[Top 5] Apex Legends - Best Beginner Legends

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So many legends, so much frustration

Feeling that Legend Overload?

If you’re new to Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, picking who to play as could be a lot of pressure. Each legend has their own unique set of three abilities: Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate, giving you so much to learn about each! Which legend is the best to play your first rounds of Apex? Let’s take a look!

Note: We’ll be looking at expert opinions and tips from Macro, who is an Apex Legends player and YouTuber. He has an Apex for Noobs series where he discusses each legend in full detail. The following article will only include legends that are unlocked in the base game. Sorry, Loba and Caustic, you’ll just have to sit this one out. 

5. Lifeline: 

Lookin' for a rhythm? Lifeline's got you beat.

Known as the ‘combat medic’ of the game, Lifeline has made it their mission to heal teammates just as much as she damages enemies. She is an excellent pick for anyone looking to maintain their squad’s health amid combat. 

All of Lifeline’s abilities are support-based, with a majority of them centralized around healing. Her passive allows her to revive downed teammates while her Tactical allowed her to heal them. Both abilities use Lifeline’s healing drone, D.O.C. And to be honest, the drone does all of the work. Macro says these abilities are fit for multitasking because you can revive and heal your teammates hands-free, allowing you to restore shields or loot at the same time. Lifeline’s Ultimate brings defensive loot right to her squad’s doorstep, which is always helpful!

Pick Lifeline if: 

  • You want to provide support to your team without forfeiting any firepower
  • You aren’t confident in your aim and want to help the carries of your team 
  • You like to heal your team but hate commitment (Hands-free all the way!) 
  • You like free loot delivered to your location with the press of a button!

4. Wraith

Try not to blink, you may miss her.

Apex Legend’s poster child is this interdimensional skirmisher, Wraith. Chances are if you haven’t played the game, you’ve at least seen her on promotional artwork, and with good reason. Wraith is a mainstay favorite among seasoned players, but don’t let that deter you because she’s also perfect for learning the game!

Do you like just pretending like any and all damage isn’t there and that it can’t hurt you? What about at least being warned fast enough that you can teleport away? Then Wraith is your girl!

Her passive ability is a voice that will warn her when there is danger near, almost like a spidey-sense but more straightforward. The voice will warn Wraith about snipers, people aiming at her, and nearby traps. Wraith’s tactical ability allows her to remove herself from a fight temporarily and avoid any damage for a brief amount of time. “It can save you when you have a sliver of health left.” Macro explained in his Wraith for Noobs video before going on to add that you can “safely void in the same spot to avoid grenades.” Wraith’s Ult allows her to create a portal from one point to wherever she runs, which can be useful for escaping in hairy situations. 

Pick Wraith if: 

  • You get overwhelmed in fights and need a second to think
  • You like ignoring any and all incoming damage 
  • You like getting a heads up if someone is trying to sneak up on you
  • You want the ability to get your team in and out of situations quickly 

3. Bloodhound 

Have you prepared for your end? Bloodhound has.

The technological tracker, Bloodhound, is the ‘scent’ tracker of the game. By this, I mean that they can stalk and locate enemies with uncomfortable ease. They are an excellent pick for anyone looking to provide clarity to their team in battle. 

Bloodhound’s abilities all lay around tracking or spotting enemies with ease. Their passive allows them to scan a survey beacon to find the ring’s following location. Their active reveals enemies and traps to the entire squad. The ultimate will enable them to transform into the ‘ultimate hunter.’ In ‘ultimate hunter’ mode, their senses enhance, and they can see enemies outlined in red. They can move faster than their usual pace. Macro reminded us in his Bloodhound video to be careful using these abilities as they're both noisy and not great for when their squad is trying to be sneaky. 

Pick Bloodhound if: 

  • You like knowing where the enemies you can hear running around are 
  • You like being able to see enemies through smoke 
  • You enjoy providing your team with assurance that buildings or areas are clear
  • You want to track down a team that was in the area recently to ambush them

2. Bangalore

You better find Bangalore before she finds you

Drop, Shock, and Rock the Outlands with this soldier legend! Bangalore is a very versatile legend, especially for beginners. Provide cover for your team, be it in smoke or missile form.

Bangalore’s abilities are very damage centralized. Starting with the passive, Bangalore is able to move faster when aimed at helping her get out of dangerous situations quickly. Her tactical allows her to pop a smoke grenade to cover her team from enemies, but she can also shoot it at an enemy team to damage them and block their vision for easy cleanup. According to Macro smoke, grenades are “best used defensively to heal in the smoke.” The Ultimate is excellent for forcing enemies out of an area. Bangalore’s ultimate also gives your team a distraction to get away as it provides a barrage of missiles that rain down from the sky. 

Pick Bangalore if: 

  • You want to provide visual cover for your team to heal or attack
  • You like being able to move faster when being shot at 
  • You like being able to do a small amount of damage from a longer distance 
  • You want to scare enemies and force them down from advantageous positions on the map 

1. Gibraltar 

You see Gibraltar, you're finished

One of the two genuine tanks in Apex, Gibraltar, is excellent for beginner play. This gentle giant can take bullets just as much as he can dish them out and has all sorts of defensive abilities to help himself and his team in the thick of battle. 

Gibraltar has two passives, one that reduces incoming damage and an arm shield that activates when he aims down the gun’s sights to give himself more damage reduction. His passive is a large dome shield that blocks most incoming and outgoing attacks and also allows faster revive times while inside. This tank’s ultimate ‘opens the sky’ to release a mortar strike on the area which can drive enemies out of hiding and give you the upper hand in a multiple squad fight. Macro warns that you will not get many kills with Gibraltar’s ultimate, but you will put enemies in a position for your team to kill them, like a true support. 

Pick Gibraltar if: 

  • You need or like damage reduction in a champion
  • You like the option to provide cover in any place easily 
  • You appreciate having the opportunity to bomb an area to provide cover or damage
  • You like being a proper tank for your team 


And there it is! The top 5 Apex Legends for beginners to use! There may be a champion you like in the later game as there are many other legends you can unlock. Not every playstyle is covered under these five legends, but they are good for first figuring out the game and getting practice. No matter who you pick or how you play, remember that the fight isn’t over until it’s over.

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