Valorant: How To Play Placement Games Guide

Valorant: How To Play Placement Games Guide
What's your rank last season?

Old rankings are reset at the end of every season in Valorant, and new ones are determined by playing five placement matches. Players need to ace these games as their new ranks depend on their performances in these placement games.

How To Play Placement Games In Valorant

Simply put, placement ranks are the first five competitive games you play at the beginning of the season or “act.”

  • Step 1: Enter the lobby and choose the competitive mode.
  • Step 2: Queue for matchmaking. Your lobby depends on your previous rank. So, if you were Bronze 1, you’ll most likely play with players within two ranks (6 tiers).
  • Step 3: Pick the agent you’re most comfortable with or the one that best fits your team composition.
  • Step 4: Play as if you’re playing a competitive mode.

The ranking system factors in things such as your personal performance, ELO, and more. Winning the majority of the placement games will land you a higher rank. Inversely, lose them, and you’ll be sent to lower tiers.

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