Valorant Best Way To Farm XP

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Valorant offers multiple game modes for you to hone your skills and gain XP to unlock agents and rewards.

1. Deathmatch

Deathmatch is probably the fastest way to gain XP as it only takes about 4 ½ minutes per game, with each game giving you 500 XP. So ignoring queue and load times, you would be looking at around 6,000 XP per hour.

How Deathmatch Works:

  • 5v5 with a 6-minute timer
  • The first person to reach 30 kills wins the game
  • If nobody reaches that within 6 minutes, the player with the highest amount of kills wins
  • Randomly spawn after death

2. Spike Rush

Spike Rush is another efficient way to gain XP fast and it rivals Deathmatch in terms of how much XP you can get per hour, but because some matches can go on for longer than others, Deathmatch will be consistently faster. Spike Rush takes about 8-12 minutes but it can be shorter and it gives 1,000 XP per game (~6,000 XP per hour).

How Spike Rush Works:

  • 5v5 Normal Rounds with Orbs that can give your teammates abilities and hinder enemies
  • The first team to win four rounds wins

3. Long-Form Games

These are your typical games in either Unrated or Competitive mode. These game modes give you about 300 XP per round win and 100 XP per round loss and take up about 40 minutes to play through. So, for example, a 13-11 Victory would give you ~5,000 XP (300 XP x 13 + 100 XP x 11) which comes out to about 10,000 XP every hour and twenty minutes.

How Long-Form Games Works:

  • The first team to win 13 rounds wins
  • 5v5 Standard Mode

4. Missions

Finally, we have Missions, which are great additions to the XP you gain through matches. There are two types: Daily and Weekly. The Daily missions are great since it’s an easy 4,000 XP for completing two of them. The Weekly missions scale up with time, starting around 5,000 XP up to 20,000 XP, which is a huge amount.

How Missions Works:

  • Complete the given task in the missions bar to gain the XP

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