Valorant Raze Guide: How To Play Raze Like a Pro [25 Useful Raze Tips You Should Know]

Valorant Raze Guide
Helping you fly through the ranks.

Have you ever been annoyed at how you always get killed by nades, boom bots, and rocket launchers? Have you ever been jealous of other people flying around with Raze? Or do you just want to elevate your gameplay with Raze?

If you are one of those, you've come to the right place because I'm here to help you fly through the ranks with Raze. Here are 25 tips to make you a pro at Raze.


25. Learn Raze Attacking Default Playstyle

Learning Raze's attack default playstyle is a must if you want to improve your Raze gameplay. Learning how to attack on every map will not only benefit you, but also benefit your team, as they can enter the site easily thanks to your help.

Be sure to give out information when you enter the site on where enemies are coming from, what utilities they used against you, and what angles you checked so your team can react accordingly.


24. Learn Raze Defense Default Playstyle

Learning Raze's default playstyle is a must if you want to improve your Raze gameplay. With Raze's utility, you can easily gather information on where your opponents could be coming from.

You can send out your boom bot at the start of each round to gather information on where your opponents might be. You can also use your grenades to easily stop incoming rushes from opponents.

If you see opponents coming from your side, you can quickly escape with your satchel charges. Satchel charges can also be used to rotate quickly from one site to another.


23. Learn Proper Pistol Round

Raze is one of the best agents during pistol rounds. With her utility, it will be easy to deal with opponents because they will have a hard time dealing with your utility.

There are two ways you can handle the pistol round. One is by buying the ghost or frenzy, then buying a boom bot. The second one is buying a light shield and two satchel charges.

Enemies will have a hard time, especially with your boom bot, as it takes more hits with a pistol. With Raze's grenade, it will also be easy to clear corners and get a kill since enemies will have no armor or just light armor.


22. Learn Eco Properly

Learning to eco properly and knowing when to buy utilities with Raze is essential to improving your gameplay with her. Buying her skills all the time will break your economy as her kit costs way more than other agents.

You should always check on how you and your team's economy is going. Saving your utility on a save round can be beneficial for incoming rounds as it will save you credits to use for your other utilities.


21. Learn Boombot Lineup

Learning boom bot lineups will make it easier for you and your team to enter the site as it is a good information-gathering tool. Boom bot lineups also make it safer for you as you are not in a vulnerable position when you release it.

Be sure to have multiple boom bot line-ups as enemies can counter them if you use them all the time.


20. Learn Paint Shell Lineup

Raze's grenade is one of the best utilities to clear angles with as it has the potential to kill your enemies when used correctly. Learning how to grenade lineups will elevate your Raze gameplay by a ton.

You should not only practice lineups for common angles but also learn how to throw your bomb and line it up from anywhere. Practicing grenade ricochet is an excellent way to catch enemies off guard. 


19. Learn Satchel Lineup

A satchel is typically used as a boost to quickly peek or enter a site, but it can also be used to deny certain utilities.Raze's satchel can be used to destroy utilities such as Killjoy's swarm grenade and even her ultimate can be destroyed by Raze's satchel.

Be sure to learn satchel lineups as it will be of great help in dealing with enemy utilities.


18. Utilize Your Ult Properly

Raze's ultimate is one of the best as it is one of the few where it can kill an enemy. Learning how and when to use her ultimate is essential to being a pro with Raze.

Be sure to practice her ultimate timing as it can instantly win you the round when used correctly.


17. Learn The Teleport Trick

Learning the teleport trick with Raze will give you a huge advantage in Bind. This trick will help you not only rotate fast but also catch enemies going to hooka off guard.

Be sure to have intervals using this, as enemies can counter it if you do it too often.


16. Learn Single Satchel Boost

Learning how to single satchel boost will significantly improve your Raze game. Single satchel boosts are commonly used to peek at an angle as fast as you can to surprise your enemies. A single satchel boost can also be used to escape a sticky situation or after you kill an enemy and need to get to safety.

Be sure to practice single satchel boosts in the range everyday for it to be second nature to you.


15. Learn Airstrafing

Movement is key with Raze as her satchel boost employs movement. As a result, having good movement is essential for becoming a better Raze.

Learning how to airstrafe will make your satchel jump smoother and better. Be sure to practice air strafing in the range every day for it to be second nature to you.


14. Learn Bunny Hopping

Bunny hopping is essential to learn as a Raze as it will help you move smoother and better. Bunny hopping is used almost all the time when you play as Raze, as it combines well with your satchel charges. This movement skill will greatly improve your time playing as Raze.

Be sure to practice bunny hopping in the range every day for it to become second nature to you.


13. Learn Double Satchel Boost

One of the best ways to enter a site is with Raze's double satchel boost. The double satchel boost is not only quick, but it can also catch enemies off guard. This makes you a harder target for your enemies to hit as you are flying at a fast pace, which can disorient their crosshair placement.

There are different places in every map where you can double satchel boost, so be sure to practice it on every map. Be sure to not use the same boost every round and try to change it up from time to time for it to not be predictable.


12. Learn Triple Boost

The next step in improving your Raze gameplay is to learn the triple boost. This trick will surely surprise your enemies, as this is not usually done. The triple boost is done by doing a normal double satchel boost and then using your ultimate as your third boost.

This is especially useful in areas where a double satchel boost would be ineffective.This can catch enemies off guard because you can travel much further before they can rotate.

Be warned that this trick will use your ultimate ability for an extra jump instead of using it on an enemy. Use this when you know enemies will be in your tracks or to get to places as fast as possible.


11. Learn Raze Jump Spots

Mastering Raze's various satchel boosts is key to her gameplay, but also learning where to boost will greatly improve your gameplay with her.

Learning jump spots for her boost will make you a versatile player as enemies will be guessing where you will be coming from every round. Be sure to learn multiple jump spots for every map so you don't rely on just one.


10. Use Paint Shell To Bait Out Enemies

Your grenades are great for baiting enemies out of hiding. Use your grenades on common spots where enemies are hiding to bait them out and get an easy kill when they peek out.

Using grenades like this is a win-win situation because if the enemy chooses not to peek, he/she will still die because of the grenade damage. With this in mind, you should practice grenade ricochets from any part of the map to get maximum value out of it.


9. Use Boom Bot To Disorient Enemies

The Boom bot is a nice gathering tool to make it easier for you to clear sites, but it can also be used to disorient enemies when you peek. This trick is simple to perform by launching your boom bot while peeking with it.

This will then distract your enemies when they peek, as they will be chased by the boom bot, which will give you an advantage in your gun fight. Be careful as the boom bot will only go towards your opponent when it is facing him/her.


8. Use Utility to Stop Defuse

One of the best ways to stop a defuse like Raze is not by entering the site and killing everyone, it's by using your utilities to stop the defuse.

All of Raze's abilities can stop a defuse, so be sure to keep that in mind before you wide peek and get yourself killed. When the spike timer is almost up and you still have your utilities, you should start going to a safe place to use your utilities.

Make sure to only use utilities when your enemies are defusing the bomb so as to not waste it.


7. Use Satchel Aggressively

The Satchel can also be used aggressively without using it as a boost. You can use your satchel on enemies to disorient their aim.

To do this, simply throw your satchel down where your enemies are coming from and pop your satchel. Doing this will make your enemies do a little hop which will not disorient their crosshair placement but also make their first shot not accurate.


6. Combo With Teammates

Raze's abilities can be combined with your team to make it even better. Communicating with your team on what you want before a round will greatly improve your chances of winning the round.

Abilities such as Sage wall to get to off angles, Sage's slow and Fade's seize to combo with your bomb for an easy kill and much more. Be sure to learn what abilities mesh well with yours so you can communicate that next time to your teammates.


5. Time Your Peeks With Boom Bot

One advanced trick with Raze's boom bot is to anticipate it finding an enemy and peeking with it at the same time. To do this, use your boom bot as usual, and before the boom bot bumps into a wall to turn around, use a satchel to peek with it at the same time.

This is especially effective when you know where the enemy is, making it easier for you to peek and surprise your enemy.


4. Use Paint Shell to Clear

Raze's grenades work best for clearing common angles. Clearing certain areas with your grenades will make it easier for you and your team to enter.

Not only does it clear the angle, but it can also kill enemies hiding from it. Combining this with your boom bot going the other way will make it harder for your enemies to defend the site as they will have no choice but to back off.


3. Use Off Angles

With Raze's satchel, you can reach uncommon places with ease. With this in mind, you should learn different off-angles on every map to catch enemies off guard and get an easy kill.

Be sure to use different off-angle spots from time to time, as enemies can pre-fire and check that angle if you use it too often.


2. Use Ultimate As Bait

Raze's ultimate is feared by all enemies as it can kill them instantly if they are not careful. With this in mind, you can use your ultimate as a fear tactic to trick your enemies.

One of the best uses of this trick is when you want to ninja defuse a bomb. To do this, use your ultimate, then proceed to defuse the bomb. Enemies will think twice if they peek, as you still have your ult up, which can kill them instantly if they peek at the wrong time.

You can also use your ultimate to quickly change to your primary rifle and chase enemies. Enemies usually run off when they hear your ult, so changing back to your rifle is also good as you will catch them while their backs are turned.


1.  Learn How To Use Shotgun

One of the best combos in the game is Raze and a shotgun. With Raze's destructive abilities and great movement, a shotgun is one of the best guns to use with her.

Shotguns combined with your satchel boosts will surprise enemies and kill them almost instantly as you will be as close as possible to them. Entering the site as Raze with a shotgun is super scary for the enemies as she can go in with ease with her satchel boost.


That’s it! Those are the 25 tips that can elevate your game with Raze. Be sure to always practice and put in the work, and you’ll be radiant in no time!


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