[Top 3] Apex Legends Best Aggressive Legends

Apex Legends Best Aggressive Legends
Aggressive playstyles lead to graveyard piles!

So you have an aggressive playstyle...

No one can deny that there are many different playstyles in Respawn’s Apex Legends, but one playstyle that should be universal among players is getting aggressive when the time comes. You can’t have a battle royale without a bit of offense, after all! 

While all legends are suitable for this in some fashion, there are a few that stand above and beyond when it comes to aggressive play. So, which legends and why are they so good at offensive play? Let’s hop into it.

3. Revenant

"They made me a killing machine. Who am I to argue with programming?"

Revenant was built to kill, as he and his lore often try to remind us in-game. Every ability that this mercenary has is made to engage and push without fear of severe retaliation from enemy squads. This can give confidence to your squadmates and to yourself.

 Revenant’s passive ability is well-equipped to take high ground quickly and more efficiently than other legends, allowing them the edge in fights. It also allows him to move at a walking speed while crouched, giving him an advantageous position in third parties as he won’t be able to be heard sneaking up while crouched. 

 His tactical ability silences enemy legends’ abilities for 10 seconds, giving Revenant’s team time to attack. The enemy won’t be able to defend themselves or rely on their usual abilities while Revenant’s squad actively attacked them.

His ultimate is especially good for aggressive pushes as it creates a Death Totem, which essentially gives his squad a second life during combat. Youtuber JOSHDDMNGZ has said that Revenant is an aggressive type of player as you’re trying to push through and get the kill with him because the totem gives you that second life. 

Pick Revenant if: 

  • You have difficulty with the enemy’s abilities during fights
  • You want an ‘extra life’ bonus that is Revenant’s ultimate
  • You like the increased crouch speed for good ambushes and third partying

2. Bloodhound

"The place between life and death is where I feel most alive."

The hunter of the Outlands, Bloodhound, can locate enemies with terrifying precision. This ability is good for placing confidence into their teammates before fights which is terrific for team morale.

Bloodhound’s entire kit may not seem that aggressive at first glance, but once you dig below surface level, you’ll find that Bloodhound is good for offensive combat. 

Their passive shows them clues to locate enemies, helping them track down injured or unsuspecting teams for their squad. Their tactical ability will scan an area and highlight any enemies in that area, which your whole team can see. This knowledge may give your team a sense of confidence they wouldn’t have otherwise while entering a fight. 

Their ultimate allows them to enter a state where they can see enemy markings more clearly, and all enemies are highlighted in red for them, which is perfect for pushing fights with an advantage. 

Youtuber Its Scott had this to say about playing Bloodhound aggressively, “While Bloodhound is technically a Recon legend, they do work best when playing aggressively. All of their abilities work in combination to help track down and close the gap on enemy teams.”

Pick Bloodhound if:

  • You want to locate enemies as you push in on them
  • You want to see enemies more clearly while sniping or shooting at them
  • You want to track enemies from location to location to fight

1. Octane

"What are you waiting for? Let's do this!"

Octane is the fastest legend in the game, and he’ll make sure you never forget it. This legend is all about mobility speed. He is a great legend to reposition yourself, whether using his tactical to make yourself run quicker or his ultimate, which gives you a jump pad to make it easier to cover ground for your whole squad. 

His passive allows Octane to heal over time while not in combat. While the healing is slow, it is still a free healing ability. This means that you can pop a shield cell or two and heal simultaneously, giving you a slight advantage over other legends in the game. 

Octane’s tactical, Stim, allows him to run faster while taking a bit of health away. This ability is excellent for both offensive and defensive play. After receiving a slight buff, Octane’s ultimate is a beautiful tool for aggressive play as it allows Octane’s squad to take the high ground in a fight or push into a firefight at a faster rate. 

Youtuber thethak has said that Octane is helpful in many offensive situations. Thethak has noted that using the Jump pad or Stim abilities to flank enemies, using Stim ability to chase down enemies, and using the Jump pad to reach third parties or clean-up fights in time is good to use Octane’s movement abilities.

Pick Octane if:

  • You want to push in on injured enemy teams quickly 
  • You want to reposition yourself for ganks or back lining 
  • You want to heal without medkit assistance between or even in the middle of fights

Aggressive play in Apex Legends is almost always a must at one point or another. These legends are able to be used to give you an edge in offensive fights by being more offensive in one way or another. So, the next time you’re itching to drop into Apex and play aggressively, you might consider these legends and their kits! 

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