[Top 5] Valorant Best Solo Queue Agents That Are Excellent

We all know you're aiming for Radiant but that's not how life works.
Valorant Ranking System

You have probably played many games and got confident until you wanted to play Ranked! This is where the game changes and becomes a personal vendetta! Valorant Solo Queue is one of the hardest but in this article, I’m going to show you how to beat the system by playing the right agents!


Here are the top five Agents for Solo Queue:


5. Reyna:

Starts at: 1:45

Reyna is a great agent for people who want to go in and do things themselves! It’s all about shooting first and leaving a damaged enemy team behind you. Reyna is the best fit if you’re confident in your skills and you would go in the game looking for that MVP honor because Reyna is all about counting dead bodies, otherwise, you would be falling off.
Why Reyna Is a Great for Solo Queue:

  • A true Solo carry due to her kit and damage.
  • Harder to kill when she’s aggressive as you can heal after each kill!
  • Being invisible is the best trick and Reyna is the master of that trick.
  • Blindsight all enemies with her C and that can be so beneficial if you want to hold a certain angle or cover your team pushing from another.

4. Jett:


Jett is the true queen! How many times have you seen her name on most lists? That’s because she’s so OP. She’s always on S tier because she’s a great duelist. She moves swiftly, has sharp knives that can one-shot enemies, and she’s also good-looking!

Why Jett Is a Great for Solo Queue:

  • Hard to kill especially if you’re playing in low-elo as their aim drops drastically when you use her dashes!
  • Pushing to a site is easy with her smoke and dashes so you can go in quickly and assassinate some enemies if you’re fast enough!
  • Impressive Ultimate, what’s better than killing enemies expendables style by throwing knives at their heads!

3. Sage:


Sage is one of my favorite agents because she’s always supportive and can give her team the advantage due to her “medical” kit! What’s better than healing your excited teammate who just got shot by all the enemy team? You can’t change your team but you can at least make them more valuable!

  • Why Sage Is a Great for Solo Queue:
  • Her wall can either be used to be defensive or even offensive as you can hold tough angles from above. 
  • Having a Sage on the team is like having a second chance if you make mistakes.
  • Her Ultimate can literally bring people back to life! Imagine the frustration of your enemy if you bring back the carry after they finally bring them down.

2. Raze:


Raze has been the go-to for many players, not just because she’s cool but it’s also because of her amazing kit! The developers even said they designed her to punish players who are in “predictable spots”. She can use her kit to push a site easily if you have the necessary skills and can predict the moves of other players so you can aim your Ultimate perfectly.

Why Raze Is a Great for Solo Queue:

  • Her Q “BLAST PACK” can make her so slippery while also being used to damage enemies.
  • Normal grenades aren’t enough, that’s why Raze has her E “PAINT SHELLS”. You can actually finish enemies with this skill or make them back down easily!
  • BOOM Bot! I guess you already know it because you probably got caught by her Bot too many times! Raze uses her C to push sites or scout ahead in dangerous corners.
  • Her Ultimate “SHOWSTOPPER” is a great advantage if you’re an aggressive player and confident with your scouting skills! You can finish off enemies using this skill without even getting your hands dirty!

1. Sova:


I’m a proud Sova player, why? Because I believe his kit is the most helpful! You can be aggressive with your Q “SHOCK BOLT” or you can use it defensively. You can also scout ahead with your E and locate enemies with your drone, so you can easily pave the way for your team to go in and get the job done!

Why Sova Is a Great for Solo Queue:

  • Amazing scout and initiator with your E “RECON BOLT”.
  • The “SHOCK BOLT” is a great way to give your enemies free damage if they reveal their hideout.
  • Unable to shoot your “RECON BOLT”? Then try the Drone! You can easily use it to locate the enemy team and create panic because they’ll know you’re coming for them!
  • His Ultimate does a lot of damage as you can use it to defend the spike or push a site and kill whoever prevents you!


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