[TOP 3] Valorant Best Flankers

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Riot Games' new FPS, Valorant, takes the gaming world by storm.

3. Phoenix

Utilizing Phoenix's Ultimate, Run it Back, with his flashes, Curveball, is a great combination when you're looking to catch the enemy team by surprise.

With his Curveball flash and ultimate, Run it Back, Phoenix has a great combo to flank enemies. Utilizing his ult for a flank will give you crucial information on enemy numbers and locations and a frag or two...all the way up to five if you’re lucky. Without his ult, his flanks won’t be as effective which is why I’ve placed him at number 3 on the list of best flankers.

Agent Strengths

  • Run it Back is one of the best ults in terms of gathering information and getting kills from the standpoint that you’ll return  to your ult spot at 100 health
  • Combined with his flash, Phoenix has high potential to flank and get several kills if his abilities are used well

Pick Phoenix if...

  • Phoenix is a great agent on any map and his ability to flank well on top of everything he already has in his toolkit is why he’s one of the best agents
  • His ultimate is only available a few times a game based on your frags and spike plants/defuses, so a good understanding of Phoenix is required


2. Omen

Paranoia is a powerful blind that can travel across a large distance.

Omen’s blind, Paranoia, is one of the strongest blinds in Valorant for how far it can travel as well as its ability to travel through walls. A great blind can get an entire corridor full of enemies. This ability alone is why Omen is such a strong flanker.

On top of his blind, Omen has a mini-teleport with Shrouded Step, long-lasting smokes to create angles, and a cross-map teleport with his ult. These are all abilities that can fool enemies to keep on guessing where Omen will strike from next. There is a high skill-cap when it comes to utilizing all his abilities to their full potential, but when you do, you’ll put your team in a great spot to take the round.

Agent Strengths

  • Every one of Omen’s abilities can be utilized when flanking enemies
  • The strength of Paranoia alone makes Omen one of the best flankers
  • Omen’s abilities synergize very well together and when done right, will leave enemies constantly guessing Omen’s next location

 Pick Omen if...

  • Like Phoenix, Omen is a great pick for any map as he’s a very balanced Controller
  • Experience and creativity are key when it comes to using Omen, so handle him with care


1. Jett

Jett is the most mobile agent available for selection in Valorant and a mastery over her gives you positions that nobody else can emulate.

The most mobile agent in the game, Jett is a rather curious character to add to this list, not to mention she’s taking the number one spot. The reason being is simple: her kill potential is limitless. Her character biography alone describes her as an assassin who can come from any direction.

Since the recent buffs to her smokes (they last 7 seconds now), Jett has become a viable agent and arguably one of the best duelists.  She is the hardest agent to master, but her extremely high kill potential is why she takes the number one spot.

Two of her abilities are devoted solely to movement: a dash that can take her any direction, and an updraft that will propel her into the air. Combining these movements with well-placed smokes will leave your enemies’ eyes scrambling to find you. To top it all off, her ult, Blade Storm, which equips you with 5 highly accurate knives, can act like a shotgun with a right-click or a sniper/rifle with 3 knives able to do enough damage to kill an enemy.

Agent Strengths

  • The most mobile agent in the Valorant agent roster
  • Able to take on multiple enemies at the same time with fast-enough reflexes

Pick Jett if...

  • As mentioned before, Jett is the hardest agent to use well, so make sure you’ve got enough practice with her to boost your level of comfort using her
  • Combining her abilities gives you several ways to dispatch the enemy team; it’s important to understand as many of the different ways you can use them

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