[TOP 5] Valorant Best Agents for Solo

Valorant Best Agents for Solo
Solo Queue in Valorant can be daunting, but not with the right agent for you.

5. Phoenix

Phoenix remains the most straight-forward duelist to play in Valorant. The ease of use of his abilities as well as their effectiveness makes him a great agent to play without much communication.

That being said, I’ve put him last as sometimes, his Curveball does require a heads-up to his teammates before he uses it. It’s a small thing, and you can easily inform teammates of the flash ahead of time.

Why Phoenix is Great for Solo

  • Very simple agent who doesn’t require much coordination with his team
  • Powerful abilities for attacking and defending sites
  • Self-healing abilities

Pick Phoenix if…

  • Your team requires a duelist
  • Phoenix is simple enough that anybody can pick him up in Competitive on their first try
  • Heavily defensive enemy comps are great for Phoenix to use his ult into

4. Cypher

If you want information on enemy whereabouts, Cypher is the agent for you. He’s able to hold a site completely on his own with the use of his Spycam (detachable camera), Trapwire (a tripwire to hold corridors or sites), and Cyber Cage (smoke with noise detection).

Cypher does take some time to get used to, but if you place all your traps and abilities in standard locations, you can hold a site completely by yourself and even leave it behind with a Spycam in place.

Why Cypher is Great for Solo

  • Powerful agent for defense and for detecting flanks
  • Simple enough to pick up. Knowledge of special Trapwire and Spycam locations are neat, but unnecessary His ult, Neural Theft, reveals all locations of enemies. Extremely effective in winning rounds

Pick Cypher if…

  • Your team needs a Sentinel to hold off enemies
  • Cypher is great on any map due to his defensive nature

3. Sage

Sage is still the only agent in Valorant who can provide heals and revives for her teammates, making her toolkit extremely valuable on any map and in any team comp. She does require you to play more of a supporting role for your teammates, but her wall and slow orbs remain powerful tools on defense.

Why Sage is Great for Solo…

  • Heals and revives for teammates to take trades
  • Can wall off certain sections of maps to cut off entry points or help her team enter a site
  • No communication necessary, just be aware of who needs healing!

Pick Sage if... 

  • There is no healer on your team (some teams opt to go without a Sage, which is fine, but I find her toolkit too powerful to give up)
  • Like Cypher, Sage is great on any map

2. Sova

Although Cypher does provide information on enemy whereabouts, Sova can take more dynamic positions and angles with the flexibility of his bow’s range. A good Sova can find enemies or rule out where they aren’t, and with his ult, Hunter’s Fury, he can go on the offensive.

Sova is simpler to use than Cypher, and while they both have fancy lineups for their recon abilities, neither require them to be useful.

Why Sova is Great for Solo…

  • The power of Sova’s Recon Bolt and Owl Drone are what make him so strong
  • You can make plays on your own with the information you find. Teammates will also see what you find on their minimaps
  • Uncomplicated agent to use with standard lineups

Pick Sova if…

  • The map is anything other than Haven, as it has 3 maps, making Sova’s recon abilities less effective in scouting enemies

1. Omen

On top of being one of Valorant’s best flankers, Omen is a great agent to use in solo queue not just because of his smokes, but his ability to outplay opponents with his Shrouded Step (mini-teleport), Paranoia (powerful blind), and From the Shadows (cross-map teleport). His abilities are simple enough to understand, but when used well, can swing the tides of a battle.

Omen is a powerful agent on offense and defense, on top of being an easy agent to use. The only caveat is his Shrouded Step. It can be used to teleport right behind enemies or out of their sight if used well, but it takes instinct and practice to nail it.

Why Omen is Great for Solo…

  • Provides smokes and blinds
  • His other two abilities give him tremendous outplay potential 
  • Simple enough to pick up and have an immediate effect

Pick Omen if…

  • Your team requires strong smokes to hold sites or angles
  • Omen has the longest range in his smokes (he can smoke the entrance to A site on Haven from C site) and the longest range in his blind. Omen will be useful on any map

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