[Top 10] Reasons Why Valorant Keeps Crashing (And How To Fix)

Yoru's Shadow is still scary
Yoru is irritating but crashes are more irritating

Valorant is a great game! But crashing is one of the most popular things that can ruin your life as a gamer! As much as we all hate crashes but fear no more! In this article, I’m going to show you the top 10 crashes and how to actually fix them!


Here are the top ten reasons why Valorant keeps crashing:


10. Old Version of Graphics Card Driver:

Graphics Card Error

The issue here often happens in-game but it’s actually easy to fix and it doesn’t take more than the download time for your driver’s update! Simply you need to make sure that your card is working and then you should be able to update it easily and enjoy the game again! If that’s your case,
Try this fix:

Fix valorant graphics driver crashed | Valorant crashing issue


9. Valorant Saved Files got Corrupted:

Play Button Greyed Out

This is where you try to log in and play but then the game tells you “The game isn’t available on your operating system” even though you are sure it’s supported. It’s simply because Valorant saved files need to be cleared. If that’s your case,
Try this fix:

Fix valorant this game is not available on your operating system windows 10/8/7


8. Potato PC:

Low Settings For Better FPS

Having an old setup can be painful but that doesn’t mean you have to live up with Valorant crashing in game. This means you simply need to tweak your game so that your machine can handle it better. If that’s your case,
Try this fix:

Valorant - How To Fix Random Crashing While In-Game


7. Valorant Connection Error:

Connection Error

It’s a very common issue in Valorant where it just blames your connection. It might be possible that you lost your internet for some time but if you’re sure that your connection is solid then try this fix as it’ll surely get the job done! If that’s your case,
Try this fix:

How To Fix "VALORANT has encountered a connection error. Please relaunch the client to reconnect"


6. Vanguard isn’t launched:

Riot Vanguard Error

Riot’s Vanguard is the shield Valorant uses to prevent cheaters from ruining the game but if it’s not launched with the windows startup then you won’t be able to open the game. If that’s your case,
Try this fix:

Valorant - How To Fix Vanguard Not Initialized


5. System Error:

Valorant Critical Error 

A critical error sounds like a panic attack is coming! But it’s actually due to a system malfunction or simply Valorant is facing an issue with compatibility which happens often with windows 10 or higher. Two fixes are available so it’ll probably do the trick for you! If that’s your case,
Try this fix:

Fix valorant a critical error has occurred and the process must be terminated-System Error


4. Valorant having issues with Windows and Compatibility:

Valorant Couldn't Start Error

There isn’t a more irritating thing than not being able to even start the game! “Valorant Couldn’t Start” is quite easy to fix as you just need to make sure you’re forcing Valorant to be compatible and disable the full-screen optimization. If that’s your case,
Try this fix:

Valorant - How To Fix Couldn't Start Error


3. Wrong Settings Affecting Valorant:

Valorant Stuck In Loading Screen

Valorant stuck on the loading screen can be very irritating! But it’s actually not a huge issue as it can be fixed with some tweaking on the settings but it doesn’t matter if you have a high-end or potato PC as it’s a common problem. If that’s your case,
Try this fix:

How To Fix Stuck on loading Screen Valorant in low end and high end PC ? ( Easy )


2. Servers are just down:

Valorant Servers Error

This isn’t a crash but sometimes it doesn’t explain quite right. Any error that says 46 is just about Riot’s servers being under maintenance. If that’s your case,
Try this fix:
Sit tight and give it time! You just need to wait until the servers are up again.


1. Slow Internet:

Valorant Update Stuck

Updating Valorant is something that happens quite often so you might have encountered this error. Valorant Update just gets stuck while your internet might be stable! You can do a couple of things but I guarantee it’ll work as I have had this issue many times. If that’s your case,
Try this fix:

How To Fix Valorant Slow Download Speed - Stuck or Not Starting



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