Apex Legends Ranked Explained

Apex Legends Ranked Explained
Nothing feels as good as being the best!

Apex Legends Ranked Mode

Want to prove how much better you are than the rest? Ranked mode allows you to do just that! Check out how ranked mode works below!

How the ranking system works:

  • You play against players of similar skill level.
  • You start in Rank Bronze IV and work your way up the ladder.
  • Playing with higher-ranked friends means you compete at their level, not yours.
  • To rank up you need to earn ranked points (RP) which are determined by what place you came and the number of kills or assists you got.
  • The higher the place you achieve the more points you get and the more points you get per kill/assist.
Points Awarded
Place 11+ 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
RP 0 10 20 30 40 60 100

Kill/Assist Multiplier*

10 12 15 20 25

*A maximum of 5 kills/assists are awarded points.

  • As you rank up matches start costing RP. The higher the rank the more RP it costs per match.
RP Cost per Match
Rank Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Master/Predator
Cost per match (RP) 0 12 24 26 48 60
  • For Season 4 a new rank: Master tier, is being added.
  • Ranked comes in series. These do not always conform to seasons.
  • Series 3, starting 4 February 2018, will be divided into 2 splits.
  • At the start of each series/split, a soft ranked reset occurs. This means you are demoted by 2 tiers.
  • For example, a soft reset will demote an Apex Predator to Platinum.
  • Each tier is divided into 4 levels, with 4 being the lowest and 1 being the highest.
  • You get penalized for leaving during a match if you are still alive/revivable / respawnable.
  • If a teammate leaves or you are not in a complete squad you will not lose any points, regardless of rank or placement.
  • Once you have reached a new tier, you cannot fall back to your previous tier. You can fall within a tier, for example from Gold 1 to Gold 2, if you lose points.

The Ranks List:


Bronze is the lowest tier. It awards you for simply playing the game, as matches don’t cost any points. Currently, about 5.1% of players are in Bronze tier. No need to feel lonely!


Silver is a step up from Bronze but is still relatively easy. Currently, 40% of players are in Silver, making it the largest group.


Gold is definitely more challenging than Silver and currently has 35.7% of the players. Tap yourself on the shoulder. You’re the same rank as a Level 4 body shield!


Players who make it to Platinum will definitely feel the difference. The lower skill level players will find it extremely challenging, whereas more skilled players are still able to rank up relatively easily. This rank has 16.8% of the players. And, you have to be quite good to get here.


Diamond is the beginning of being elite. Only 2.1% of players are in Diamond. That’s not very many, is it?


The new Master Tier is taking the place of the series 2 Predator tier. Attaining Master tier means that you have almost reached the pinnacle of Apex Legends. You’re pretty much insane to have made it this far.


For ranked series 3, Apex Predators are the top 500 players globally. And, you can drop back down to Master tier if you do not keep earning points, as someone else will overtake and replace you. So, now’s the time to stop being so lazy… or is it the other way around?

How to rank up fast:

  • Make sure you have a reliable pre-made squad. DO NOT solo queue!
  • Use a legend you are used to AND are good at using. Don’t try new stuff in ranked. It won’t work, trust me!
  • Use weapons you have had the most success with.
  • Stick with your team.
  • Early game: Loot fast, group up and attack isolated players for early kills.
  • Mid-game: Third-party other fights and set up a good position for late game.
  • Late-game: Third-party at longer range. Do not push close-up for a third-party otherwise you’ll end up getting third-partied too.
  • Get as many kills and/or assists and earn a good place, preferably a win!

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