[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Duo Combos That Are Powerful

Best Duo in Apex Legends
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Apex Legends, the fast-paced battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment, revolves around intense team-based combat. Choosing the right duo can be the key to achieving victory in the Apex Games. In this article, we will explore the top 10 duos that have emerged as the most formidable and synergistic partnerships in the game. These duos possess a perfect balance of complementary abilities, strategic coordination, and exceptional gameplay, making them the go-to choices for players seeking an edge over their opponents. Join us as we dive into the thrilling world of Apex Legends and discover the dynamic duos that dominate the battlefield.


10. Wraith and Pathfinder

This comp of Wraith and Pathfinder in Apex Legends is one of the best known for its huge mobility and its ability to scout.

Wraith and Pathfinder are known for their ability to navigate the map quickly and get so much information that can help you in the game to make strategic decisions regarding engagements.

Wraith and Pathfinder are one of the duos that are so powerful as their abilities and playstyles are complementary, as they have a huge advantage in terms of mobility and scouting, and they synergize really well together, which allows them to get the data needed and outsmart your opponents.

You can use this combo in competitive play, as your map control and your positioning are the keys to winning your games.

Why you should play this combo:

  • Huge mobility: Wraith’s tactical ability "into the void" and Pathfinder’s grapple give you huge and unparalleled speed and agility, which enables you to reposition once you need to, flank your enemies, and get out of critical situations.
  • In terms of scouting, Pathfinder’s "insider knowledge," which is his passive, allows your team to know exactly where the next ring’s position is, and Wraith’s ultimate skill, which is called "Dimensional Rift," would allow you to create portals so that you can rotate efficiently and scout your opponents.
  • Great playstyles where Wraith’s phase ability would allow you to revive your teammates safely while Pathfinder’s zipline would allow your partner to create routes for your team to pass difficult obstacles and reach wanted points.


9. Lifeline and Gibraltar

The combo of Lifeline and Gibraltar in Apex Legends is one of the most known combos in terms of defensive and tank skills while also supporting strong heals for the team.

Both Lifeline and Gibraltar are really good at providing cover to the team, healing the team, and sustaining damage while also controlling the battlefield.

Lifeline and Gibraltar form a huge defensive barrier for your team as a duo, where they offer the team huge support and survivability. Their defensive ability and healing make them a great choice for teams that look to withstand enemy damage and provide healing and support in times of engagement.

Why you should play this combo:

  • Their defensive synergy is great where Gibraltar’s tactical ability "Dome of Protection" creates a huge shielded area for your team, which provides cover for your team when they are healing or reviving, while Lifeline’s "D.O.C. Heal Drone" would provide great healing to the teammates over time, which allows your team to sustain during battles.
  • Gibraltar’s ultimate skill, "Defensive Bombardment," allows you to make an area denial where it forces enemies to change places and reposition, which gives a huge advantage for your team to push and gain the upper hand in fights.
  • This combo is known for its hugely fast healing, where Lifeline’s passive, which is called "Combat Medic," allows her to revive her teammates much faster than others while using a healing item, and when placed with Gibraltar, their abilities can give you an advantage in terms of quick revives, covers, and resuming battles ASAP.


8. Bangalore and Bloodhound

The combo of Bangalore and Bloodhound in Apex Legends is known for their ability to create the chaos needed, track your opponents, and disrupt your enemies. Their skills combined in reconnaissance and area control make them a huge force on battlefields.

Bangalore and Bloodhound are a really great dynamic duo where they track enemies and create disarray in battles. Their skills synergize really well, which allows the team to get the valuable information needed, confuse your opponents with your next moves, and always have the advantage in fights.

Why you should play this combo:

  • Tracking skills: Bloodhound’s "Eye of the Allfather" skill would allow you to scan the area around you to reveal enemies’ positions, while Bangalore’s smoke grenades would block your opponents’ vision, which makes it harder for enemies to know your team’s location.
  • Their offensive and defensive synergies work really well together, where Bangalore’s ultimate ability, "Rolling Thunder," can have a huge advantage in forcing your enemies to retreat or take cover instead of pushing you, while Bloodhound’s ultimate ability, "Beast of the Hunt," enhances their speed and detection, allowing you and your team to aggressively push or retreat effectively.
  • Bangalore’s passive "Double Time" gives you some extra movement speed when taking damage, which helps you dodge incoming damage, while Bloodhound’s passive "Tracker" would give you the ability to see the most recent enemy footsteps, which provides great information on how the enemy moved.


7. Octane and Mirage

This combo of Octane and Mirage in Apex Legends is well known for their tactics, speed, and unpredictable moves. This combo is great in terms of flanking enemies and providing misdirection to enemies, and it is also one of the most aggressive playstyles.

Octane and Mirage would offer you a huge and unique mix of speed and deception, which allows your team to confuse enemies and create distractions. This duo works really well in critical situations and aggressive fights.

Why you should play this combo:

  • In terms of speed and agility, Octane’s tactical ability "Stim" gives you huge movement speed, while Mirage’s passive ability "Now You See Me" creates some decoys upon being knocked down or using a respawn beacon. Which allows you to rapidly reposition and escape.
  • This combo provides great distraction and confusion where Mirage’s holographic decoys and ultimate ability "Vanishing Act" create illusions that distract your enemies and deceive them, providing great chances to flank and ambush.
  • Aggressive playstyles using Octane’s passive ability "Swift Mend," which helps in slowly regenerating health over time, allow aggressive engagements and playstyles without sacrificing your health. Mirage’s abilities are really great to complement their playstyles as they provide distractions, making it hard for enemies to focus their fire.


6. Caustic and Wattson

The combo of Caustic and Wattson in Apex Legend is well known for its ability to provide area denial, defensive play, and game control. This duo is really good at securing locations on maps, trapping enemies, and creating an environment that looks like a fortress.

Caustic and Wattson form a huge defensive duo that is really good at controlling the battlefield against opponents and restricting enemy movement as their abilities fortify areas and hinder opponents, so you can always use this combo when you want to effectively hold positions and defend against enemy pushes.

Why you should play this combo:

  • In terms of area denial, Caustic’s gas traps and ultimate ability "Nox Gas Grenade," which create a toxic area that damages and blocks enemies, limit the opponent’s movement, forcing them to reposition. Wattson’s "Perimeter Security" blocks and limits enemy access and their aggressive pushes.
  • Caustic and Wattson are known for their defensive synergy, where Caustic’s passive ability reduces all incoming damage, which allows him to tank incoming shots while creating chaos in close engagements, and Wattson’s ultimate ability, "Interception Pylon," intercepts incoming ordnance and recharges your team’s shields, which enhances the defensive stats.
  • In terms of securing positions Caustic’s gas traps and Wattson’s fences can be used efficiently and strategically to be placed to create a fortified position, making it harder and more challenging for your enemies to breach or enter the area. Always pick this combo if you want to defend chokepoints or hold high-value locations.


5. Crypto and Revenant

The combo of Crypto and Revenant is known in Apex Legends for their strong scouting and disruption skills. This duo is well known for gathering valuable information about the enemy team and disabling opponents while creating more opportunities for their own team.

Crypto and Revenant are known to form a strong duo where their abilities are centred around gathering intel and limiting opponents.

Why you should play this combo:

  • In terms of scouting, Crypto’s surveillance drone can be deployed to know exactly and gather information about where the enemies are positioned, scan banners for respawn options, and even know the location of the next ring. Revenant’s passive "stalker" ability also allows him to crouch-walk faster and climb higher than others, which makes it easier to scout and scan the environment around him.
  • Disruption and disabling, where Crypto’s ultimate ability "Drone EMP" can break and disable all enemy traps; shield, where it can give you a huge advantage and slow down the opponents, creating a huge chance for the team to start engagements or retreat when needed. Revenant’s tactical ability "Silence" also disables enemy abilities for a short duration, but it is enough to stop their offensive and defensive skills.
  • In terms of strategic coordination, the combination of Crypto’s drone and Revenant’s silence ability allows for coordinated assaults. Crypto can disable enemy defences with EMP, and Revenant silences enemy abilities, giving the team an advantage to attack and reducing the enemy's ability to attack.


4. Rampart and Loba

The combo of Rampart and Loba in Apex Legends is known for its focus on looting efficiency and defensive playstyles, which means that you can easily and quickly get access to high-tier loot and create secure positions so that you can hold off enemies.

Rampart and Loba combine both loot and defensive tactics, where their abilities complement each other, which helps you acquire loot quicker, fortify, and position strategically so that you can always have the advantage in fights.

Why you should play this combo:

  • In terms of looting, Loba’s ultimate ability "Black Market Boutique" will give her team quick access to high-tier loot and gear, which will ensure that they have the needed equipment to win the battle, while Rampart’s passive ability "Modded Loader" speeds up the reload time for LMGs and increases the magazine capacity, which increases the duo’s firepower.
  • Rampart’s tactical ability "Amped Cover" is really strong in terms of defensive setups where it creates a deployable cover that gives you bonus damage and allows the team to reload faster, which provides a better defensive position. Loba’s tactical ability, "Burglar’s Best Friend," allows her to go places and reposition faster, which aids the defensive set-up for fortification or retreating in critical moments.
  • This combo is also known for area control, where Rampart’s deployable cover and Loba’s teleport provide the team with more options to secure and defend areas. This combo can also create chokepoints, block main doors, and establish strong defensive positions.


3. Horizon and Valkyrie

The combo of Horizon and Valkyrie in Apex Legends is well known for its vertical mobility and aerial advantage. This duo is really good when it comes to gaining high ground, repositioning fast, and providing tons of superior aerial firepower.

Horizon and Valkyrie are a great dynamic duo that are specialised in dominating the aerial, and their mobility is really high as their abilities are centred around controlling the skies and repositioning, where they provide a huge versatility in engaging enemies from different and unexpected angles.

Why you should play this combo:

  • In terms of vertical mobility, Horizon’s tactical ability "Gravity Lift" allows the team to go into the air, which helps them with quick ascents, flanking, and having access to higher positions and grounds. Valkyrie’s tactical ability, "VTOL Jets," also enables her to take flight, which provides her with huge vertical mobility and scouting skills.
  • Valkyrie’s ultimate skill, "Skyward Dive," allows the team to have an aerial advantage where they can reposition quick enough and start aggressive pushes up from the sky. While Horizon’s ultimate ability, "Black Hole," can block enemies and force them into the wrong positions, creating huge chances for the team to win,
  • This combo of Horizon and Valkyrie gives you access to huge flanking chances where their abilities allow the team to make unexpected flanks as they can quickly travel large distances and engage enemies from hard angles to defend.


2. Pathfinder and Bloodhound

The combo of Pathfinder and Bloodhound in Apex Legends is greatly known for its tracking and mobility abilities, where the duo can locate enemies, scout them, and travel the map with no limit.

Pathfinder and Bloodhound are a great duo, combining their tracking and mobility skills as they synergize and gain a strategic advantage through quick navigation.

Why you should play this combo:

  • In terms of tracking capabilities, Bloodhound’s tactical ability "Eye of the Allfather" allows the team to reveal the enemies’ position, which provides the team with valuable information on where the enemies are and the potential threats ahead. Pathfinder’s passive "insider knowledge" also allows the team to scan survey beacons to reveal the next ring location, which helps the team always stay ahead.
  • Pathfinder’s grapple skill enables the team to quickly travel the map with ease to gain high ground or engage in fast-paced and organised engagements. While Bloodhound’s ultimate ability, "Beast of the Hunt," gives bonus speed and vision, which makes it easier to track and chase down enemies,
  • Pathfinder’s zipline can create great strategic routes for the team to enable them to quickly rotate or reposition, while Bloodhound’s passive ability "Tracker" allows the team to see recent enemy footsteps, which gives the team a huge advantage in terms of versatile utility.


1. Wattson and Lifeline

The combo of Wattson and Lifeline in Apex Legends is well known for its defensive and support playstyle, where this duo can hold positions and provide their team with tonnes of healing and defensive covers so that the team can sustain itself during fights.

Wattson and Lifeline form a reliable duo where they focus on defensive support and healing as their abilities synergize in a great way, which allows them and their team to withstand enemy assaults and fortify positions, making sure you win the game and survive.

Why you should play this combo:

  • In terms of defensive synergy, Wattson’s ultimate ability, "interception Pylon," can destroy any incoming ordnance and also recharge the team’s shield, where it provides an effective defence against enemy grenades and bombardments. While Lifeline's tactical ability "D.O.C. Heal Drone" offers the team healing support over time, which ensures that the team can recover health and sustain itself during fights on the battlefield,
  • Lifeline’s ultimate ability "Care Package can provide tonnes of healing and support as it delivers high-tier loot and gear to the team, which improves their overall loadout and increases their chances of winning. While Wattson’s passive ability "Spark of Genius" speeds up the charge time of her ultimate ability, which allows her to provide more defensive skills,
  • Wattson’s ability to set up fences and create fortified positions with Lifeline’s healing drones gives him huge positional advantages and allows the team to hold their position effectively.


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