[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Trio Combos That Are Great

Apex Legends Best Trio Combos That Are Great

10. Octane, Mad Maggie, Ballistic

Octane, Maggie and Ballistic are all about speed, getting into your opponent's face and getting some kills. As singular legends, they are formidable opponents, but when paired together they are a different breed.

These three legends embody speed and pressure as Octane and Maggie provide the team with a speed bonus and a launch pad, whilst Ballistic not only increases reload speed for the entire team, but also boosts their armed movement speed. This isn't all they do either, as their other abilities pair well together.

Ballistic can stop enemies from shooting, Maggie and blind teams and move them around with her ball and Octane can get the team some new ground.

What’s Great About This Team:

Their movement abilities are fantastic, allowing the three of them to move around the map quickly and get into fights.

Each legend can hold out on their own and provide something to the team, but when together their abilities mesh super well.

Though speed is the name of the game here, their in-fight control is amazing as well thanks to Maggie and Ballistic’s abilities.


9. Wattson, Rampart, Caustic

A defensive setup might not be the playstyle for everyone, but this team is perfect if you are ever in the mood. Wattson, Rampart and Caustic are all devious defensive legends when played on their own, but when they come together, you get to see how powerful playing defence can be.

Wattson and Caustic are known for being able to lock down areas with ease. Using Caustic’s gas to block off areas, damage enemies and deny line of sight is a great idea for any team. If you then pair this up with Wattson’s ability to fence off doors and open areas whilst also stopping grenades from hitting the team, then it's a crazy combination. 

Rampart just amplifies this team even further. Allowing them to do more damage through her walls and even having Sheila in her back pocket for those tough engagements.

What’s Great About This Team:

  • This team can easily hold down a building, a choke point or any part of the final circle. Caustic’s Gas, Wattson’s Fences and Rampart’s Walls are all great for stopping enemies in their tracks.
  • This team can also go on the offensive quite easily, turning their defence into an offence. Whether it's through Sheila, Wattson’s fences or Caustic’s ultimate, it's a great way to play.
  • Finally, their damage as a team is also underrated even if you are sticking on the defensive. Enemies won't realise how quickly Sheila can kill an entire team or how much damage Caustic’s gas is doing to them.


8. Wraith, Octane, Mirage

Messing with your opponents is a fantastic way to play the game as it disorientates them. There are a few legends in the game that can do this, but what about a whole team? Well, that's where this combination of Wraith, Octane and Mirage comes in. Each legend has its own way of distracting and annoying enemies, allowing the others to rack up the kills.

Octane has insane speed, moving around the battlefield like a missile, Mirage can create numerous clones to make enemies wonder which one is real and Wraith can go invulnerable and force enemies to chase after her through her portal. These three legends are all menaces on their own, but when they are pulled together they are on another level.

What’s Great About This Team:

  • The team is fantastic at distracting enemies, allowing the rest of the team to get kills or damage their foes.
  • Because of this technique, they are great at racking up kills even in ranked environments.
  • This team is also super fun as each legend has their own unique role to play, whilst also fragging out with ease.


7. Caustic, Wattson, Lifeline

Another defensive setup is up next, but this time with Lifeline instead of Rampart. This one plays pretty similarly to the previous setup with both Wattson and Caustic. You can hold down buildings, create space and stop enemies pretty easily, but this time you have Lifeline at your side. 

Lifeline brings some much-needed self-sustain to the team, as she can heal her teammates passively thanks to her drone, get them more loot from her ultimate and even revive them whilst covering them for free. She is a great addition to this defensive framework, making an even more versatile setup by only changing one legend out.

What’s Great About This Team:

  • You can hold down buildings very easily thanks to Caustic’s gas and Wattson’s fences
  • The self-sustainability is fantastic here as Wattson can heal your shields with her ultimate, and Lifeline can heal your health with her tactical.
  • Finally, Lifeline can provide some makeshift cover with her ultimate that you can always play around in a tight final circle. 


6. Bangalore, Caustic, Bloodhound

Smoke and Gas are a great way to create some makeshift cover from your enemies, disorientate them or even allow you to get the upper hand. This is why both Bangalore and Caustic are great, but what would make them better is being able to see through their abilities. This is where Bloodhound comes into play, as they can scan through the smoke/gas and allow the entire team to get some free kills.

Caustic can see enemies who are in his gas, but not through it. This makes Bloodhound the perfect addition to this setup, as they provide a much-needed piece of aggression to these two legends!

What’s Great About This Team:

  • This team can be extremely aggressive and become defensive on a dime, mainly because of their smoke and gas capabilities. Remember, you can use your smoke and gas to fall back if you need to.
  • Thanks to Bloodhound, you can see straight through the gas and smoke this team provides, so make sure to shoot enemies who can’t see you.
  • This team can back up and play super defensive with their gas, smoke and even the scan as they can block enemies from seeing them, but the team can still see the enemies.


5. Ash, Pathfinder, Octane

Another super speedy squad is the insane combination of Ash, Pathfinder and Octane. We already know how amazing Octane is, but Pathfinder and Ash are also great options for a super speedy and aggressive squad. This team mainly excels at pushing directly into fights and third partying, thanks to each of their ultimate abilities.

Octane of course has his iconic launch pad, sending his team into battle. Pathfinder can place an infinite-use zip line down, allowing his team to not only enter a fight but also escape if they need to. Then we have Ash, who can keep enemies in place with her tactical, and push towards high ground in an instant thanks to her ultimate.

What’s Great About This Team:

  • Being aggressive is key here as each legend provides their own offence but little to no defence. Use their abilities wisely.
  • Each legend has its own way of getting into a fight, meaning enemies won't know what hit them.
  • The speed of this team will catch your enemies off guard as they can all get into a fight near instantly and take out enemies with ease.


4. Caustic, Wattson, Wraith

This one is another combination of Wattson and Caustic, but this time with some flavour to it. We know by now that Wattson and Caustic are a devious defensive unit together, and applying certain legends as their third will change the playstyle up dramatically. The next legend to add to this squad is Wraith and for one reason only.

Wraith brings along her portal to the team, but here we use it for baiting enemies rather than its safety. Wraith portals seem to attract enemies like a moth to a flame, so set up a kill room with Wattson and Caustic, then get your Wraith to abduct some enemies for a free kill. It's super fun, if not a little sinister.

What’s Great About This Team:

  • This team can be insanely defensive thanks to Wattson and Caustic as their abilities allow them to hold down buildings and create space with ease.
  • If you do need to leave a breached building or a sticky situation, Wraith has you covered as she can get you out with her ultimate.
  • Caustic and Wattson might not be the most aggressive legends, but Wraith allows them to move around the map easier, and get into fights for a higher kill game.


3. Revenant, Octane, Bloodhound

This squad has a lot of aggression to it thanks to Octane and Bloodhound’s abilities, but Revenant adds some much-needed control. We have already covered Octane and Bloodhound in depth here, so it's clear why they are a great choice, but Revenant is the main feature here.

Despite being one of the so-called worst legends in the game, and his rework coming around the corner, the current state of Revenant has some use on a team like this. His tactical ability is the best part about him and allows Bloodhound and Octane to perform even better than before. His tactical is a silence in a small area. Once it hits someone, they cannot use any abilities, basically making them a free kill for anyone who runs into this team.

What’s Great About This Team:

  • Revenant’s control allows Octane and Bloodhound to have free reign over any fight as long as they are coordinated.
  • Octane and Bloodhound give everyone on the team insane movement and wallhacks, making them an insane squad in a team fight.
  • Don't underestimate the power of Revenants Ultimate in certain situations as when combined with Octane’s pad and Bloodhound’s scan, it can be used to rush a team with ease.


2. Horizon, Pathfinder, Wraith

Pathfinder and Wraith are a great basis for any team. Wraith gives some much-needed safety to her team and Pathfinder is great for getting around the map, but Horizon is here as well. Horizon is one of the best legends in the game for a reason, and makes this team a beast to deal with. Horizon is all about her gravity lift, allowing her to not only get high ground with ease but also shoot her enemies at the same time.

This combined with Pathfinder and Wraith’s power makes this team one of the best for contesting other teams in ranked or casual environments. Use their abilities together for a whirlwind of pain for anyone who comes close.

What’s Great About This Team:

  • Horizon allows this team to gain high ground instantly, allowing the team to take on other teams without using any other abilities in their arsenal.
  • This team can also freely move around the map with ease thanks to their vast array of movement abilities.
  • Finally, they can be pretty defensive thanks to Wraith’s portal and Horizon’s ultimate, so don't underestimate them backing up and taking a defensive stance.


1. Valkyrie, Catalyst, Bangalore

Now this one is a little weird, but one of the best setups in ranked play. Though their abilities don't exactly mesh well together, it doesn't matter as on their own Valkyrie, Catalyst and Bangalore are insane legends. We already know what Bangalore can do, but Valkyrie and Catalyst are fantastic legends as well.

Catalyst is a defensive legend all about creating space, blocking off areas and forcing a fight in her favour. On the other hand, Valkyrie is all about repositioning and movement. When combined, you get an extremely well-rounded team who can take on any situation they come across.

What’s Great About This Team:

  • This team is insanely versatile in any situation thanks to all of their separate abilities.
  • Need to reposition? Use Bangalore’s ultimate as cover, Catalysts as a defence and Valk’s as a movement tool.
  • Want to push a fight? Use Bang’s smoke as cover, Catalyst’s wall and tactical as a way to create or deny space and Valkyrie’s tactical for some free damage and a possible stun.
  • It's hard to cover all the ways this team can approach a situation, but that's because they are insane as a squad of three.

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