Apex Legends: Best Legends Revealed [Worst To Best]

Apex legends, Worst to Best
A fiery tipped Sheila would look good on you, Rampart

Want to see where your favorite legend ranked?

Each season of Apex Legends brings a new legend itching to shift the status quo. The game's pace has changed since its beginning, becoming more fast-paced and aggressive as each season rolls around. As you'll see, this list is heavily influenced by the legend pick rate of Masters and Predators (listen to the pros, right?). So, strap in, and let's get into who's the worst and best legends!


17. Fuse

Fuse strumming his guitar in front of a campfire. 

Walter "Fuse" Fitzroy is the newest offensive legend to join the Games. Unfortunately, his sarcastic wit and love for explosions aren't enough to move him off this first spot. 

Currently, Fuse has a pick rate of 2.4% out of all the legends and is the least picked by Masters/Preds. His low pick rate is because of his immobility (even the developers have said it). Combining that with a lackluster Motherlode, old Fuse-y is benched for most matches.

Fuse Pros:

  • His Knuckle Clusters significantly deter aggressive enemies and help unearth hiding rats. 
  • He teams well with Horizon and Caustic. (Timing all three legend ultimates together is deadly)
  • His passive 'Grenadier' lets him hold two grenades per inventory slot. Enemies tend not to factor in an onslaught of arcs, thermites, and frags into their strategies.
  • A gold helmeted Fuse is genuinely unreal. It's a near-constant barrage of Knuckle Clusters when equipped.

Fuse Cons:

  • Motherlode is effectively useless against all highly mobile legends (Wraith can phase out, Valkyrie can jetpack, Octane can jump pad, Pathfinder can grapple).
  • Getting Motherlode's aim exactly right is incredibly difficult. And, with a range of 200m, going wild with the aim is almost certain.
  • Fuse has no mobility perks so he will be left in the dust on any attack or retreat. 
  • Motherlode and Knuckle Clusters both inflict damage on Fuse himself.


16. Rampart

Rampart chuffed with herself after some stellar welding. 

Rampart, the ultimate lazy girl mechanic, arrived in Season 6. She is an epic defensive legend and a surprisingly great healer. Unfortunately, even with her minigun, Rampart doesn't rank well among the other legends. 

She has a pick rate of 1.5% and is the 16th most picked by Masters/Preds. Her low pick rate all stems from how immobile she is. She shines when she can set up a fortification with Sheila, but that's not how the game is being played right now. 

Rampart Pros:

  • She is an excellent secondary healer. Throw up an Amped cover and revive teammates out in the open.
  • Sheila… Sheila is a beaut. Three Sheilas can be placed down at any one time, and with a fire rate of 20 bullets per second, enemies are doomed when caught in the crosshairs. 
  • She is the Queen of L.M.G.s with her Modded Loader passive. Spitfires, L-Stars, and Devotions get 15% increased mag size with 25% decreased reload time. 
  • Teamed with Caustic and Wattson, Rampart rounds out the ultimate defense team combo. 

Rampart Cons:

  • Her mounted minigun pins her to one location opening her up to an onslaught of attacks and snipers.
  • Like Fuse, she has no mobility perks, so she can easily get left behind on pushes and rotations. 
  • Creating defense in the open is near impossible with her Amped Cover. Even with the initial deployment health of 45, quick-reacting enemies destroy them before they get a chance to open up fully.
  • Sheila only really shines behind an Amped Cover. Rampart is too exposed to enemies without it. Unfortunately, setting that up in the open is hard. 


15. Crypto

Debut poster of Crypto with his right-hand drone....on his left side.

Crypto is one of the Recon legends. He has brought his expertise in surveillance and hacking to the Games since Season 3. 

Currently, Crypto has a pick rate of 1.8% and is the 14th most picked by Masters/Preds. His low pick rate comes down to, yet again, a lack of mobility. And Crypto's dependence on his drone for all his abilities. 

Crypto Pros:

  • Crypto does best in a premade team (when communication is on point). Coordinate an E.M.P. attack with his team pushing behind to finish them off. 
  • Teams well with Bloodhound and a high mobility legend for the ultimate attack. 
  • The drone's ability to read banners alerts his team if enemies are nearby. 
  • His drone can quickly scan beacons, pick up banners, and instantly bring them back at a Respawn beacon.

Crypto Cons:

  • Effectively useless with a silent team. When he's in his drone, Crypto is blind to team movements and rotations.
  • All his abilities are dependent on his drone. The drone has a cooldown of 40s when destroyed, but that's plenty of time for an enemy squad to get the jump. 
  • An inexperienced Crypto player sits in his drone for too long, screwing the team over more often than not. 
  • The speed at which the E.M.P. activates takes too long. Rarely an E.M.P. has time to emit when a full team has their guns pointed at the drone. 


14. Mirage

Mirage pointing at the screen, happy but disappointed with how easy it was to knock you.

Mirage is the master bamboozler of the Games. Deceiving enemies left, right, and center with his holographic decoys makes Mirage a great pick. 

Unfortunately, with lots of choices comes low pick rates. Mirage is picked 3.2% of the time and is the 15th most picked by Masters/Preds. However, he has seen some steady buffs over recent seasons to round him out into a more balanced legend so that this rate could change. 

Mirage Pros:

  • He cloaks himself when reviving and respawning teammates.
  • The decoys are great to use as traps. Send out one behind to cover the team's backs.
  • His ultimate 'Life of the Party' deploys five decoys that mirror the leading man himself, giving him cover for escape or quick healing.
  • The holographic decoys show Mirage and his team how close an enemy is when they are shot at, allowing for quick rotations. 

Mirage Cons:

  • Experienced players can tell which Mirage is real using Life of the Party.
  • Decoys can blind teammates when fighting close-quarters.
  • Decoy's footsteps can trick him and his team into thinking they're not alone. 
  • Using his tactical is pointless up close. Enemies know which one he is. 


13. Caustic

Caustic relishes his Nox gas as a man chokes to death in the foreground.

Caustic is the ultimate corrosive defensive expert. With his specially crafted Nox gas, Caustic is a plague to the Games.

Caustic's pick rate is at 2.7%, with Masters/Preds picking him 13th out of the legends. Caustic's gas doesn't deter enemies enough, hence the low pick rate. Additionally, his temporary buff in Season 8 was desperately needed but was quickly nerfed, resulting in his low pick stats.

Caustic Pros:

  • Completes the ultimate defense team with Wattson and Rampart.
  • His gas damages and slows all non-Caustic enemy legends (5 constant tick damage when exposed). 
  • Setting off traps gives enemy teams' positioning away. 
  • He is part of the fortified class of legends, so he takes 15% less damage. 

Caustic Cons:

  • Nox gas isn't intimidating to a strong enemy team. Gas damage does nothing to stop an aggressive team.
  • His gas distorts his teammates' vision.
  • Caustic is made for fortification and defense, which doesn't suit the current pace of the game. 
  • He has no mobility perks, so easily left behind.


12. Wattson

'Shush now, no more storms.'

Arguably the most adorable legend to grace the Games, Wattson is an electrical genius. She's a defensive legend with her electrified fences and Interception Pylon ('negating all incoming artillery.')

With a pick rate of 1.8% and chosen 12th by Masters/Preds, she's struggling to keep up with the pace of the game. 

Wattson Pros:

  • Her Interception Pylon ultimate negates incoming grenades and ordnance strikes while simultaneously recharging nearby players' shields. 
  • Her electrified fences are an annoying obstacle to avoid, dealing 15 damage and 1-2s of slow to enemies passing through.
  • Her recent buff of slow shield regen (1 shield hp every 2s) is enough to change the tide in a fight. 
  • Teams perfectly with other defensive legends to create an impenetrable fortress.

Wattson Cons:

  • Interception Pylon also counteracts outgoing grenades and Ultimate attacks if within Pylon radius.
  • As a defensive legend, she's not built for speed, so she has no mobility perks. 
  • The Perimeter Security fences are easily destroyed if placed incorrectly. 
  • Even with a health of 150, rival squads can quickly shoot out a poorly placed Interception Pylon. 


11. Loba

Something shiny catches Loba's eye, distracting her from inspecting her perfectly manicured nails. 

Loba is a specialist thief with expensive taste. She's a support legend with her portable Black Market providing nearby loot to her team.

Even though she has high mobility with her bracelet, Loba is only 11th most picked by Masters/Preds and has an overall pick rate of 4.6%. However, this rate will most likely improve with fixes to her bracelet and general Quality of Life improvements. 

Loba Pros:

  • Can easily reposition or escape gunfire with her Burglar's Best Friend jump-drive bracelet.
  • She starts every game with her Ultimate 'Black Market Boutique' 50% charged. So, with a cooldown of just two minutes, looting is easy as pie.
  • The Black Market can be the key to a win or loss in endgame plays. Pop up her market to retrieve backup armor and heals to outlast enemies. 
  • Her jump drive bracelet allows her to keep pace with aggressive plays. 

Loba Cons:

  • The bracelet shows her landing spot, giving enemies time to train on it for the takedown. 
  • Her Black Market rings loudly, alerting nearby enemies to her location. 
  • She has no close-quarter abilities that can tip the scales in her favor. 
  • Black Market Boutique only grants two items to be taken per market.


10. Gibraltar

Gibraltar belly laughs after knocking foolishly aggressive enemies.

Gibraltar is a defensive legend that also moonlights as a combat healer. His abilities are based on protection and open space defense, with his Dome of Protection and mortar strike ultimate. 

However, with a pick rate of 3% and the 10th pick by Masters/Preds, Gibby isn't as formidable as he could be. 

Gibraltar Pros:

  • Teaming Gibby with Bloodhound and Wraith is the king of combos. It's the most popular combo in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS).  
  • His gun shield is slightly O.P. Although it only takes 50 damage to break, it'll absorb all additional damage before breaking.
  • He is a fortified legend, taking 15% less damage. 
  • Inside his Dome of Protection, Gibby revives allies 33% faster than other legends. 

Gibraltar Cons:

  • Lack of mobility.
  • His ultimate is ineffective in urban areas like Skyhook and Skulltown.
  • Eagle eye players can spot the Defensive Bombardment mortar strike raining down in the distance. 
  • The gun shield is another attraction to enemies. It is visible at a distance giving away his position and opening him up to attack.


9. Horizon  

With her pen ready, Horizon's busy thinking of new scientific breakthroughs.

Horizon is the offensive gravitational scientist of the group. Arriving in Season 7, she has helped reinforce the fast-paced change in Apex with her gravitational leap tactical.

Horizon has a pick rate of 4.3% and is picked 9th most often by Masters/Pred. Her high mobility perks secure her this 9th spot. 

Horizon Pros:

  • Combining her ultimate with Caustic's and Fuse's abilities, Horizon's Black Hole becomes chaos with raining gas and grenades.
  • Her Gravity Leap enables her and her team to gain height (up to 30m) on enemies and avoid ordnance strikes. 
  • Her Spacewalk passive reduces fall impact, letting her get the crucial head start to loot over nearby enemies.
  • Gravity Leap momentarily lets her hover at the top, making a perfect spot for a quick scout. 

Horizon Cons:

  • Black Hole isn't powerful. Players can easily escape it, and legends like Wraith can phase out of it. 
  • Communication must be on point when working with her tactical for seamless rotations. Gravity Leap only lasts for 10s, so her team needs to be hot on her heels. 
  • With health of 200, Black Hole can be quickly shot out by enemies.
  • Black Hole pulls in all players to its center, including teammates. This is disorienting and blocks a quick escape for her team. 


8. Bangalore

Bangalore stares down at the camera, ready for a fight.

Bangalore is one of the O.G. defensive legends. However, with her abilities, Bangalore is a hard legend for Respawn developers to balance out. 

Currently, she is the 8th most picked legend by Masters/Preds and has an overall pick rate of 5.8%. One of the reasons she isn't picked more is the weakness of her ultimate.

Bangalore Pros:

  • Her smoke canisters provide excellent cover for retreating teammates and for reviving. 
  • A Bangalore with a Digi-threat is O.P. Smoke out an enemy and laser them through her Digi. 
  • Her ultimate is an excellent deterrent to advancing enemies, allowing repositioning or team healing. 
  • Bangalore's passive 'Double Time' is one of the most reliable, giving her a 30% temporary speed while under fire. 

Bangalore Cons:

  • Improvements to her smoke density mean not only are her enemies blinded but so are her teammates. 
  • Rolling Thunder takes too long to deploy and explode.
  • Rolling Thunder doesn't hit hard enough, dealing 40 damage if an opponent manages to get caught in it (which is rare). 
  • Rolling Thunder slows everyone caught in the barrage, preventing her team from advancing through for the attack. 


7. Valkyrie

Valkyrie points to a far-off distance. 

Valkyrie is the newest legend to join the Outlands Games. Valkyrie is one of the most balanced legends in Apex (even the developers were worried she was coming in too, O.P.). She is a recon legend with great offensive tactical and a hyper-mobility ultimate. 

Currently, she has a pick rate of 7.55% and is the 6th most picked by Masters/Preds. It's easy to see why she's placed so high, even as the newest addition. 

Valkyrie Pros:

  • She's able to scan survey beacons.
  • Can get herself and her team out of a tight spot with Skyward Dive (redeploys to a height of 180m).
  • Her passive VTOL Jets means she can evade ambush and move to hard-to-reach places. 
  • Her offensive tactical deals 25 damage on the first contact and 3 damage per subsequent contact. It also slows enemies helping her team laser squads. 

Valkyrie Cons:

  • Valkyrie needs ample space for Missile Swarm, so it will not be helpful indoors. 
  • Communication is critical when using her ultimate. Without an agreed-upon landing site, teammates are reluctant to join Skyward Dive. 
  • Skyward Dive needs two seconds to activate. Two seconds can be the difference between life and death in Apex.
  • Missile Swarm is tricky to master, requiring Valkyrie to release the missiles before moving her arm away. 


6. Bloodhound

Bloodhound crouches, ready for the hunt, in front of their trials. 

Bloodhound is an O.G. recon legend of the group. They have been tweaked and buffed in recent seasons to round them out into an agile ally and relentless rival. (Outrunning a ulted Bloodhound is impossible)

Bloodhound has a pick rate of 9.6% and is the 7th most picked by Master/Preds. They are a firm asset in any team combination with their scouting abilities and increased mobility in their ultimate. 

Bloodhound Pros:

  • Their passive allows Bloodhound and their team to track enemy activity for up to 90s afterward, enabling pushes and rotations.
  • Beast of the Hunt lets Bloodhound see through threat vision, quickly highlighting enemies for themselves and their team (via increased scans). 
  • They receive a 30% speed boost during Beast of the Hunt, making pushes with high mobile legends even more devastating. 
  • Their Eye of the Allfather tactical scans for traps and enemies, protecting their team from potential ambush. 

Bloodhound Cons:

  • Only the speed boost is their ultimate, so timing is essential when pushing enemies. 
  • Eye of the Allfather only scans in front of them, meaning if an enemy isn't where they thought they were, they won't get detected. 
  • Tracker only notifies their team with activity and not the time passed since. Therefore, communication is essential to relay this critical information for optimal gameplay. 
  • Inexperienced Bloodhounds can get caught up in tracking enemies and quickly lose the backup of their team. 


5. Revenant

Revenant glances back with cold, uncaring eyes. 

Revenant is described as a synthetic nightmare, and his offensive abilities encourage this thinking. However, with his major buff of unlimited climb in Season 9, he is seeing a 40% increase in being chosen. 

His current pick rate stands at 6.8%, and he's 5th most picked by Masters/Preds. These figures will likely increase while this buff remains in place.

Revenant Pros:

  • Pairing Rev with Octane (becoming known as Revtane) is the deadliest aggressive team combo.
  • His unlimited climb makes him a master at rotation, scaling buildings to ambush teams. 
  • His tactical 'Silence' can be a death sentence on legends reliant on mobility. 
  • Death Totem encourages aggressive play with the added level of security of Death Protection. 

Revenant Cons:

  • Again, a lack of communication and coordination goes against Revenant. He can easily reposition and find himself in a firefight without backup.
  • With armor being deactivated while using Death Totem, unorganized attacks do little to handicap enemies. 
  • His Silence can blind and inadvertently cover enemies from his squad's line of sight. 
  • Activating Death Totem close to enemies alerts them of the impending push. 


4. Lifeline

Laughing as she aims down the sights of an Alternator.

Lifeline is the primary healer of the Games. She is the ultimate support legend with her healing D.O.C. and customized Care Packages.

Lifeline has a solid pick rate of 7.8% and is picked 4th most often by Masters/Preds. Her healing abilities come in clutch, winning any battle.

Lifeline Pros:

  • Her D.O.C. can now revive two downed teammates at once, leaving her hands free to defend. 
  • Her Care Package has been buffed to cater more accurately to her and her team's needs. 
  • D.O.C. heals faster now (increased from 5hp per second to 8hp per second).
  • Even though the low profile has been removed, Lifeline is still small and nimble to outmaneuver enemies. 

Lifeline Cons:

  • An inexperienced Lifeline on a team is a recipe for disaster, rarely deploying D.O.C. and being too fearful of going for the revive. 
  • Her Care Package is a beacon to her team's location by eagle-eyed enemies. 
  • Being the primary healer of the team makes her the first target of enemy fire.
  • Lifeline needs to be in the fray for her abilities to shine. But unfortunately, her lack of mobility ruins that. 


3. Pathfinder 

'I'm coming for you, friend.'

Pathfinder lives up to his name, scanning survey beacons and ziplining players to undiscovered paths. His recon abilities and high mobility secure his 3rd spot on this list. 

Pathfinder is picked at a rate of 8.5% and 3rd most picked by Masters/Preds. His ability to scan for future rings and to reposition with his grapple and zipline makes it easy to see why.

Pathfinder Pros:

  • His ability to scan survey beacons (and instantly recharge his zip in doing so) gives his squad the advantage to secure positioning and height. 
  • His zipline is free to use by players, and he can have up to four zips in place per game, leaving hard-to-reach areas open to his team. 
  • His Grapple Gun tactical lets him easily evade getting pinched and able to reposition.
  • Teams well with defensive legends to set up fortification in the next ring.

Pathfinder Cons:

  • Gauging the distance of his zip (100m range) can be difficult, especially in a firefight.
  • When using the survey beacon, nearby enemies can hear it being used. Being locked in the animation leaves Path ripe for the picking. 
  • His tactical cooldown ranges from 10s to 30, depending on how far he travels off the ground. An ill-placed grapple does him more harm than good. 
  • A nonresponsive Path leads to crappy zipline placements, often tipping the scales in the enemies' favor. 


2. Octane

Octane celebrates while explosions erupt behind him. 

Octane is the speedster of the legends. His addition to the Games was the first step towards a more aggressive playstyle. His speed boost and jump pad allows for great rotations and pushes. 

With a pick rate of 16.5% and 2nd most picked legend by Masters and Preds, Octane has worked his way through the ranks to earn his spot. 

Octane Pros:

  • His Stim-induced speed boost of 30% makes Octane a slippery eel to try and knock. 
  • His recently buffed Jump Pad ultimate has massively improved its usefulness in repositioning and gaining height. 
  • His near-unlimited Stim makes him great for pushing and retreating with teammate banners.
  • Joined with Revenant, and any offensive/high mobile legend makes his team unstoppable. 

Octane Cons:

  • To offset the increase of Stim usage (every second now), it now costs him 20hp per Stim. Abusing it leaves him vulnerable to being easily knocked. 
  • An inexperienced Octane can get caught up in his Stim and push ahead of his team, leaving him open to being ambushed. 
  • A solo Octane pushing doesn't strike the same fear as a team pushing. Lack of communication does him and his team no favors. 
  • A misplaced Jump Pad can screw his squad over, especially if there's a resident sniper A.D.S. 


1. Wraith

'I think someone may be watching me.'

Wraith is a master evader. Tuning into the Void, she can easily outmaneuver traps and enemies. 

Wraith is the most picked legend by Masters/Preds and has an overall pick rate of 12.2%. She is also part of the most popular (40.4%) team combo with Bloodhound and Gibraltar. 

Wraith Pros: 

  • Her passive' Voices of the Void' warn her and her allies of enemy traps and if being aimed at.  
  • Her tactical allows her to phase out of the way of most legend attacks, like gas traps.
  • Her portal helps her squad rotate out of a tight spot and can provide a separate location to revive a downed teammate. 
  • Another former low-profile character, so she's nimble and can be hard to beat one-on-one. 

Wraith Cons:

  • Using Into the Void takes 1.25s to activate, which is enough time to get knocked or silenced. 
  • Her Voices of the Void doesn't always work in time before setting off a trap or being shot at. 
  • No more Naruto run…
  • When in the Void, Wraith is easily trapped indoors, unable to open or phase through doors.


With each new season comes a brand spanking new legend, so these rankings never stay still for long! 

 (All stats are valid as of July 2nd, 2021)


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