMP details:

  • Ultimate ability.
  • 30m radius.
  • 2-second charge up after strike is initiated.

10. Gas Traps – Caustic

Caustic gas traps release toxic yellow gas.

Why Gas Traps are Awesome:

  • They can block doorways temporarily.
  • The gas slows enemies down and does damage to their health.
  • They reveal the location of enemies when they are triggered.

Gas Traps details:

  • Tactical ability.
  • A max of 6 are allowed on the map at a time.
  • Gas lasts for 12.5 seconds.

9. Beast of the Hunt – Bloodhound

Beast of the Hunt enhances Bloodhound’s senses and increases speed.

Why Beast of the Hunt is Awesome:

  • It allows you to run way faster than normal. Always better if the hunter is faster than the hunted… unless you’re the prey!
  • It gives you threat vision, so you can see enemies halfway across the map. They have no idea what’s coming!
  • It allows you to see cold tracks without having to scan for them with your tactical ability.

Beast of the Hunt details:

  • It lasts for 35 seconds and guess what! Every knockdown with it active increases its duration by 5 seconds!
  • It has a 3-minute cooldown.
  • Ultimate ability.

8. Dome of Protection – Gibraltar

Dome of Protection is a shield dome which can be placed by Gibraltar and blocks incoming and outgoing ordnance and bullets.

Why Dome of Protection is Awesome:

  • It blocks incoming grenades and artillery, so you can deploy it if you want to carpet bomb your area to clear out the enemies. Don’t worry, it’s not unfair!
  • It is great for those moments when you just start getting lasered and you wish you could just conjure up a wall around you… Pretty much the same thing.

Dome of Protection details:

  • It lasts for 15 seconds.
  • The cooldown is 30 seconds after your dome has expired.
  • Tactical ability.

7. Drone of Compassion – Lifeline

Drone of Compassion is a health drone that automatically heals players near it. (health, not shields)

Why Drone of Compassion is Awesome:

  • You don’t need to interact with it to get healed. All you have to do is stand near it. Great for lazy folks. I know.
  • You can heal while fighting and don’t need to take your finger off the trigger. You basically just get a couple of hundred extra hp. No big deal…
  • It is great for when you need to heal a lot and you don’t have any meds. Why waste meds if you’ve got a D.O.C?

Drone of Compassion details:

  • Tactical ability.
  • The cooldown is 60 seconds.
  • It lasts for 20 seconds.
  • It heals at 5 hp per second if only 1 player is using it.

6. Care Package – Lifeline 

Lifeline can call in a care package when her ultimate ability is fully charged.

Why Care Packages are Awesome:

  • They contain meds, which can be really useful if you’re in the middle of a fight and run out.
  • They contain high tier loot such as level 3 body shields and golden weapons. And trust me. Who’d say no to a free Kraber?
  • They provide great cover when you’re caught out in the open and suddenly get lead rained all over your parade!

Care Package details:

  • The time it takes to land is 15 seconds.
  • The cooldown is 6 minutes.

5. Interception Pylon – Wattson

Wattson Interception Pylon destroys incoming ordnance and recharges shields.

Why Interception Pylon is Awesome:

  • It recharges shields if you are near it, which is a lifesaver during a fight.
  • It destroys any incoming ordnance, like grenades and artillery strikes. What a waste for your enemies!
  • It gives Wattson a tactical ability cooldown of 1 second while she is near it.

Interception Pylon details:

  • Max number at a time: 1.
  • Ultimate ability.

4. Dimensional Rift – Wraith

The Interdimensional Rift can transport characters through space and time.

Why Interdimensional Rift is Awesome:

  • You can use it to get your buddies across a dangerous area without them getting shot.
  • You can use it to fetch a downed buddy or his banner if he gets downed outside the ring. Especially during Round 2 or higher. I know, annoying…
  • It can be really useful to infiltrate a position being held by a Caustic or Wattson squad.
  • It makes you run faster. And I mean, who doesn’t want to be the fastest player in the game?

Interdimensional Rift details:

  • The portal duration is 1 minute.
  • The cooldown is 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

3. Into the Void – Wraith

Into the Void allows Wraith to phase through space and time.

Why Into the Void is Awesome:

  • You take 0 damage while in the void.
  • You become a blue blur. Much harder to spot than an actual character.
  • It can get you through the tightest spots in 1 piece. Unless you go to pieces before you get to use it!

Into the Void details:

  • Tactical ability.
  • The cooldown is 20 seconds.
  • It lasts for 3 seconds.

2. Zipline Gun – Pathfinder

Zipline Gun allows Pathfinder to set up a zip line anywhere on the map.

Why Zipline Gun is Awesome:

  • It allows you to cover distance quickly. Mobility is essential you know…
  • You can use it to run away from the ring. Who runs with legs anyway?
  • You can use it to position yourself favorably, or to just full send enemies. Why would you want to be boring and run away from a fight?

Zipline Gun details:

  • Ultimate ability.
  • The cooldown is 2 minutes.

1.Grappling Hook – Pathfinder

Grappling Hook allows Pathfinder to shoot a grappling hook into hard surfaces or into other characters.

Why Grappling Hook is Awesome:

  • Need to make a fast getaway? All you gotta do is grapple as far as you can at about 45° and zip! You’re gone!
  • It allows you to cover great distances REALLY fast, which helps a lot if the ring is closing and so on.
  • You can grapple enemies and bring them to you. Why run after your prey if it can come to you?
  • You can use it for rapid repositioning to get the better of your enemies.

Grappling Hook details:

  • Tactical ability.
  • The cooldown is 15 seconds.

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