[Top 5] Valorant Best Fraggers

Valorant Best Fraggers
Mid-Action Fraggers in Valorant

Pick the agent that will give you a killing edge in Valorant

Finding yourself lacking the skill or abilities to frag out in Valorant lobbies? It may not be you, but the Agent you choose to rock. 

Certain agents are more inept to killing, with their move’s being more kill ready - and their characters themselves meant for higher killing potential

When you want to seriously frag out in Valorant, your ability as a player isn’t always the most important issue. Instead, the agent you choose to play in-game will be a major game-changer when it comes to how many kills you are getting, and how many kills the other team will allow you to get.

So, who do you choose if you want to get the most kills?

Here is a list of the top 5 fragging agents in Valorant for those who want high kill games

#5 - Phoenix

The agent Phoenix is a Duelist - his abilities being attack heavy. Blaze is a wall of flames that he shoots out to block off the enemy. Curveball is a curving blind he can use around walls to blind the enemy. Hot Hands shoots out a Molotov that heals Phoenix but Damages other players. Run It Back is his ultimate, it allows him to create a clone of himself that he uses to go and eliminate the enemy, once he is killed in this state he teleports back to where he originated the ability giving him a free life. Phoenix has incredibly high kill potential because he has healing potential, and an extra life, which will give players another chance at killing the same enemies resulting in higher fragging.

Phoenix Strengths:

  • Attack/Support Heavy Abilities 
  • Wide range, being able to block out enemies and also attack them with full force 
  • Healing ability and site controlling potential

Pick Phoenix if:

  • You can play a bit more aggressive than usual
  • You can accurately combine Phoenix’s abilities with your teammate's movement 
  • You are confident in your ability to hold down sites and fight enemies

#4 - Breach

Breach is classified as an initiator in Valorant. His abilities include Flashpoint, which can reach through walls to blind enemies. Aftershock, a blast that can shoot around corners and through important walls to knock away and even eliminate the enemy. Faultline, a long rectangle shaped attack which stuns and inhibits the enemy from aiming accurately. His ultimate is called Rolling Thunder, which sends out a large shockwave (large enough to cover an entire site) and will stun the enemy similar to a faultline, however for a longer time. He is equipped with stunning and blinding abilities for him to get the jump on any of his enemies 

Breach Strengths:

  • Attack ready
  • Fast-paced, well equipped for gunfights
  • Heavy reliance on offensive stunning abilities 

Pick Breach if: 

  • If you are a fast-paced aggressive player, who is more attracted to a stun move set rather than a damage reliant set 
  • You want to be able to move onto a site while creating openings for yourself and teammates
  • You're strong in knowing where the enemy might be camping, and how to counter that with Breach’s abilities.

#3 - Jett

Jett is a Duelist agent - her main abilities revolving around mobility. She can glide around mid-air, dash in any direction she is moving, and fly into the air. Not to mention her quick release smokes that will gain an advantage for you and your team. Her ultimate is a set of throwing knives that are quick to down the enemy and replenish as you go. Jett is a fast-paced agent for only the most aggressive and high kill players. 

Jett Strengths:

  • Mobility 
  • Fast-paced and quick action 
  • Faster than any other agent 

Pick Jett if: 

  • You are confident in your maneuverability
  • You can use Jett’s abilities to move around enemies mid-fight
  • You know when to use your smoke and abilities to get behind or on top of enemies

#2 - Reyna 

Reyna is a Duelist - her agent is also adept at eliminating - all of her abilities are fueled by killing the enemy. She lacks utility but her killing power is almost unmatched. Her move sets are all kill based, with flashes for stunning the enemy, healing abilities, and the move to turn invisible and maneuver around the enemy. She is a fast-paced, kill heavy agent who is most useful to the aggressive player. Her ultimate enters her into a heightened state of bloodlust giving her rapid-fire, and increased healing along with easier to see enemies - making Reyna truly one of the top fragging agents in the entire game

Reyna Strengths:

  • High kill potential
  • Fighting battles with chances of regaining health
  • Fast-paced fighter (easy to overcome enemies)

Pick Reyna if:

  • You are a fast-paced and aggressive player 
  • You are confident in your aim and gun control in Valorant 
  • You can utilize her unique set of skills to maneuver and eliminate enemies

#1 - Raze 

Raze is a Duelist - her agent is quite attack ready with an aggressive set of abilities. All of her abilities do damage and can be used in a fast-paced fashion. Her C4’s grant her maneuverability, her grenades split up into smaller explosives that can easily kill an enemy, and her rover can find the enemy and blow up on site. Her ultimate is one of the most damage dealing attacks in the game, a rocket launcher that will eliminate an enemy instantly if hit on target. 

Raze Strengths:

  • Easy to use correctly, can effectively take over a match for your team with high kill expectancy 
  • Fast-paced and aggressive moves to easily dominate enemies
  • All of her abilities do damage, which can aide a team in getting more kills and winning matches

Pick Raze if:

  • You want an aggressive, high kill potential agent that can aide in a fast-paced play style
  • You are confident in your gun skills and can pair that well with a damage-dealing move set 
  • You can jump into battle, opening up opportunities for your teammates, and winning the match. 

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