[Top 10] Valorant Best Spectre Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Standard Spectre still securing kills
Classical Spectre is still functional just not good-looking (That’s what she said)

Spectre is one of the most important weapons not because of the damage or recoil but because it’s not that expensive! It’s usually used when you don’t have that much in the bank but still want to have a chance in life -Isn’t that our daily life?-  If you love the Spectre and want to purchase a new skin then this article is for you!

Here are the top ten Spectre skins that can help you look cool:


10. Recon Spectre:

Recon Red. Basic yet revolutionary

Recon Spectre is a really standard skin, it gives you the feel of war with the camouflage look. Most players won’t go for it unless they prefer classical looks with just a little twist.

The skin is all about combining classical looks with modern as you will get a feeling you are playing games like Call of Duty. One streamer once talked about how special this skin is because it’s just a small twist as it helps him focus while not being too basic. In my opinion, the best version is the red one as it looks more visually appealing.

How to get this skin:
The Recon Spectre was released on Aug 25th 2021! You can still obtain it from the store for 1775 Valorant Points which is around 18.7 USD but you just need to keep an eye out for it in the store.


See Recon Spectre in action:

Valorant Recon Spectre Red + Butterfly Knife 1v3 clutch!



9. Forsaken Spectre:

Forsaken Spectre in action

This skin might get me in trouble because it’s in the 9th place! But it’s just because we have so many good ones! The forsaken Spectre is a great addition to anyone’s collection as you can actually have all the great things you need in a skin.

With its cool new look and bold visuals, the  Foresaken Spectre is always a great choice. The bullet sounds are pretty much the same but the reload animation is a great addition! It feels like a recharge of life! The final kill animation is phenomenal with all the ravens and death vibes.

How to get this skin:
The Forsaken Spectre was released on April 27th 2021! You can still obtain it from the store for 1775 Valorant Points which is around 18.7 USD. All you have to do is stay updated with the store.


See Forsaken Spectre in action:

New Forsaken Spectre Skin w/ quick Gameplay



8. RGX Spectre:

RGX Spectre looking as vibrant as always

Ever wanted to have a vibrant see-through weapon from the future? Then you're going to have it with the RGX Spectre! Every bullet you fire you will see the weapon parts rotate inside, it’ll probably distract you but you will get used to it or learn to live with it because of how beautiful it is! You get a sweet kill sound, unique visuals in the reload, and a very attractive Ace animation.

New and unique art regarding the looks of the weapon especially when it’s turned on as it feels like you’re activating the weapon! Are you a gamer? Then you would surely love the LEDs on the weapon -Gaming products’ concept-. Extra spiciness with the killing sounds. Amazing Ace animation as you are literally going to hang your enemies in the air making them like a statue of the dead for everyone to see! 

How to get this skin:
The Valorant RGX Spectre skin was released on April 27th 2022 so it’s still partly new. It costs 2175 Valorant Points which is around 22.9 USD.

See RGX Spectre in action:

RGX 2.0 Spectre Skin Showcase - Valorant RGX 2.0 Skins Collection



7. Singularity Spectre:

Roses are red and Singularity Spectre is blue

This skin might be old but it’s definitely still worth it! With the futuristic look, energized bullet sound, and special kill effect, it would be a good idea to still invest in the Singularity Spectre.

Most will say that this is an old skin! But this proves that old is gold. When you get this you will be saying that you’re a veteran and have some knowledge of the old skins. It is a gun that makes you feel from the future and the animation feels like your enemy has been sucked into a black hole and it’s so satisfying to just watch.

How to get this skin:
This skin was recently released on Oct 13th 2020. You can lurk and grab it for 2175 VP which is around 22.9 USD.

See Singularity Spectre in action:




6. Ruination Spectre:

Ruin everything with Ruination Spectre

Ruination Spectre is a great choice if you like the dark looks and being able to literally create a black hole that sucks your enemies.

The Ruination Spectre has a slight change in the bullet sound but the visuals are what’s really amazing! It feels like you are walking with a weapon from the dark dimension! The ace kill is super satisfying with the black hole effect up in the sky elevating your enemy.

How to get this skin:
This skin was initially released on July 8th 2021. Currently, it may become available in the store for 2175 Valorant Points which is around 22.9 USD.

See Ruination Spectre in action:

Ruination Spectre | What a BEAST ?? | Valorant Clips - #33



5. Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Spectre:

It’s a gun called a G.U.N!

The G.U.N Spectre! It’s surely a really nice touch of Riot! If you’re into old video games then you would feel like this skin was brought out of it! If you’re into modern weapons with cool bullet effects then you would surely like it too! 

Great bullet-firing effects that might even seem like a gimmick! Funky look to the weapon which makes it more appealing while dealing a lot of damage to your enemies! And the sole objective of looking unique and different is all part of the G.U.N skin.

How to get this skin:
This skin was originally released on October 30th 2020. You can get it for 1775 Valorant Points which equals 18.7 USD.

See G.U.N in action:

[ VALORANT ] Phoenix G.U.N Spectre (Ace)



4. Magepunk Spectre:

Create some magic and ace the enemy team with Magepunk Spectre

Magepunk Spectre is where Riot went Electrical! Everything feels better, the visuals of bullets, the reload visuals and sounds, the winning kills animation, and even the looks of the gun!

If you like science and Valorant then you would surely love the Magepunk Spectre

Electrical looks with a beautiful design that makes you feel like you hold a transformer in your hands! (Talk about feeling like Tesla!) Bullets have new visuals making them feel spooky.

Reload is a blast as every reload you will get the feeling that you’re charging your weapon with electricity not just reloading it! Unique animations for the winning kill, an electrical prison for the enemy? Go ahead and take my money!

How to get this skin:
The Magepunk Spectre was released on the 1st of April 2021! You can still obtain it from the store for 1775 Valorant Points which is around 18.7 USD but you just need to keep an eye out for it in the store.

See Magepunk Spectre in action:

The Magepunk Spectre!



3. BlastX Spectre:

A nerf gun that can hurt badly

The BlastX Spectre is a great choice if you like nerf guns and want to look playful and fun as it’s a really creative approach by Riot. It shows character and can be really fun to own.

New sound effects with each bullet make you feel like you are firing a nerf gun! The bullet shells are also amazing because they are like toy shells. The shells get stuck on the wall making it feel like a wall of shame for every bullet you miss. The finisher animation is so cool as you literally wrap your enemy in a box and let it explode.

How to get this skin:
The Blastx Spectre was released on December 8th, 2020. You can purchase it through the store for 2175 Valorant Points which is around 22.9 USD.

See BlastX Spectre in action:

Maxing out Blastx Spectre | Valorant Gameplay



2. Protocol Spectre:

A futuristic weapon with a twist

It’s a slick modern design with some cool gimmicks that make the weapon look like it came from 2090 or some era where all weapons are gaming - LED Integrated -.

Not much change regarding the sound effect of bullets. Great reload animation that makes it look like you’re assembling the weapon every time! The finisher is an absolute game-changer! You literally summon a robot to blast your enemy’s soul!

How to get this skin:
This skin was released on the 11th of January 2022! To obtain it now you need to just wait for it in the Valorant store if it becomes available anytime for 2475 Valorant Points which is around 26 USD, it might sound a bit expensive but trust me, it’s worth every penny!

See Protocol Spectre in action:

Sage 4K with Spectre Protocol 781-A | Valorant



1. Prime Spectre:

Elegant Prime Spectre in action

The well-known Prime Spectre! It offers a great set of visuals, amazing reload animation as if you’re loading a star trek weapon, and unique bullet sounds!

Unique sound to bullets which is crispy and so satisfying to hear. Amazing new visuals to the reloading process make it feel so futuristic and that’s why many players like it! New scope art and also different visuals regarding the smoke from bullets.

How to get this skin:
Currently, the only way to get this skin is by waiting for it to be available in the store and eventually grabbing it for 1775 Valorant Points which in USD equals around 18.7 USD.

See Prime Spectre in action:





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