[Top 15] Most Expensive Skins in Apex Legends!

Most Expensive Apex Legends skins
The legends looking stylish before entering a battle to the death.

15. Bangalore’s Outland Warrior


Bangalore’s Outland Warrior skin is a legendary skin released during the Wild Hunt event. It features a white tunic, fur shoulders, and geometric patterned pants. Gold accented jewelry and face paint make this one of Bangalore’s most iconic looks and tie into the hunting theme it was introduced with.

What makes Outland Warrior great:

  • Has a recolor called the Crimson Queen!
  • Looks incredible with the Tamed Beast Triple Take skin!
  • Muted colors can help to blend in on specific maps!

Price: 1800 coins.

See Outland Warrior in action here.


14. Valkyrie’s Birthright

The skin was part of Valkyrie’s 2021 Launch Bundle when the character was released. It features a gray bodysuit with red and yellow armor plates. This was one of the original legendary skins available for this character.

What makes Valkyrie’s Birthright awesome:

  • Looks fantastic with the Exposed Wiring R-301 skin!
  • Very different from the character’s default look!
  • Yellow sigils on the chest and helmet add unique detail!

Price: 3000 coins for the bundle.

See Valkyrie’s Birthright in action here.


13. Loba’s Off the Record

Off the Record is a legendary skin available for Loba. It features a red and black color scheme with silver accents. The main change in this skin is in the style of Loba’s hair and makeup, giving her a Matrix-inspired makeover.

What makes Off the Record awesome:

  • One of the original legendary skins for the character!
  • Darker tones can help when sneaking through dark areas!
  • Looks awesome with the Dismantler Wingman skin!

Price: Starter bundle for 3950 coins or 1200 crafting material.

See Loba’s Off the Record in action here.


12. Wattson’s Cyberpunked

This Season Four Battlepass Exclusive skin brings a fun steampunk look to everyone's favorite defensive legend. The bright pink is unusual compared to the standard blues and whites in her skins. This skin brings a funky look to the arena, though the pink makes Wattson much easier to spot!

What makes Cyberpunked awesome:

  • A very bright recolor compared to most of the other Wattson skins!
  • Looks awesome with the Cold Justice skin for the G7 Scout!
  • Only available in the battle pass and has to be earned, so very exclusive!

Price: Available as level 50 of Season 4’s battle pass.

See Wattson’s Cyberpunked in action here.


11. Horizon’s Dark Matter

Dark Matter is one of the original legendary skins available for Horizon. The name references her scientific field of study and presents a “darker” version of the original Horizon with blood-red accents and white eyes. 

What makes Dark Matter awesome: 

  • Neutral tones can help blend into cityscapes on the map!
  • Looks awesome with the Devotion Hot Streak skin!
  • One of the most popular Horizon skins!

Price: Can be crafted through the legends menu for 1200 crafting materials.

See Horizon’s Dark Matter in action here.


10. Crypto’s The Masked Dancer 

The Masked Dancer is a legendary Crypto skin that mixes bright colors and futuristic fashion for a crazy look. The red mask with a painted-on face blends into slicked-back white hair and an upturned jacket similar to Crypto’s base skin. The jacket has feather-like details at the bottom and a bright yellow shirt and pants to match.

What makes the Masked Dancer awesome:

  • Contrasting colors make this skin pop!
  • Looks awesome with the Lucky Rabbit Devotion skin!
  • White coat can help you blend when running across snowy parts of World’s Edge!

Price: 1800 coins or 1200 crafting material.

See Crypto’s The Masked Dancer in action here.


9. Gibraltar’s Millennium Tusk

Millennium Tusk is a legendary Gibraltar skin that shows off his position as a substantial defensive character. Giant white armor plates cover his body with small gold and gray details throughout. Gray streaks can also be seen in his hair to make this a head-to-toe cohesive look.

What makes Millennium Tusk awesome:

  • Looks awesome with the Blinding Light Longbow skin!
  • Can easily match gold tones to other weapon skins or teammates!
  • Space age-inspired aesthetic.

Price: 1200 crafting materials or 1800 coins when featured in the store.

See Gibraltar’s Millennium Tusk in action here.


8. Caustic’s Gasbuster

Gasbuster is a legendary Caustic skin that was part of season 5’s Lost Treasures Event. It features a new snow-white hairstyle for Caustic and a bronzed shoulder/chest plate. The metal material covers half his face in a gas mask style with orange detailing throughout.

What makes Gasbuster awesome:

  • Makes Caustic look even more like a supervillain!
  • Looks awesome with Pressure Point Hemlock skin!
  • Has a cool Apex badge on the right bicep!

Price: 1800 coins or 2400 crafting material.

See Caustic’s Gasbuster in action here.


7. Mirage’s The Revenger

The Revenger is a legendary Mirage skin that features a yellow bodysuit. The plating on the chest and arms lends itself to a superhero-styled look. The skin also features yellow goggles and sleek back boots to complete the ensemble.

What makes The Revenger awesome:

  • One of the only clean and simple legendary Mirage skins!
  • Looks awesome with the L-star’s Alien Invasion skin!
  • Mirage has blonde hair to match the skin!

Price: 1200 crafting materials.

See Mirage’s The Revenger in action here.


6. Revenant’s Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey is a legendary Revenant skin that is inspired by ancient Egyptian aesthetics. His normal robotic face is replaced by an ornate mask and the entire skin has awesome orange and blue tones. The falcon-like style will have your enemies running away as fast as possible.

What makes Bird of Prey awesome:

  • Has a recolor called The Afterlife!
  • Inspired by the Egyptian sun god, Ra!
  • Looks awesome with the Hallow’s Eve Flatline skin!

Price: 1200 crafting materials. 

See Revenant’s Bird of Prey in action here.


5. Octane’s El Diablo. 

El Diablo is a legendary Octane skin that can be crafted in the legends menu. The horns and mask paired with Octane’s daredevil personality make this a very popular skin. The clean color palette and splash of red on the face are a great complement to the sharp spikes on his robotic legs.

What makes El Diablo awesome:

  • Wears cool gloves that you can see in first-person POV!
  • Has a recolor called Red Shift!
  • Looks awesome with The Glorious One Hemlock skin!

Price: 1200 crafting materials or 1800 coins.

See Octane’s El Diablo in action here.


4. Wraith’s Voidwalker

Wraith’s Voidwalker skin is a legendary skin introduced during the Voidwalker event. It is one of the most popular skins in the game, and players constantly ask when it will return to the store. The sleek white suit has an astronaut style to it with a gray cape and white helmet. The name references Wraith’s abilities, including Voices of the Void and Into the Void.

What makes Voidwalker awesome:

  • One of the most popular Wraith skins in the game!
  • It is very rare and difficult to obtain!
  • Looks awesome with the Ghouls and Ghost Peacekeeper skin!

Price: 1800 Coins.

See Wraith’s Voidwalker in action here.


3. Pathfinder’s War Machine

War Machine is a legendary Pathfinder skin that was introduced during the Iron Crown Event in season 2. While Pathfinder is known for being a very helpful and optimistic robot with a smiley face on his chest, this skin reworks him into a much more intimidating legend!

Why War Machine is awesome:

  • Sleek, neutral, white armor!
  • Looks amazing with the Cult Classic L-Star skin!
  • Inspired by medieval themes in an event bundle!

Price: 1800 Coins

See Pathfinder’s War Machine in action here.


2. Bloodhound’s Royal Guard

Royal Guard is a legendary Bloodhound skin that is available on the crafting menu. This skin is similar to their base skin but adds bright red accents over black pants and black shirt. There are golden lotus details on the chest, hips, and gloves with a gold and black border on the waist plate. 

Why Royal Guard is awesome:

  • Has multiple recolors, including Wandering Warrior and Radiant Stalker!
  • Black and red color scheme accents Artur!
  • Looks awesome with the Heart Attack G-7 Scout skin!

Price: 1800 coins or 1200 crafting material.

See Bloodhound’s Royal Guard in action here.


1. Lifeline’s Organized Anarchy

Organized Anarchy is a legendary Lifeline skin that recolors her original outfit in a cool black, gray, and blue style. Her hair is recolored silver to match the rest of the skin, and her companion, D.O.C. This skin retains the original Lifeline aesthetic while providing a more muted color scheme than most of her other skins. 

Why Organized Anarchy is awesome:

  • Multiple recolors!
  • D.O.C.-inspired color scheme!
  • Looks great with the Playing Koi Eva-8 Auto skin!

Price: 1200 crafting material or 1800 coins
See Organized Anarchy in action here.

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