Valorant Best Sidearms - Which Sidearm is the Best?

Valorant Best Sidearms
Sidearms are secondary weapons in Valorant, but that doesn't mean they can't change a game's outcome.

5. Sheriff (Best for eco-rounds)

The Sheriff is by no means a weak gun. It can be an inefficient one, though, where the risk in taking this gun doesn’t always outweigh the cost of running this pistol. This is mainly due to its high skill cap, and while it is a great gun for eco-rounds, it’s not an ideal option for a pistol round.

Sheriff Review

  • Headshot damage worth the same or more than the Phantom and Vandal
  • Very tough pistol to use; precise aim is a must with this gun
  • Good for eco-rounds, but not ideal for pistol rounds

Sheriff Details

  • Damage (0 - 30 m, 30 - 50 m)
  • Body - 55, 50
  • Head - 160, 145
  • Legs - 47, 43
  • Wall Penetration: High

Sheriff Rating: 7/10


4. Frenzy (Best for close to medium-range pistol fights)

This is a better buy, as its cost is half that of the Sheriff’s, allowing you to run a light shield. Its damage isn’t anything to scoff at and it is the only full-automatic pistol in Valorant, which is a nice plus. Its spray does tend to get a bit erratic, so running this gun for close to medium-range fights will maximize the Frenzy’s value.

Frenzy Review

  • Full-automatic pistol with a fire-rate of 10 rounds/sec
  • Relatively cheap price of 400 creds
  • Is a decent replacement for the Shorty when holding tight angles

Frenzy Details

  • Damage (0 - 20 m, 20 - 50 m)
  • Body - 26, 21
  • Head - 78, 63
  • Legs - 22, 17
  • Wall Penetration: Low

Frenzy Rating: 8/10


3. Shorty (Best for any pistol round)

The Shorty is a great pistol for its sheer ease of use. It is almost guaranteed to get you a kill for each round you use it, as its high burst damage at close proximity remains a potent weapon. The Shorty is best used on Defense where you can hold tight angles at entry points to a site.

Shorty Review

  • Cheapest purchasable weapon in the game with 200 creds
  • Excels at quick, one-on-one gunfights, but suffers in prolonged trades
  • Great pistol to buy when playing Defense

Shorty Details

  • Damage (0 - 9 m, 9 - 15 m)
  • Body - 12, 8
  • Head - 36, 24
  • Legs - 10, 6
  • Wall Penetration: Low

Shorty Rating: 9/10


2. Ghost (Preference)

This gun comes in at a close second to the Classic. Its capabilities to take fights at any range make this pistol excel in almost any situation, and its high damage is a great bonus. It is cheaper than the Sheriff, coming in at 500 creds, but running this gun during a pistol round most likely means you aren’t running armor.

Ghost Review

  • Excels at any range
  • Powerful weapon with high damage
  • Very smooth and easy pistol to use

Ghost Details

  • Damage (0 - 30 m, 30 - 50 m)
  • Body - 30, 25
  • Head - 105, 88
  • Legs - 26, 21
  • Wall Penetration: Medium

Ghost Rating: 9/10


1. Classic (Best for any pistol round)

Coming in to take the spot of the best sidearm in Valorant, the Classic is a powerful weapon with its 3-round right-click burst. The other amazing thing about this pistol is that it’s free, meaning you will always have money to run a shield. Like the Ghost, the Classic can operate in many different situations and its versatility surpasses the Ghost with its shotgun-esque right-click.

Classic Review

  • Comes at a cost of zero creds
  • The 3-round right-click burst acts slightly like a shotgun and retains accuracy even while moving
  • Able to operate well in almost any given situation

Classic Details

  • Damage (0 - 30 m, 30 - 50 m)
  • Body - 26, 22
  • Head - 78, 66
  • Legs - 22, 18
  • Wall Penetration: Low

Classic Rating: 10/10

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