Ranked: Apex Legends Best Champions (Season 5)

Apex Legends Best Champions
Who's the best Legends in your mind?

There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s a constant battle to determine who is the best Legend in Apex Legends. Sure, there are arguments to support that Crypto is better in some situations than Bloodhound, but each Legend has their own strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation. There’s no perfect Legend for each scenario you might face in a match. At one point or another, you’ll wish you had Bangalore’s “Double Time” passive ability or Bloodhound’s “Eye of the Allfather” to help you sniff out enemy Legends or traps. In a tight, small area like Bunker, you might want to choose Caustic so you can block your enemy’s escape with traps and suffocate them with your Ultimate ability. For a quick escape, you might need to use Wraith or Pathfinder. 

The point is, there’s no perfect solution or Legend, in this case, that’s going to keep you prepared for everything. So, how do you know which Legend to start “maining?” Are you playing with the right Legend for your playstyle? Which Legends help the team overall and are generally an asset versus a liability? Never fear, in this guide I’ll rank the best Legends for Season Five. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll be able to determine which Legend is right for you, or perhaps you’ll be convinced to switch to another. Either way let’s get started with the Ranked: Apex Legends Best Champions for Season Five. This guide will progress from the worst to the best. 


#13 - Octane

Kind of crazy, isn't he?

It saddens me to say this, but Octane has to be the worst Legend to use. As far as nerfs and buffs go, Octane received a slight buff to his Ultimate ability, the Jump Pad. The cooldown time was decreased from 90 seconds to 60 seconds. Overall, that may a good step in the right direction for increasing his viability for squads, but it hasn’t affected his status otherwise. The quirky speedster has largely been utilized throughout the past few seasons in Apex Legends, but I daresay I’ve been seeing him less and less in games. Not that I’m surprised by that. If any Legend deserves a rework of abilities, it’s Octane. 

Champion Pros (What Octane excels in):

  • He doesn’t need much in the way of healing resources due to his passive ability. Octane consistently heals throughout the match, while he’s not currently engaged in a fight. 
  • His Jump Pad is good for reaching high places quickly or changing positions on opposing teams. It’s especially good for pushing weakened teams. 
  • His smaller frame makes it harder to hit him, especially when he’s Stimmed-Up. 
  • His Stim gives him a 30% increase in speed, which helps him get out sticky situations in a heartbeat, but beware it is a double-edged sword.

Champion Cons (Why Octane is weak):

  • His abilities are mostly helpful for him, they don’t really help his teammates at all. 
  • His Tactical ability is a high risk/high reward scenario and sometimes may be more risk than benefit. Sacrificing 10% HP for a 30% increase in speed for 6 seconds may not be as useful as it sounds. He could become a liability. 
  • Unlike Wraith or Bangalore, his Tactical ability still allows him to be seen or damaged while he’s trying to escape. 
  • Outside of his Tactical, his speedster persona is unseen. Perhaps he would be a better choice if he could land from a fall and not lose his momentum or become a blur and hard to hit while he’s using a Stim. 
  • His abilities aren’t necessarily offensive or defensive, they are just objective. They don’t give him a distinct advantage over other Legends.

#12 - Crypto

Crypto needs a serious rework to become the Legend he was made to be.

One of Apex Legends’ newer, but not-so-new Legends. It seems that his shine has finally faded and reality has set in. Frankly, I’m not surprised to see him ranked here on the list. Much like Bloodhound, but on a different scale, Crypto is a surveillance/reconnaissance specialist, and those who play this Legend know how to play on his strengths. The potential to plan your fights before they begin is one of the reasons that Crypto can be a good choice. His abilities, at times, are more flexible than Bloodhounds, but that being said, there is a large flaw with his abilities. 

Champion Pros (What Crypto excels in):

  • Identifying and pinpointing where and how many teams are within a 200-meter radius of the drone. 
  • Planning a fight before it begins and not walking into an area “blind.”
  • EMPing enemy teams and catching them by surprise while they are trying to heal/shield up. 
  • A minor buff in Season Five has increased his drones capabilities, now allowing it to ping banners, which may help to warn of approaching enemy teams. 
  • EMP can clear an area of traps before they become a problem as well as limit your opponent’s options when sourcing extra body shields. 

Champion Cons (Why Crypto is weak):

  • His abilities are largely team-based in that they are centered around assisting the team and identifying dangers before they surprise you, but they are flawed. He’s defenseless.
  • Cyrptos’s abilities can’t allow him to escape danger quickly or defend himself beyond an EMP.
  • His drone is a double-edged sword in that he must remain stationary while using it. So, Crypto is an easy target and can’t fight back or protect himself.
  • The drone also has a limited operational space, where after 200 meters, it will short out and you’ll lose the feed. 
  • While his drone helps his team more, it rarely assists him as an individual. Perhaps there could be a mechanic where Crypto’s drone could lock doors and require opponents to open them before proceeding. Another option could be that Crypto’s drone exudes a natural EMP that causes static to plague mini-maps up to a certain distance. 

#11 - Revenant 

Revenant is better than he used to be, but still needs some more work before he's competitive.

Apex Legend’s newest champion is still fresh off the boat, or maybe the assembly line, but nevertheless was definitely over-hyped. I think many can agree that based on the buzz, we expected Revenant to be a God, but what we got was a mechanized assassin with an interesting past. That’s not to say that Revenant isn’t a good Legend, but I don’t believe his full potential has been realized. He received a buff before the launch of Season Five, which buffed his Tactical and Ultimate considerably, but there’s still something to be desired about him. 

While he didn’t see any buffs this season, I’d say it’s expected that more will come soon. At this point, he is a far more useful teammate, than the lower ranking Champions on this list and will continue to be so as long as his abilities continue to improve naturally throughout the game. 

Champion Pros (What Revenant excels in):

  • Due to the recent buff he received on his Tactical, Silence, Revenant can disrupt and disable many more Legends than before. While dealing HP damage to victims, it also cancels out their abilities for 20 seconds. 
  • Revenant can quickly scale high walls and buildings to gain ground and surprise opponents who aren’t expecting him. It pairs nicely with his Tactical ability. 
  • His passive ability allows him to crouch and move just as if he were walking normally, which is great for moving silently and stopping an enemy in their tracks. 
  • With a recent change to his hitbox, Revenant can use his slender, metallic frame to his advantage and remove himself from a bad situation. 

Champion Cons (Why Revenant is weak):

  • While his Death Totem is useful for his teammates, its range is severely limited and doesn’t give you or your team a distinct advantage. 
  • His Tactical, while useful in surprising a team, a more prepared squad can burn out the 20-second timer and flee to cover without loosing too much ground in the fight. It needs a bit more tweaking. 
  • Unfortunately, his ability to scale walls quickly or climb places other Legends can’t, can’t compare to Pathfinder’s Grapple ability. In my opinion, it should compare and have advantages over Pathfinder if one were to fight against the other. At this point in time, Pathfinder is the clear winner and would easily overpower a Revenant. 

#10 - Lifeline

She's the Legend that needs the most work out of all of them. However, she's still a valuable asset to the team.

Throughout the seasons, from my perspective, Lifeline has slowly dwindled in popularity and utilization. While Season Five didn’t nerf her abilities and did give her a slight buff, many other Legends got considerable buffs that rivaled her’s. Season Five also slapped her with a slight nerf, which ultimately might affect some players who rely on her ability to pull great loot out of bins. The medic is still extremely useful to have on your team though, considering that she can heal you in a short amount of time and doesn’t require as much health in terms of Stim resources. Plus, she is useful to have around when you encounter blue-hued loot bins because she can pull extra resources out of them that no one else can. Her care package is awesome to have, but Loba’s ultimate in some ways is better and is easier to deploy. Suffice it to say, Lifeline is probably due for a rework, but we will see what the rest of this season brings.

Champion Pros (What Lifeline excels in):

  • She can heal you with D.O.C and doesn’t require any limited Stim resources to do so. 
  • She’s great for revives that are in tight spots or no-man’s-land because of her D.O.C shield. 
  • She can heal and shield up much faster, about 25%, than any other Legend. This helps her return to the fight faster to aid your teammates and it can help save you if you’re pinned down and backed into a corner.
  • She can pull more helpful items out of the blue-hued loot boxes. A slight buff to this ability has increased the Lifeline bin ratio up to 20% making it that much better.
  • Her care package can help in a tight spot and many a time it has helped players clutch the final fight.

Champion Cons (Why Lifeline is weak):

  • Her D.O.C has a very limited range and makes her or her teammates a target. 
  • Her Ultimate ability isn’t near as good now that Loba’s Ultimate is in the picture. Loba’s ability can give her teammates a wider variation of gear while Lifeline’s kit is more limited. 
  • Using Lifeline’s Ultimate makes her an immediate target for anyone in the lobby. You can be sure that as soon as one drops, enemy teams aren’t too far away. 
  • As mentioned, her D.O.C drone is limited in its range, perhaps it could do with a rework that would allow it to trail after Lifeline or the Legend it attached to first. 
  • On another tangent, perhaps the D.O.C drone could shock enemy teams if they try to use it. It means that if anyone wants to use a Lifeline drone, they must have her on their team.
  • Lifeline is limited in her movement, unlike some of the other previously discussed Legends. She has no real way to avoid danger and perhaps that could be tweaked as well. Since her D.O.C drone is part of her appeal, perhaps it could be tweaked to take some of the damage and provide her a shield, similar to Gibraltar, for a few seconds.

#9 - Loba

Everyone is still wondering how Loba is going to affect the gameplay.

There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing a new Legend leak out through the data mines of video game development and not live up to the hype. Unfortunately, that’s what you get when you play with Loba. I’m sorry to say that while her arrival brought about a new game mode, a PVE quest-based storyline, and some exciting backstory that ties in with Revenant, it doesn’t distract from the fact that she’s not what you’d expect based on her reputation. 

While her Tactical, the Jump-Drive bracelet, makes her teleportation ability unrivaled, that’s probably the only thing that makes her shine. Loba’s abilities do support her team though, and at times they can help you loot quickly and efficiently which has helped to boost her to this spot in the rankings. 

Champion Pros (What Loba excels in):

  • She can move easily between the rafters, down in the trenches, or hard to reach places with precision by teleporting. 
  • She can spot high tier loot through walls with her “Eye for Quality” passive ability which can help resupply teammate with low-level loot. 
  • Her Ultimate, Black Market Boutique, is portable and teleports nearby loot to the device itself. Each of your teammates can grab up two items from the boutique. Beware, enemies can do the same. 
  • With her Tactical ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, she can teleport behind enemies or flank them without being tracked.
  • Her passive can help keep the high-tier loot out of your enemies’ hands and into yours giving you the quick advantage. 

Champion Cons (Why Loba is weak):

  • Her passive ability, while useful, doesn’t give her an advantage much more than seeing the good loot first. It can still be snatched up by other teams. However, there’s not much you can say about this since her abilities tie well into her character backstory. 
  • Her teleportation ability while good, can leave you vulnerable. There’s a 1.5-second pause once she phases into view that keeps her from using any abilities, items, or weapons. It could become a liability. 
  • Because her bracelet ties so much into her character, it would make more sense if she could “phase” in a similar way as Wraith, perhaps while moving. It could happen intermittently and randomly making it harder to hit her in a fight. As it stands, she can’t escape quickly, other than to throw her bracelet. 
  • Her Ultimate also completely relies on chance, and it may not be as viable as it sounds. If there’s no quality loot to be had, her boutique might not meet the demands of the match. Perhaps if they tweaked the power to take from other Legends if they’re in close proximity would make her ability a bit more aggressive and impactful. 

#8 - Bangalore

A well-balanced Legend with no particular advantages over any other. 

Unfortunately, Bangalore has so much potential, but she is underutilized, I’m not sure if a rework would fix this glaring issue, but it most likely wouldn’t hurt. She’s a Legend whose life has been dedicated to the military and it shows. From her euphemisms to her abilities, Bangalore lives and breaths military life. Which makes it a bit surprising that her powers aren’t more effective in matches. She rates higher on the list because her abilities are powerful, but they aren’t very supportive of her teammates unless they have Digital Threat scopes, more on that later. 

    Considering that the military actions among the troops often mirror camaraderie and loyalty, you’d expect Bangalore’s powers to provide some sort of benefit to her team. While her abilities can help hamper enemy team movements and vision, her powers don’t directly benefit her squad. She’s basically a middle-of-the-road Legend and appears to be well-rounded. As I said, though, it’s hard to believe that she isn’t a more supportive Legend. 

Champion Pros (What Bangalore excels in):

  • She can mask her movements as well as hamper enemy vision with her smoke bombs. She has two Smoke Bombs and they recharge fairly quickly so she can keep smoking out her enemies on a regular basis. 
  • Her Ultimate ability can provide cover, limit movement, and escapes, as well as soften enemy teams for a quick wipe if you’re feeling lucky.
  • Her passive ability, Double-Time, allows her to quickly escape or put some distance between her enemies. As long as she’s being shot at or attacked, her passive will engage and immediately give her a 30% boost in speed.
  • While her Ultimate may not kill her opponents outright, like Gibraltar, it can still slow and blind enemies while inflicting enough damage for easy Knocks. With this ability, she can keep enemies pinned and use her smoke bomb simultaneously to blindside her targets.

Champion Cons (Why Bangalore is weak):

  • While her smoke bombs can be a huge asset, they can also be a huge liability if used incorrectly. It’s important that you practice with these or you could be the difference between your squad winning a fight and losing it.
  • Her Ultimate doesn’t usually down any enemy players unless they are already low on health or shields. It might make sense to buff the damage of this ability and make it that much more dangerous. 
  • There’s nothing exceptional about her character abilities and that is part of the problem. Perhaps if they reworked her just enough, she would jump up in rank and become part of the in-game meta. 

#7 - Pathfinder

He's still the best Legend when it comes to quick mobility.

For a long time, your friendly neighborhood robot has been in the top tier Legends. Arguably, he was the best Legend, but recently the Devs have seen fit to start reigning him back in. Doubling the cooldown time for his Grapple Hook seems like a hefty nerf, but perhaps it won’t’ be as bad as the Season continues. True to his name, Pathfinder can still find his way to any place he wants to go, whether he’s grappling to the top of a building or ziplining across a ravine. Even if he’s not using his Grapple Hook he can also interact with Survey Beacon’s allowing him to track the next circle location and to-date, he is the only Legend who can. Overall, his abilities are team-based and can guide your team safely as you rotate around the map with the knowledge that some squads don’t have. It goes without saying that Pathfinder still has the most mobility of all the Legends.

Champion Pros (What Pathfinder excels in):

  • Using a Survey Beacon helps Pathfinder quickly find the next circle location and make smarter decisions when rotating around the map.
  • His zipline is a tool he can use to reach the high ground, and the best part is, the whole team can join in. 
  • His Grapple Hook is a valuable tool that can help Pathfinder grapple to new places as well as grapple enemies closer and keep them from getting away. This can be especially helpful on weaker enemies who have turned tail and run. 
  • His slender frame helps him have a small hitbox which would make him much harder to hit while he’s moving. For Pathfinder, if he keeps moving, he could be unstoppable. 

Champion Cons (Why Pathfinder is weak):

  • Without his Grapple Hook, he is especially vulnerable. If you catch him after his abilities are cooling down, he has no built-in defenses. A Revenant can take his abilities away quickly. 
  • Because of the 35 second cooldown for his Grapple Hook, Pathfinder isn’t as viable as the new Legend, Loba, or even Wraith. Their escape tactics can rival Pathfinder’s and this has also contributed to his recent decline in popularity. There’s time to see if that changes and if players eventually return to this lovable robot. 
  • His Ultimate can be used by enemy teams at will. Perhaps a small rework in his Ultimate would cause it to fail suddenly if an enemy team uses a zipline. It would be an interesting mechanic and provide a sort of built-in defense for Pathfinders. 
  • If you back him into a corner, without a grapple, he’s an easy target, even his Low-Profile status won’t help him. 

#6 - Caustic

Everyone is at the mercy of Caustic and his Nox Gas. 

Caustic is one of my most favorite Legends, and at this point, I think he ranks right where he’s supposed to be. The cold and calculating scientists is a defensive champion that uses his Nox Gas to slow, smother, and blind his enemies. He can be quite effective in tight spaces and areas where there aren’t many exits. He’s also one of the Legends with the Fortified perk which gives him a 15% reduction in damage received, which is helpful considering how much of an easy target he can be. 

In Season Five he also received a couple of small buffs that have to do with his Nox Gas and they’ve been needed for some time now. Now, his Nox Gas no longer slows his teammates and his traps can’t be triggered from the other side of the door. Overall, Caustic is a great asset to his team, especially when each teammate can help bolster his abilities. 

Champion Pros (What Caustic excels in):

  • Caustic is fantastic at catching enemies by surprise and forcing them into a corner with his traps.
  • If you have a team pinned, Caustic can keep them that way by cutting off their escape with his endless supply of traps.
  • He’s a great defensive character who can help by taking some of the enemy fire to help out those Low Profile legends.
  • By using his Ultimate, he can severely slow and damage an entire team as well as highlight them through the gas clouds. If your team has Threat Detector scopes, his gas will operate much like Bangalore’s smoke bombs. 
  • He’s also great at herding a team in a particular direction by the use of his traps.

Champion Cons (Why Caustic is weak):

  • By himself, Caustic is an easy target and doesn’t have much in the way of quick escapes or unique movement capabilities. Perhaps, if he randomly dropped small Nox Gas canister when shot, (limit of three in a 1 minute period) he could operate similar to Bangalore and mask his movements or escape route.
  • He relies heavily on the element of surprise; the same goes for setting his traps. 
  • He works better in small spaces or buildings. In an open arena setting, he’s a sitting duck. 
  • As mentioned, he is slow and large and that makes quick movements difficult.

#5 - Wattson

It's too bad you still can't deploy two of her Ultimates at once. 

When Wattson came into the scene, I wasn’t so sure about how she would hold up against the other Legends, but she hasn’t disappointed anyone. She’s very popular in the competitive Apex circuit and for good reason. Her abilities are centered around dictating the flow of combat and protecting and holding areas of interest on the map. A good Wattson player can utilize her abilities to the fullest and they understand that she is largely more effective on a team rather than as a solo player. Her tactical ability, the fence pylons can trap and turn virtually any area into a fortress of impenetrable electricity. Not only can they keep people out, but they can also ping those who enter the area and slow them down with shocking ferocity. 

Her Ultimate, the Interception Pylon, can also further allow your team to hold an area by intercepting Ultimates like Gibraltar or Caustic by completely canceling them out. The ability takes it one step further by zapping any grenades spammed by other teams, which allow you and your team to focus on shooting from cover and keeping teams pinned. Wattson is a master of combat flow. 

Champion Pros (What Wattson excels at):

  • Keeping enemies out and directing combat flow by fencing off areas with her electric fence pylons. 
  • She excels at utilizing Ultimate Accelerants to their fullest. It’s best if she keeps two or three in her inventory, one Accelerant will completely charge her ultimate.  
  • Wattson is best at protecting her teammates from harm with her Ultimate ability and allowing them to focus on pure combat and suppressing other team movements. 
  • She can warn teammates of approaching enemies who are trying to flank them, especially if they cross the fence pylons.

Champion Cons (Why Wattson is weak):

  • Like Caustic, her abilities are purely defensive, and while they can hurt someone if they are caught in the trap, they can’t be effective otherwise.
  • Because she isn’t an offensive Legend, it’s better if she’s utilized with other Legends who enhance her abilities, like Caustic.
  • By herself, she can be overwhelmed by more aggressive Legends who can pass through her fence pylons unscathed, namely Wraith. 

#4 - Bloodhound

The very best tracker and observer in the game.

Another personal favorite of mine, Bloodhound, has earned their place in the top five Legends in this game. It’s no surprise really, in Season Four and Season Five, Bloodhound has received numerous buffs to bring them back into the fold and make them a viable Legend for the future. It was long overdue, in my opinion. The sonar-wielding, tracking expert is one of the OGs and seems to be better than Crypto when it comes to an actual fight. While Crypto’s abilities largely have him stationary and defenseless, Bloodhound and can engage their abilities while on the move or while tracking an enemy team. This gives Bloodhound an evolved sense of awareness that can continuously and naturally change without having to stop and wake a drone to do surveillance.

In Season Five, Bloodhound received yet another buff to their tactical, Eye of the Allfather, with reduces the cooldown from 35 seconds to 25 seconds( a much-needed change), and increased Sonar Detection that gives a live “feed” for four seconds instead of three.

Champion Pros (What Bloodhound excels in):

  • Bloodhound is great for experienced players and new players; this Legends abilities allow you to play aggressively for high kills or more defensively to fight only when you need to and to avoid other unnecessary interactions.
  • The best, in my opinion, at tracking enemy movements and seeing what they’re doing in real-time. Especially with Beast of the Hunt.
  • Able to use their abilities without being stationary or making them an easy target. 
  • Bloodhound is the best at figuring out where enemy teams are hiding when it’s not obvious and also at forcing a stalemate into action. 
  • Getting out of bad situations quickly with Beast of the Hunt, which can help track enemy movements and keep you out of their path.

Champion Cons (Why Bloodhound is weak):

  • One severe flaw with the “Eye of the Allfather” is that while you will certainly see where you’re enemies are, they can most certainly see you the minute you engage the ability. 
  • Beast of the Hunt is most useful in the right situation where enemies are on the run from the circle or are retreating to heal. It’s not quite as useful outside of situations like that.

#3 - Mirage

Mirage is like a god now. Or at least a Demi-god.

Much to my surprise, Mirage has made his way to the top five Legends, seemingly overnight. It’s well-deserved and I think the trickster has been a good sport about it. From Season One all the way to Season Four, Mirage has been left behind while most of the other Legends received buffs that completely changed the meta and how they fit into competitive matches. In Season Five, Mirage received the most comprehensive buffs out of all the Legends and it’s best to break them down directly from the patch notes. 

Tactical: Psyche Out

  • Pressing the character utility action button allows Mirage to gain control of his decoy.
  • When controlling the decoy, it will mimic Mirage’s every move.
  • Decoys now last for 60 seconds and releasing another decoy will remove the previous decoy.

Ultimate: Life of the Party

  • Mirage deploys a team of decoys that mimic his every move (think “Emergency Dance Party" from DUMMIEs Big Day).
  • Cooldown 60 seconds.
  • Passive: Now You See Me…
  • In addition to cloaking when downed, Mirage also cloaks while using a respawn beacon and reviving a teammate (the teammate is also cloaked).
  • Mirage’s “You got Bamboozled” line will now trigger when you bamboozle an enemy, instead of when you release a decoy.
  • Mirage’s new buffs have completely changed his character viability, hence his skyrocket to the top three, so it’s challenging to see just how much he will affect competitive gameplay. The Devs did this to give him more utility and depth as a Legend, for a while he was a laughable addition to the game with no real merits. 

Champion Pros (What Mirage excels at):

  • His abilities transfer somewhat to his teammates, especially when reviving by making them invisible. Now, if you want to revive safely, keep a Mirage on your team.
  • He should now be more effective at Bamboozling opponents now that they can mimic his every move and seem more lifelike. It was a necessary addition.
  • Mirage will most likely be a strong choice for Solos considering his powers may overwhelm other individual players.

Champion Cons (Why Mirage is weak):

  • His new skills may require a learning curve that is hard to “master” and may trip up newer or less experienced players.
  • None of his abilities are offensive so he would rely completely on his duplicates and the art of deception to aid him in a fight. 

#2 - Gibraltar

Gibraltar is and always will be a powerhouse. He's very difficult to 1 v 1.

Gibraltar hasn’t always been the powerful asset that he is today, for a while, players avoided using him because of his slow stature and huge hitbox. While his hitbox isn’t that much smaller these days, his stats and powers more than make up for it. He was given the Fortified perk, which automatically gives him a 15% reduction in damage received. Gibraltar is a defensive asset, but his Ultimate, the ability has the power to wipe a team if positioned correctly. He also carries a Dome Shield that can protect his team from any sort of gunfire, grenades, or other Ultimates. 

The Dome Shield also has an automatic increase for healing and shielding while inside the bubble. If that wasn’t enough, Gibraltar also has a Gun Shield, which he can toggle on or off. His trusty shield helps him soak up huge amounts of damage without breaking a sweat. Despite all this, he was slapped with a nerf to his Dome Shield, changing the duration from 18s to 12s. It’s been decreased by a ⅓, but it wasn’t enough to really impact his ranking that much since he has other abilities to rely on. 

Champion Pros (What Gibraltar excels in):

  • His Dome Shield is perfect for reviving downed teammates, the best option really since it encompasses an entire area provide 360 degrees of protection from all damage. 
  • As mentioned, his Dome Shield decreases the time it takes to use healing items, which helps your team recover faster.
  • In a 1v1 situation, Gibraltar can usually come out on top because of his Fortified status, as well as his powers. 
  • His Bombardment Ultimate is also great for wiping weak teams. It can also be used for forcing teams to act against their benefit such as forcing them out into an open area with no cover.

Champion Cons: (Why Gibraltar is weak):

  • He lacks any movement capabilities so he wouldn’t be a good option for Solos. He needs to be paired with Octane or Pathfinder.
  • Without his Gun Shield, he is a large target and must utilize other cover options to be successful in a fight.

#1 - Wraith

Wraith has the ability to mold with any team and make them better. Not many Legends can say the same.

Wraith, the “try-hard” Legend of the game has always occupied the higher tier rankings and it’s no real surprise. Her powers allow her to travel in interdimensional rifts where no one can follow, which gives her plenty of free will when it comes to rotating around the map. Her Tactical, Into the Void, can help her flee safely from losing fights and heal without being bombarded with grenades or stray bullets. Her Ultimate, Dimensional Rift, is the best way to rotate safely around the map or can help you clutch those high-risk fights that might not normally go your way. Sporting the smallest hitbox in the game, Wraith can be difficult to hit consistently and can easily flank or avoid other Legends if the need is there. 

Many professional streamers and competitive players use Wraith if not for her tactical and ultimate abilities, but also the Voices of the Void which can help direct you from danger or provide interesting information. All around, Wraith mixes well with most Legends and she hasn’t received any nerfs or buffs so she’s still as good as you’d expect from Season Four.

Champion Pros (What Wraith excels in):

  • The best and most obvious choice for Solos for obvious reasons.
  • One of the best at rotating around he map safely with her Dimensional Rift. 
  • She can very easily jump and dodge enemy fire while engaging her Into the Void to keep out of dire situations due to the tiny hitbox.
  • Her powers allow her to take high risks, such as crossing into the hurt circle to flank an unsuspecting team who is trying to heal. 
  • One of the best legends to use for an aggressive playstyle, as she’s able to push relentlessly and back off when it gets too dangerous. 

Champion Cons: (Why Wraith is weak):

  • Her “Into The Void” ability is trackable and if she’s weak, Wraith would become an easy target. 
  • The Dimensional Rift isn’t specific to Wraith, anyone friend or foe can use this rift and it might turn an escape route into an ambush. 
  • Without supportive teammates, Wraith can be easily picked off, especially with her Low Profile status which gives her a 5% increase in damage. 
  • Wraith is reliant on her Voids, if she’s exhausted her abilities, then she doesn’t have much in the way of defense.
  • Her aggressive nature could lead to disaster if she’s not careful. An example is walking into an ambush.    

That about covers everything, it’s my hope that by reading this guide, you’ll understand each Legend’s strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize them in a match. By understanding what each Legend can do, you’ll know how to better group all the champions in such a way to complement their powers and mask each of their weaknesses. Apex Legends has done a great job of balancing out legends giving some advantages over others while being specifically weak against others. I believe that if they keep improving the game this way, each and every legend will be well-rounded and where they should be. 

Does this list make sense? Is the ranking clear and straightforward? Are the Legends in the right spot or should some be switched around? 

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