Top 15 Best Free FPS Games for PC

FPS games have dominated the market for a long time, leaving players eager to try the next best thing.

With games as a service and freemium models taking over the gaming industry, a lot of players have been looking for good, quality games you can get on a budget. With FPS games dominating the mainstream currently, a large amount of free FPS games have been released. Player’s may feel overwhelmed when trying to find a quality FPS game to download, so we put together a list. Here’s our Top 15 Free FPS games available on PC. 


1. CoD Warzone

Check out this trailer for the newest map just released into Warzone this season. 

Warzone is a Battle Royale where players must fight for survival against 100 other players, either solo, or with a squad, to loot the best gear and be the last team standing. Players are dropped into Urzikstan, the new map for Season 1 along with Modern Warfare 3’s release.  Will you go it alone or take your squad as you drop into the warzone?

Warzone offers a variety of game modes for players to jump into. Play the classic Battle Royale, and fight for your team to be the last squad standing, or jump into plunder, where teams fight to extract the most cash from the battlefield before the time runs out. With a large host of weaponry and vehicles to help you navigate the battlefield, all the tools for your victory are ready for the taking, you just have to jump in and go get them.  

An operator takes cover while awaiting a loadout drop.


2. Apex Legends

Here's the trailer for the newest season, and legend, released for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is another battle royale making this list, pitting up to 3 players in a squad, in a lobby of 60 players total. With a multitude of Legends to pick from, and a large weapon pool, no match feels the same. Apex manages to keep the high pace flow of the battle going while ensuring your tactical decisions set you up for success in this high octane team based shooter.

Tired of Battle Royale as a game mode? Try the mixtape playlist, which consists of Control, Gun Run, and Deathmatch. In control, two teams of 9 legends compete to hold 3 control zones. Gun Run is Apex’s spin on gun game, where every time you get a kill you're given a different gun. Or good ole deathmatch, where two teams of 6 compete to reach 50 eliminations first. Regardless of your playstyle there’s something for you to do. 

Hone your skills in the firing range with a free choice of legend to prepare for your fight in the Arena!


3. Valorant

This is the release trailer for Valorant's newest season and the new Team Deathmatch game mode!

Valorant is an arena based team shooter, where two teams will compete over various objectives. It brings together a cast of great agents with a wide range of abilities sure to fit any play style. It offers quick matches, and well balanced mechanics that most games find hard to replicate.  Whether you're blinding opponents with Phoenix, or making it rain fire with Brimstone, there's an agent for every playstyle. 

Valorant took over the content creator world for a short time, flooding twitch and youtube with content, and for good reason. With clean shooting mechanics and unique take on the arena based hero shooter it quickly gained a strong presence in the e-sports world as well. Standard Valorant is an elimination game, but hosts a total of 8 game modes to choose from if standard isn’t up your alley. 

Brimstone uses his Ultimate ability ‘Orbital Laser’ to make it rain fire on his opponents.



Here's the trailer for THE FINALS that premiered at the 2023 Game Awards!

The Finals is set in a futuristic world where VR is fully immersive and has given way to a new sport called The Finals! Three teams of three operators duke it out over cashboxes to try and be the team who cashes out the most money. With three classes to pick from (Heavy. Medium, and Light), The Finals offers something for players of all playstyles. 

Each class offers a different skill set. There’s the heavy, who protects the team or demolishes the arena, the medium who heals the team or helps lock down the objective, and the light whose abilities focus on mobility, and high damage. The Finals has quickly become one of the most talked about games, being touted by many as the next possible “CoD killer.” With it currently taking hold in the competitive scene, it’s one to keep on your radar, and your hard drive.  

The highly destructible environments of The Finals will ensure every match is unique in the way it plays out, with the arena changing constantly throughout the match. 


5. Destiny 2

Check out the newest season of Destiny with the latest trailer showcasing the season of The Wish.

Destiny 2 continues to put out great content updates with the latest ‘Season of the Wish’ bringing lots of content for players to enjoy. Want to prove you're the best? Drop into the crucible and compete with other players to establish your name, or group up with up to five friends and take on one of their 6 man raids to get the best gear! 

With limitless gear available for players to farm for, raids, and free updates released throughout the year, there's plenty of content available to bring players back over and over again. Led by some of the developers who worked on Halo, it shares similar elements with the gunplay and overall look of the game. Hosting in depth PvE and PvP elements, whether you’re sweating it out in crucible or farming for gear in raids, there's hours of fun to be had. 

A team of travelers before a raid. With so many options available for gear, which combination will best suit you?


6. Team Fortress 2

Check out this video highlighting the current state of TF2 in 2024 by Nxcturnal.

Team Fortress 2 was released in 2007 and took over the gaming world for a long time. With 16 game modes, and over 100 maps to play on, hit the ground running as you compete against other agents to eliminate the other team and come out on top. Regardless of its age it still boasts a high player count, and maintains a spot as one of the best FPS games available on PC today. 

Choose between 9 different classes, with a wide range of playstyles. Prefer a more passive playstyle? Play the Spy and cloak yourself from enemies, waiting to strike until the perfect moment. Maybe pushing the frontline and making noise is your forte? Play the Heavy class, and blanket the enemy with your minigun, creating havoc for your team to play off of. TF2 offers plenty of options for players to capitalize on their playstyle.

Choose from a wide range of agents to match any playstyle you wish as you jump into Team Fortress 2.


7. Halo Infinite

The trailer for Halo Infinite's Season 5 highlights some of the newest changes and updates to this classic franchise's latest entry.

Halo Infinite brings the classic Halo multiplayer to the next gen. With 4v4 deathmatches to 12v12 objective based game modes like capture the flag and king of the hill, there's surely something for every gamer to enjoy. Jump in and fight with your friends, or play on your own as you take on other spartans in this hit multiplayer franchise. 

Outstanding visuals, great gunplay, and a strong player base keep this game near the top of the list for great free games to own. As we wrap up 2023, Infinite’s new season brings a breath of fresh air into the community, providing a fresh batch of cosmetics and content for spartans to dive into. Community created content, such as custom maps and game modes, keep the game feeling fresh when normal multiplayer matches start to feel stale. 

Customize your spartan to match your personality as you level up and unlock some of the many customizations available to you in Halo Infinite.


8. Overwatch® 2

Check out the trailer for the latest hero released with Season 8, Mauga, a beefy Tank sure to help your team dominate the match.

Overwatch 2 holds almost 40 original heroes to choose from, with various abilities and skill sets. The heroes are divided into 3 separate classes: Tanks, Damage, and Support. Each role does exactly what it sounds like, with tanks absorbing as much damage as possible, damage deals as much damage as possible, while support does their best to keep everyone alive. 

Hosting private matches, custom community built game modes, and even an in depth competitive playlist gives players plenty to spend their time doing while exploring the game. With a large pool of cosmetics to unlock, including skins, voicelines, sprays, and emotes, the personalization is endless. How you play the game, and how you look while doing it is fully in your control the more you explore. 

From left to right, Echo, Brigette, Reinhardt, Junker Queen, and Widowmaker fight to win the match.


9. theHunter Classic

Check out the original trailer for this classic hunter sim game and step into the boots of a hunter.

Maybe competitive shooters aren’t your thing, and a more laid back experience is what you're after. TheHunter Classic brings a hunting experience you’ve never seen before straight to your PC. Track your prey across various landscapes, using a wide variety of weapons, and get that trophy that would fit perfectly on the wall. With 40 unique animals and 11 reservations to hunt on, there are hours of content waiting for you to dive into. 

TheHunter Classic is more of a hunting simulator than anything else, where you really become immersed in the role of a hunter. Learn about your prey, track the animal, and stake out clearings to ultimately take down your prize. You’ll need to meticulously pick your loadout, from calls, to blinds, and over 100 diverse weapon options, tailor your loadout for each hunt. 

Stalk your prey and get the most strategic position to take that perfect shot and gurantee your kill.


10. PlanetSide 2

Watch this video for the ultimate beginner's tips on how to start your journey in Planetside 2. 

Planetside 2 is a MMOFPS, where 3 factions fight over control of Auraxis. Players will jump into battles on persistent maps that flow as the day goes on with up to 2,000 players at a time. It boasts having ground and air vehicles, alongside its 6 different infantry classes to choose from. With ongoing battles always taking place, players can jump straight into the action as soon as they install the game. 

The factions fight for control over 5 continents, each measuring approximately 64km2 in size, making the map a total of roughly 320km2. The continents are opened depending on the event, and players fight for control of individual zones within the continent. Players can also build their own bases on the continent serving as a deployment point for vehicles, and defensive bases of operations to help hold their territory.

Work with your squad to take control of choke points and defensive structures to help control the continent. 



For some excellent begginer's tips on how to start off in STALCRAFT, check out this in depth video by Deathgun.

Stalcraft originated as a stalker inspired MMO mod for Minecraft that flourished into a standalone MMOFPS. Join up with the stalkers or the bandits and compete for resources and loot as you traverse a large map filled with anomalies. With public events, and dangerous environmental hazards, there’s plenty of obstacles to overcome as you survive in Chernobyl.

Quests and missions will drive your progression as you dive into the world, helping guide you into the environment. There’s an in-depth progression system with skills that focus on PvE and PvP aspects. Prioritize your upgrades depending on your goals, and survive as long as you can. 

Battle against the horrors of the wasteland and other players as you fight for survival and complete quests in STALCRAFT. 


12. Splitgate

Watch this video posted by BBKDRAGOON for a quick look at the state of the Splitgate in late 2023. 

Splitgate is the love child of Portal and Halo that the world never knew it needed. Bringing portals into the FPS arena, it truly is unique in the way matches unfold. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master as you learn how to use the portals to surprise your opponents and pull off some insane plays. 

With 15 weapons spawning in various locations on each map, every match is a race to grab the weapon you prefer to dominate the enemy. Season 1 was just released this past November, bringing in new cosmetics and challenges to complete as players dive into the arenas and compete for the win. Enjoy a shooter experience with unmatched mobility in this portal based FPS.

The portal mechanic is truly unique to Splitgate, allowing players multiple ways to complete their  objective: eliminate the enemy.


13. SCP: Secret Laboratory

For a more detailed explanation of this asymetrical matches watch this video where Mechasolaris breaks down match structure for new players.

SCP: Secret Laboratory is an asymmetrical team based shooter, where 5 teams compete for various objectives. With proximity chat, and multiple SCPs that can break loose, each game is sure to have your hair standing on end, as you navigate the dark hallways of the various Foundation facilities. With players being able to play either side, players are sure to find a nice balance between difficulty and ease of play. 

Up to 64 players will randomly be assigned one of the 5 teams in each game, with each team having its own unique objective. Whether you're a prisoner of The Foundation used to test the anomalies, or MTF Epsilon-11, the elite security team in charge of rescuing the scientists, the anomalies in each match are sure to terrify and torture you as you strive to achieve your objective. Work with your team to overcome the various forces that aim to stop you in this unique FPS.

Fight till your last breath to achieve your goal as various horrors hunt you and your team down in SCP: Secret Laboratory.


14. Will To Live Online

Watch ZeroLife's Top 5 Tips for Beginners in WTLO before jumping in to get a better grip on the wasteland.

Will to Live Online is an MMO set in a severely post apocalyptic world where players will fight against the mutants of the wasteland to gather loot and level up. It features a decent progression system with skill trees to invest in, and features to unlock. While it does feature PvP, it’s not unlocked until later in the game, so gear up and kill the various mutants that hunt you as you traverse the wastelands, and get those early levels in. 

There's four classes to choose from, being the Hunter, Mercenary, Engineer, and the Miner. Whether you want to specialize crafting, or focus on resource collection to help your team survive, there's a class for you.  The map features multiple Points of interest and NPCs featuring quests and stories to help guide you through the wastelands and survive the harsh environments. 

Fight against the threats of the wasteland in Will to Live Online as you traverse the wasteland and explore.


15. CS2

Check out the launch trailer for the newest entry into this classic arena shooter!

Counter Strike 2 pits a team of operatives against a team of terrorists in this elimination arena based shooter. It’s one of the largest FPS games on steam, topping the charts with some of the biggest AAA titles throughout its lifetime, and for good reason. Plenty of maps and weapon choices keep the game fresh, along with a great player base.

Featuring a point buy system for your loadout, players are able to grab whatever weapon best suits their needs round by round. As you play you earn cash for kills and completing objectives which you use to purchase your loadout at the beginning of the next round. Whether you’re a casual gamer or itching to get into the next big competitive game, Counter Strike 2 is worth checking out. 

Lay down cover fire for your team with an LMG as you fight to take out the enemy team.


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