Valorant Jett Guide: How To Play Jett Like a Pro [25 Useful Jett Tips You Should Know]

Valorant Jett Guide
Dashing through the ranks.

Have you ever watched other Jett players and been amazed at how good they are at entering the site? Do you want to carry your games and out-frag your opponents? Or do you just want to be flashy and still end up on top?

You've come to the right place because I'm here to help you from dying first in a round to getting aces almost every round. Here are 25 tips to make you a pro with Jett.


25. Know What Is Jett’s Role In The Team

The first thing you should learn if you want to be a pro Jett is to learn what her role is in the team. Jett is a duelist agent and is usually the first one to enter the site to clear it from enemies and make it easier for your team to enter the site.

As a Jett player, you must clear angles and give information to your teammates after you go in so that they can assist you accordingly.


24. Learn To Updraft

One of Jett's skills is the updraft, which gives you the ability to fly up in the air, and it is a major part of her playstyle. With that in mind, you should look for spots on every map where you can utilize your updraft.

An updraft can be used to disorient your enemies when entering and can also be used to catch enemies off guard against a wall. Updraft can also be used to escape from tricky situations, as it will make it harder for enemies to shoot you in the air.


23. Learn When To Use Tailwind

Learning how to use tailwind effectively with Jett is essential when playing Jett. Tailwind is one of the best movement skills in the game as it lets you play aggressively with safety in mind.

Learning your opponent's pattern in attacking or defending is key to knowing when you should use your tailwind ability. 

You should only use Tailwind when you are sure that you want to push enemies, as once you use it, there will only be a certain time frame where you can use it. 

Also, with tailwind, Jett can peek around corners without a trade partner, as she could just dash to safety if reinforcement comes.


22. Learn Cloudburst Spots

Learning cloudburst lineups is a must if you want to have an easier time entering the site, as it will block common angles where enemies can come from.

Cloudburst can be controlled when you hold the ability key and drag your mouse to the position you want it to go. Be sure to practice lineups for common spots in every map in a custom game for you to be ready for your next matches.


21. Practice Jett’s Ultimate

Jett's ultimate is one of the best in the game and, when placed in the right hands, can demolish enemies with ease. Her ultimate is still accurate even if you run or jump around. Keep in mind that if you kill your opponent with your daggers, it will reset and give you back your daggers.

Jett's Ultimate has two fire modes. Using the left click will throw a single knife, and using the right click will use all of your knives all at once. Be warned that using the right click variation and getting a kill will not replenish your daggers anymore.


20. Learn Jett’s Attack Default Playstyle

Learning Jett's attack default playstyle is a must if you want to improve your Jett gameplay. Learning how to attack on every map will not only benefit you, but also benefit your team, as they can enter the site easily thanks to your help.

Be sure to give out information when you enter the site on where enemies are coming from, what utilities they used against you, and what angles you checked so your team can react accordingly.


19. Learn Jett’s Defense Default Playstyle

Learning Jett's default defense playstyle is a must if you want to improve your Jett gameplay. Because of her dash, Jett's defensive plan is different from other agents' because she can play aggressive from the start.

Jett has two basic defense gameplan. The first is to peek at an off angle from the start and dash away to safety after getting a kill or two. The second is to lurk as fast as you can when the enemies are on the other side of the map.

During the first few rounds of defense, try to figure out your opponents' game plans and react accordingly. 


18. Learn Jett’s Passive Skill

One of the best passive skills in the game is Jett's Drift, which lets you glide in the air when you hold space. Drift can be used to get to certain spots on the map to get an off-angle and catch your enemies off guard.

Drift can also be combined with your updraft and ultimate ability to make it harder for your enemies to hit you.

Be sure to learn the spots that you can get to with your drift ability, as it can give you an advantage over your enemies.


17. Practice The Operator

Jett is one of the best agents for the operator as she can play aggressively and get away with ease with her dash. If put in the right hands, Jett could easily win the round with an operator.

With her abilities, she can have lots of places to position herself so that she can easily catch enemies off guard without them even seeing her. Jett can also protect herself with her smoke and dash if she ever misses her shot.


16. Switch Up Position

One of the things that separates an average Jett and a pro Jett is their positioning every round. With her abilities, she can be anywhere on the map, so be sure to change your position from time to time to keep enemies guessing.


15. Learn Smoke Ninja Defuse

Jett's smoke can be used in a lot of ways. But one essential trick you should learn is the ninja defuse trick.

To do this, you simply smoke the spike and proceed to defuse it. One smoke is equivalent to half the bar, so use another smoke after getting it to half, then proceed to continue the defuse. This can also be done when your teammate is defusing the spike.

This can also be used to trick your opponents. Instead of defusing the spike, you can then peek at the enemy and catch them off guard.


14. Learn The Dash Rush

One of the best ways to enter a site with Jett is with her Dash Rush combo. Simply put a smoke in the site and dash into it to accomplish this.

This will distract your enemies with your presence, making it easier for your other teammates to get into the site. You can also catch enemies off guard when you get out of the smoke, killing them with ease.

Always remember to give information to your teammates when you dash for them to have an easier time when they enter.


13. Learn The Updraft Dash Combo

Learning the updraft dash combo is essential when entering the site as Jett. This combo not only makes it easier for you to enter the site, but also makes it harder for enemies to shoot you with your speed.

This combo is much more effective when there are elevated parts of the map, as it can disorient your enemies' crosshair placement, making them miss their first shot.


12. Learn To Jump While Using Ultimate

Jett's ultimate is still accurate when you are moving or jumping. With this in mind, make it a habit to jump every time you peek with your daggers to make it harder for your opponents to hit you. 

Be sure to have different jump timings or distances every time to confuse your enemies even further.


11. Be Slippery When You Use Your Ultimate

Jett has a lot of movement abilities, so it is only natural for you to be a hard target for your enemies. With that in mind, you should be extra slippery when you are using your ultimate, as you are still accurate even though you are moving.

When using your ultimate, you should combine it with your updraft and dashes to make it harder for enemies to hit you.


10. Know When To Use Ultimate Alternative Fire

Jett's ultimate has an alternative fire which releases all your daggers at once. When you use the alternative fire, keep in mind that you will not get your daggers back even if you kill your enemy. The alternative fire is very effective during close encounters.

With that in mind, only use the alternative fire either if you only have one enemy left or if only one enemy is nearby.


9. Learn The Teleport Trick

Because of her smoke, Jett is one of the few agents who can play around the teleporter. Once you teleport, you can then use your smoke to open the door and catch your enemies off guard.

You can also use your smoke to block your enemies' line of sight when you open the door to get an advantage.


8. Keep The High Ground

With Jett's updraft, it is easy for you to get the high ground if the area allows it. Being on the high ground does not only make it easier to hit headshots, but also makes it harder for enemies to guess where you are positioned every round.


7. Learn The Updraft Cancel

The updraft cancel is one of the few tricks you can use with the updraft. To cancel an updraft, simply updraft to a low ceiling area to immediately drop.

This can be used to trick enemies into looking upwards and disorienting their crosshair placement, giving you an advantage when you peek at an angle.


6. Learn Animation Cancel

The gun pull-out animation after your dash takes a long time and can be the reason you lose the gun battle. This is prevalent when you are using your dash aggressively and facing enemies suddenly.

To do an animation cancel, after you dash, instantly use your smoke ability and let go. This will make it so that your gun pulls out quicker, leaving you with more room to fight your opponent faster.


5. Learn To Dash Clear

Jett's dash can also be used as an information gathering tool when you go into the site. To do this, simply use your dash on to the site and flick your mouse left and right quickly. You can then gather information as you dash to the site.

Be sure to give out the information to your teammates as soon as possible so they don't die to the enemies when they enter the site.


4. Play Around Your Smokes

Jett's smoke can be used both aggressively and defensively. Which is why you should learn how to play around with your smoke no matter what the situation is.

Get into the habit of placing a shield in front of you after killing an enemy. This will help you escape from other enemies and can also be used to repeek and surprise your enemies.


3. Use Your Ultimate Efficiently

Jett's ultimate is basically a free gun, which can help you when you are low in economy. If you are getting lots of kills every round, you can basically have an ult almost every round. 

With this in mind, if you and your team are low on funds, you can use your ultimate during save rounds to still have a chance of winning the round. You can also drop other teammates a rifle and use your ult instead.

Be sure to always check the economy of your team to get the perfect timing on when to use your ult.


2. Learn Off Angles

One of Jett's strong points is that she can basically get to any spot on the map with ease. With this in mind, you should learn different off-angles on every map to catch enemies off guard and get an easy kill.

Be sure to use different off-angle spots from time to time, as enemies can pre-fire and check that angle if you use it too often.


1. Combo With Your Teammate

Jett is a self-sufficient duelist that can get killed just with her own abilities, but getting help with other agents' abilities will only make her stronger. With this in mind, combo your abilities with other agent ones such as Omen, Breach, and Skye Flashes, among many more.

Be sure to tell your teammates during the buy phase, as speed and precision are key to catching enemies off guard.


That’s it! Those are the 25 tips that can elevate your game with Jett. Be sure to always practice and put in the work, and you’ll be radiant in no time!


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