[Guide] Apex Legends How To Get Legends Tokens Fast

Apex Legends How To Get Legends Tokens Fast
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The only way to get Legend Tokens is to level up and to do that you need to gain XP. Listed below are different ways to gain XP which will help you to gain XP as fast as possible!

1.  Get kills

You get XP for every kill you get in each match, and obviously, the more kills you get the more XP you get! Of course, you have to not suck at the game to get XP this way!

How much XP can you make with this method:

  • You get 50 XP per kill.

How To Get As Many Kills As Possible:

  • Land near another squad, but not with them.
  • Loot up as fast as possible and get stuck in. DO NOT waste time! The quicker you get to them the less prepared they will be.
  • Playing with a premade squad can help. Your buddies can get the enemies low and you can just finish them off with the final bullet. (That is if your buddies are cool with letting you steal all the kills!)

2.  Get good placement

The higher you place in a match the more XP you get for your placement. But I mean, the whole point is to try win, so this one will basically happen automatically, right? Or are you the Yolo solo suicide charge kinda guy? I mean, if it works…

How much XP can you make with this method:

  • A win gives you 900 XP.
  • A top 5 gives you 300 XP.
  • Below the top 5 isn’t really worth it!

How to Get Good Placement: 

  • Play to win. Don’t just rush about looking for action. Pick your fights carefully.
  • Use a balanced legend composition, keeping defense, mobility, and offense/support abilities in mind. A good example would be Wraith, Lifeline, and Wattson.

3.  Revive downed teammates

You get XP for every downed player you revive. Makes sense right? Who would wanna save the lives of their buddies if they didn’t get anything for it? Unless of course, you have any sense of honor. Then saving your buddies is the obvious thing to do!

How much XP can you make with this method:

  • You get 25 XP per revive.

How To Get As Many Revives As Possible:

  • Play Lifeline. Her DOC drone now revives teammates by itself, you just have to activate the revive. This is really useful in sticky situations.
  • Playing with randos often yields plenty of opportunities for revives. (Unless you’re the guy who’s always getting himself downed!)
  • You could play with a premade and farm revives. But, uh, you’ll need some volunteers who are willing to blow themselves up with grenades a couple of times… Octane might be a good place to start asking…

4.  Respawn eliminated teammates

Respawning eliminated teammates at respawn beacons is another way you get XP. I mean, it’s a win-win. You bring your buddy back from the dead and you get a reward for it!

How much XP can you make with this method:

  • You get 200 XP per respawn.

How To Get As Many Revives As Possible:

  • A premade would be great for this one. Your buddies could suicide jump off the edge of the map and you could pick em up and stick the rez at a respawn beacon.
  •  Just remember, a rez brings enemies like bees to honey. Time to start running…
  • The other option is to ask your rando teammates to PLEASE not leave the match the moment they go down. Then you might at least be able to respawn them, even though they’re utterly useless!

5. Get high damage

The more damage you do the more XP you get. Make sense?

How much XP can you make with this method:

  • You get 0.25 XP per damage point. Times that by 1000 and BOOM! You’ve got 250 XP!

How To Get High Damage:

  • Farm damage with sniper rifles at range. Just poke, don’t kill yet!
  • Thirst downed players. Yup, the damage you do to downed players actually counts!
  • Use fast guns. The faster you spray lead the faster the damage ticks up. Understand?
  • If you come up against a clearly weaker squad, farm them for damage. In other words, bring their HP down, let them heal, and do it again. Then you can finish them off after a bit!

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