Valorant: How To Be Consistent

Valorant: How To Be Consistent
Jett, Cipher, and Phoenix after a successful match.

Ever wondered how professional Valorant players keep getting those aces, flick headshots, and a good KDA ratio? Be it losing or winning, they always have a high kill percentage and low death rate. These players share a common trait that everyone wants to have: consistency.


Consistency is defined as the ability to achieve similar results over a long period. In Valorant, it refers to the player’s capacity to perform well regardless of how many matches they play. In this article, we are going to walk you through some tips on how to be consistent in Valorant.

How to be consistent in Valorant:

  • Practice, but make it perfect.

Immerse yourself in a lot of games to stimulate your senses and improve your gameplay while experiencing the game in real-time. There is no greater teacher than that. However, learn which bad habits need to go and know the areas to improve. Don’t just blindly do the same ineffective things over and over again.

  • Choose your battles wisely.

Decision-making is pivotal in any team play. Not all remaining players are equal–some have higher HP while others have more available skills. Take advantage of the information that you know, be it the enemy’s location or the timer on the clock. When you know you have a lower chance of winning a duel, don’t force it. On the contrary, if you are confident you’ll win over a 1-HP Brimstone without skills, then go for that peek.

  • Don’t focus on outcomes.

A good play is still good even if it didn’t work in the previous round. Yes, winning has always been the goal but when you begin to center everything around the results, things could go awry. You can’t always be in control and emotions will only hinder you from progressing forward. Be confident and focus on taking that strategy into action!

  • Control yourself.

Don’t mind the things that you have no control over. This includes sulking over your teammates’ better performance or criticizing how the enemy tilted. Just think about how to execute your next play. Consistent players never let their emotions get ahead of them.

  • Be consistent in the game’s mechanics.

Whether practicing at the Range, warming up in Deathmatch, or playing unrated and competitive matches, you have to employ the same mentality in all modes. Don’t play half-heartedly.


That wraps up our tips on how to be consistent in Valorant. We hope they can help you in your quest to achieve that Immortal rank!

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