(Top 10) Apex Legends Best Bangalore Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Apex Legends Best Bangalore Skin
Do you want to mess with Bangalore? Your funeral...

The Only Way to Look Good

Is Bangalore your main? Do you want folks to turn green with jealousy when they see you? Check out these wicked Bangalore skins which are guaranteed to twist necks in your direction!

10. Fiber Optics (Okay)

Fiber Optics is a combination of cold blue and black fabric. Luminous blue squiggles sizzle their way across the surface.

What makes Fiber Optics awesome:

  • Blue is a cold color and matches Bangalore's cold, calculating personality.
  • You have luminous blue fibers running their way across the surface and distorting your shape in the dark.
  • It's a really cool skin for really cheap.

How to get Fiber Optics:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Bangalore. Select Skins and the select Fiber Optics under the Epic section. Craft it for 400 crafting metals.

9. Daemon Hunter (Okay)

The black and maroon fabric of Daemon Hunter is lit up by shining red triangles fading on and off across the surface.

What makes Daemon Hunter awesome:

  • Luminous red and black is a badass color combo. There's a reason why that's Dr Disrespect's color theme.
  • Red is an aggressive color so come and get it.
  • Maroon is the same color as oxygen-rich blood. I hope you don't know that unless you learned it in biology of course!

How to get Daemon Hunter:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Bangalore. Select Skins and the select Daemon Hunter under the Epic section. Craft it for 400 crafting metals.

8. Spacewalker (Okay)

Orange sleeves, gloves, and a belt are the only bright color on this skin, which is mostly white. There is a little bit of silver polka dottiness around the lower legs too. Blue glasses that look like AR glasses cover Bangalore's eyes.

What makes Spacewalker awesome:

  • The blue 'AR' glasses give the skin a high tech feel. (This one's for you nerds)
  • Orange is a very happy color, so if you want to add a bit of happiness to a serious character, go for it.
  • White is highly visible, so if you like attracting enemies like flies I would definitely recommend Spacewalker.

How to get Spacewalker:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Bangalore. Select Skins and the select Spacewalker under the Legendary section. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

7. The Enforcer (Good)

Tactical black pads cover the knees, elbows, and shins. The boots, gloves, and vest are black too. The rest of the fabric is navy blue with a silver streak running diagonally across the lower part of the tunic. The eyes are covered with black sunglasses.

What makes The Enforcer awesome:

  • This skin turns Bangalore into a cop. If you like enforcing your law on a lobby you should try this skin. Maybe some of your subjects will submit willingly!
  • Being a cop fits Bangalore's personality like a glove. No nonsense.
  • This skin pays tribute to the law enforcement officers who keep law and order in our world.

How to get The Enforcer:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Bangalore. Select Skins and the select The Enforcer under the Legendary section. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See The Enforcer in action: 

The Enforcer gameplay.

6. Cherry Bomb (Good)

Cherry Bomb features a black and purple vest and attachments, as well as similarly colored knee and shin pads. These stand out against white fabric fading to soda-green from top to bottom. There is a spattering of pink hearts on the lower body and pads. Purple sunglasses complete the look.

What makes Cherry Bomb awesome:

  • The purple color creates a cherry-flavored Bangalore. And who knows, perhaps your pals love cherries!
  • The fading soda green causes the focus to be on your face, where the collar is white and stands out sharply. Make your opponents look into your soul as they beg for mercy and find none!
  • Seeing yourself finishing an enemy while you're wearing this skin will be the cherry on the cake of owning it.

How to get Cherry Bomb:

Buying Cherry Bomb requires that you already own The Enforcer. Once you own The Enforcer go to Store and buy Cherry Bomb for 10 500 legend tokens.

See Cherry Bomb in action:

Cherry Bomb gameplay.

5. Apex Overdrive (Awesome)

Apex Overdrive is bright red on the shoulders and upper body, while it has white with red lining on the lower body and outer sides of the legs. The inner sides of the legs are black.

What makes Apex Overdrive awesome:

  • The transparent face mask gives your Bangalore an outer space vibe.
  • The bright red on the shoulders and chest contrasts sharply with the white and will immediately cause heads to swivel in your direction.
  • Do you like doing things in style? The white gloves are a perfect fit for your personality!

How to get Apex Overdrive:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Bangalore. Select Skins and the select Apex Overdrive under the Legendary section. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Apex Overdrive in action: 

Apex Overdrive gameplay.

4. Officer Williams (Awesome)

Officer Williams sports fabric fading from white at the bottom with white boots, to dark grey at the top of Bangalore's shoulders. The arm, leg and knee protection is all shiny silver (and the gloves too). Silver attachments and tactical vest adorn the upper body. Silver rimmed dark glasses shield your eyes.

What makes Officer Williams awesome:

  • The shiny metal-work brags of high class and prestige. Don't tell me you don't like that.
  • The skin suits the role of an officer. The skin alone will already impress your squaddies. Think about it, the more you impress them the more they'll listen to you!
  • The silver-rimmed dark glasses give Bangalore a cold, emotionless face. The less emotion, the deadlier the killer.

How to get Officer Williams:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Bangalore. Select Skins and the select Officer Williams under the Legendary section. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Officer Williams in action:

Officer Williams gameplay.

3. Full Metal Jacket (Legendary)

A powerful combination of black and gold is created by golden shoulder pads and boots together with the black fabric of this skin. The blue goggles add a techy flavor to the atmosphere.

What makes Full Metal Jacket awesome:

  • A full metal jacket is a lead bullet surrounded by brass. It has insane penetrating power. Bangalore of course, is very fond of slinging lead.
  • Golden shoulder pads and boots with black fabric is a wicked combination of color. Kinda powerful, like temptation.
  • Oil is called black gold because of its value. If you value yourself highly, this color combo could be just the one for you.

How to get Full Metal Jacket:

To buy Full Metal Jacket you need to already own The Spacewalker. Once you own The Spacewalker go to Store and buy Full Metal Jacket for 10 500 legend tokens.

See Full Metal Jacket in action:

Full Metal Jacket gameplay.

2. Killer B (Legendary)

Yellow stripes run down the navy-blue fabric of the arms and legs, front and center. A yellow framed face mask protects the face, while a symmetrical yellow pattern adorns the chest and abdomen.

What makes Killer B awesome:

  • The yellow stripes on navy is similar to the colors worn by Yankee officers during the American Civil War.
  • The navy balances out the eye-catching yellow and the symmetrical arrangement of the yellow lines is a breath of fresh air.
  • The color combination commands authority and I'm sure you love that!

How to get Killer B:

To buy Killer B you need to already own Apex Overdrive. Once you own Apex Overdrive go to Store and buy Killer B for 10 500 legend tokens.

See Killer B in action:

Killer B gameplay.

1. Outland Warrior (Legendary)

Red tights and silver sandals cover the legs and feet. White skull pads protect the knees. Woven gold, black and bronze fabric forms the vertical middle strip of the tunic, while the rest is ivory white. Brown fur covers the shoulders. The breastplate is of gold, gold adorns the hand and golden rings surround the neck.

What makes Outland Warrior awesome:

  • The woven gold, bronze, and black is totally badass.
  • The fur, binoculars and tooth necklace commemorate Africa, the continent of Bangalore's ancestors.
  • The skull's for knee pads clearly associate you with death. Watch your enemies' knees knock each other apart when you smash yours into their face.

How to get Outland Warrior:

There is only 1 way to have gotten this skin. You had to buy it for 1800 Apex coins during the Legendary Hunt event. Sorry if you missed it.

See Outland Warrior in action: 

Outland Warrior gameplay.

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