Valorant Best Brimstone Plays

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Brimstone is a capable agent, able to provide both powerful offensive and defensive abilities.

10. The 1v5 with a Twist by DrLogicall (Starts at 3:26)

9. 4K Ult on Bind in Hookah by JBE4ST

The most impressive part about this 4K that JBE4ST picks up is his awareness of enemy locations. He receives comms that the enemies are pushing through Hookah (a common location on Bind), and he immediately takes the teleporter and utilizes his ult to force them either onto the site or into his line of fire.

8. ACE on Haven in C Site by Aimless

The timing of this play by Aimless is impeccable. He has information that there are at least a few people pushing through C Long and prepares his ult. After he picks off 3 enemies with his ult alone, the round is heavily in his team’s favor.

The coolest part about this play? He sees Reyna’s Leer and instead of shooting it, pre-fires on where he thinks the Reyna will pop out from. This is a great display of knowledge and intuition of the game.

7. 4K With a Perfect Flick by SwizzC19

How often have you practiced your flicks in the Range? Doing your fast swings in practice and utilizing it in-game is a big difference and SwizzC19 does it perfectly. Not only does he pick up 4 kills, but his last kill on the enemy Raze was nothing but the perfect flick.

6. The Perfect Defense by Fizzil

I love this play for the preparation put into setting up the defense as well as the use of Brimstone’s smokes. That, and picking up 4 kills isn’t so bad as well. Fizzil places himself in a corner and picks off 2 enemies who didn’t clear the area he was holding.

After receiving comms from his teammate that there are a few more enemies pushing through C Long, he immediately smokes the entrance and waits for them to push through for 2 more cleankills. A great combination of good defense, abilities, and aim.

5. Phoenix No More by pvzinho

One of the greatest weaknesses in Phoenix’s ult is that when it runs out, it takes him a second or two to pull out his gun. On top of that, if you place yourself in a bad position, vigilant enemies will sniff out your ult location and wait for you to spawn for an easy kill.

This Brimstone does just that. His teammates win back the C site on Haven in a 4v5 and after his last teammate is picked off by the Phoenix ult, Brimstone takes a well-educated guess at where the Phoenix might’ve ulted from. With a little bit of awareness and sneaking around, boom, easy kill.

4. Wonderful Ace on Ascent Mid by Klaster19

While this Brimstone had his teammates closing in on the mid-section of the Ascent Map, Brimstone takes the initiative by peeking from Garden and using his ult to pick off one of the enemies. He joins his teammates in pushing through onto the mid-section even further and finds the ace.

The noticeable display of skill here is his instant reaction to turn away from the Phoenix flash as well as switching to his Ghost pistol when his Vandal runs out of bullets. Composure is key.

3. You Can’t Defuse by PAKMAN

A unique characteristic of Brimstone is that he doesn’t even have to be holding risky angles when he is protecting an active spike. This Brimstone takes this knowledge to heart and uses his ult to first stop the enemies from defusing, and second, to send his Incendiary molly to delay enemies from defusing even further.

This play is amazing due to the fact that the Brimstone knew the line-up for his Incendiary from all the way off the site, exposing him to virtually no danger while he shot it.

2. Use the Ult Orb by Lewd

After picking up 3 kills by playing aggressively from Showers on Bind, the Brimstone realizes he only needs one more ult point to be able to use his Orbital Strike. He jumps back into the safety of Showers and picks up his last ult point. With that, he takes a look at his mini-map as his teammates engage the remaining enemies and finishes them off with class.

1. No Health? No Problem by Vani7y (Starts at 10:04)

Talk about a steel resolve. This Brimstone’s team decides to push aggressively onto the A site of Haven (notice how he clears the corners). He gets 2 kills off of this rush play, and he decides to camp a corner for the last 3 with only 10 health remaining.

He plays everything here as safe and smart as he can, and capitalizes on the enemies’ mistakes. This play takes the number 1 spot for just how clutch it was, especially with the Brimstone on a minuscule amount of health.

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