Apex Legends Season 6 Update: Ten Things We're Excited For

Apex Legends Season 6 Update
Excited for some heavy artillery?

Apex Legends Season 6 Update: Ten Things We're Excited For

Season 6 of Apex Legends is all about defense! The new legend Rampart comes with modded shields and some seriously heavy artillery, aka Sheila. Holding down locations with Rampart is a must in the updated World's Edge map.  

It's early in the season, and the Apex community has already delivered new team composition strategies that are leaving players giddy with new possibilities. This list reviews ten things that we are excited for this season, covering everything from the Crafting System to how insane energy weapons are at shredding through armor. 

10. Holo Sprays 

Mark Your Territory With Emotes

Although not the most useful addition to the season, Holo Sprays are a new way to emote. Players can use the Emote Wheel to drop legend specific calling cards. Sure, they aren't necessary or helpful, but who can resist a good taunt. After all, those enemies need to know your team is no joke.

9. Quests 

Learn Your Lore

Quests are here to stay, at least for another season. Now in full color with illustrative comics, quests provide players with their lore fix. Collect treasure packs daily to unlock rewards like gun skins, Apex packs, challenge points, and crafting metals. 

8. Crafting System 

Get Crafty With It

Unlike anything players have seen before, the Crafting System is one of the most controversial additions to Season 6. The Replicator (pictured above) holds eight different pieces of craftable loot. To craft, players need to collect materials that can be gathered by opening loot bins and material stations. The Replicator loot rotates on a weekly and daily basis.

The controversy stems from players complaining the Crafting System provides teams with an unearned advantage. Instead of collecting high tier loot from defeated enemies, players can camp areas and use the Replicator to upgrade armor and replenish supplies.

The Systems Designer of Apex Legends, Mark Yampolsky, explained the decision in a blog post, stating, "With Crafting, we want to give players the opportunity to build an inventory worthy of a late-game fight while encouraging more diverse playstyles beyond combat." No matter what stance you take on the Crafting System, it is a unique addition. 

7. Energy Weapons  

Rip And Shred With Energy Weapons

Energy weapons have become a hot commodity thanks to their ability to shred up close even without attachments. The Turbocharger is back and better than ever. Energy mags have also returned after being removed in Season 4. 

Volt SMG is the latest energy weapon (more below), perhaps designed to tempt players back into the energy world. There is no denying Season 6 has a definite focus on improving energy weapons and their pick rate, which seems to be successful… so far.  

6. Volt SMG 

Introducing The Apex Games' Newest Weapon 

Forget the R-99 (There will probably be tears) and embrace Volt, the first energy-based SMG to see regular use in the Apex Games. Already looking to be a new favorite, Volt is extraordinarily accurate with manageable recoil. With a fire rate comparable to the Prowler, this Titan Fall callback is stealing the hearts of aggressive players everywhere. 

5. Recon Class Changes

Technology-based Legends Received A Serious Update

Fans of Recon legends—Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and Crypto—will be thrilled by class improvements. For starters, all Recon legends can now use Survey Beacons to gain insider knowledge of the Ring's next location. Pathfinder mains may not be the biggest fans of this change, but the game's lovable robot is rewarded with a 10-second ultimate cooldown boost every time he uses a Survey Beacon. 

Bloodhound received a significant buff, gaining a longer duration of Beast of the Hunt after knocking down or killing enemies. With one of the lowest pick rates in the game, Crypto updates have made him a more tantalizing option. Crypto can now instantly activate Respawn and Survey Beacons from his drone, making him a significant asset to any team. 

4. New Map Locations

New Locations Means New Combate Scenarios 

Hammond Robotics continues to infiltrate World's Edge with new additions to the map to enhance their mysterious research. The two most significant changes include the introduction of Launch Site (west of The Dome) and Countdown (replaced Drill Site). 

Found in the new locations, Rising Blast Walls are another mechanic revolutionizing gameplay. Activating a control panel will raise walls allowing teams to create a defensible platform. Honing in on the season's defensive theme, Rising Blast Walls offer players the opportunity to utilize unique defense strategies unlike ever before. 

All map changes are detailed in a blog post by Jason McCord, Design Director of Apex Legends, on the game's official website for those interested in the fine-tunings:


3. Armor Meta 

Full-time Evo Armor 

Armor received big changes in Season 6. Basic Armor is a thing of the past, now replaced entirely with Evo Armor (except Gold). All players spawn with level 0 Evo Armor, which starts evolving in those inevitable early gunfights. Players can choose to stick with their starting Evo or upgrade to a higher-level Evo that can be found throughout the map or acquired from a defeated enemy. 

With Season 6 changes, players can upgrade Evo Armor through damage, luck of the find, or via the new crafting system. All Armor was decreased by 25 shields with a max health of 200 for Red Armor. According to the Patch Notes, the goal of reducing Armor shields is to bring down TTK (time to kill) to reward strategic positioning. 

2. Distance Battles

Snipe Your Way To Victory 

Armor changes have encouraged more distance plays. The ability to evolve Evo Armor through damage allows players to take shots from a distance instead of continuously rushing battles. Even without securing a knockdown or kill, players are always rewarded for engaging in combat. 

Distance battles have been made even easier with buffs to mid to far range weapons like the Hemlok, Charge Rifle, and Triple Take. The Triple Take is now automatically equipped with the Precision Choke hop up. 

1. Rampart

Quick-witted Modder

The pièce de résistance and what we've all been waiting for—the new legend. Rampart is an underground modder who used her tech expertise to create some pretty sweet upgrades. The star of the show is Sheila, Rampart's beloved minigun that hits hard and fast.

Passive: Modded Loader

Increased mag capacity and faster reloads when using the Minigun and LMGs. 

Tactical: Amped Cover

Deploy a crouch-cover wall that blocks incoming shots and amps outgoing shots. 

Ultimate: Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"

Place a mounted machine gun that any player can use. High ammo capacity but longer reload time. 

Rampart's abilities open a host of strategies to explore, like deploying her Amped Cover in front of doorways to hold down buildings. Using her in conjunction with other defensive legends like Gibraltar or Wattson takes defense up a notch. After all, nobody wants to mess with Sheila. 

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