Valorant: Guide for Beginners [35 Useful Valorant Tips Every Beginner Should Know]

35 useful tips
Useful Valorant tips for beginners

The latest tips and tricks on how to play Valorant:

Valorant is a tactical shooter similar to Counter-Strike. Precise accuracy is critical, teamwork is essential, and every shot can be lethal. If you’re a newbie to tactical shooters, or just need some refresher on what separates Valorant from other shooter games, here are some tips and guides before you play.


35. Different Game modes in Valorant

  • There are two main game modes in Valorant: Unrated and Competitive. They are similar game modes; the difference is that Competitive mode has ranks. You can play competitive when you reach level 20.

34. Standard Game objective

  • There are two sides: attack and defense. The attacker side’s objective is to plant the spike and defend it until it explodes. The spike will explode 45 seconds after planting it. If the spike explodes (or they eliminate all their enemies), the attacking side gets one point.
  • The defender side’s objective is to protect the plant sites. If the spike is planted, they must defuse it for 7 seconds for them to win the round. Defenders can gain a point if they defuse a spike or if they eliminate all five of their  enemies.
  • The first team to have 13 points wins. If the score line hits 12-12, the game will enter overtime. In overtime, the first team to have a 2-round lead wins the game.

33. Fundamentals of the game

  • As a beginner in Valorant, there are 4 main fundamentals that you need to know.Aiming, crosshair placement, movement, and abilities.

32. Having a good crosshair

  • Crosshair in Valorant is different for everyone. It is a personal preference. Having a good crosshair will definitely boost your gameplay and improve your aim.

31. Movement

  • You can not run and shoot in Valorant, simply because every gun has its own recoil. Shooting while running or moving will make your bullets go away from your crosshair.

30. Finding the right sensitivity

  • Sensitivity, just like crosshair, is a personal preference. Everyone who plays Valorant has different sensitivities. Having your preferred sensitivity will help you aim better in this game.

29. Aim training game modes

  • There are 2 aim training game modes in Valorant: practice range and deathmatch. These two game modes provide players with a warmup or practice for their aim.

28. Agent’s Abilities

  • Every agent in the game has their own abilities. Each has three basic abilities and an ultimate. One is a signature ability, which is given for free at the start of the round, and the other two can be bought in the shop.

27. Agent’s Ultimate ability

  • The ultimate cannot be bought but requires 6-8 ultimate points. There are multiple ways of getting ultimate points: by getting a kill or by dying rewards 1 point, by planting or defusing a spike, and lastly, by picking up ultimate orbs.

26. Different Agents

  • Right now, there are currently 19 agents in the game. These agents are split up into 4 categories or roles: duelist, initiators, controllers, and sentinels.

25. How to pick your main role?

  • Having a main role makes you improve in the game quickly. If you play the role you like, it is easier to become familiar with the game, compared to playing a role that is different from your playstyle.

24. The Duelist

  • One of the most popular roles. They’re best suited in finding 1v1 duels. Duelists are also called entry fraggers, because one of their main roles is to go first into a bomb site and find an opening or picks.

23. Initiators

  • Initiators are somehow the support role in this game. Their abilities are mostly to help their duelists entry bombsites and get pickoffs easily.

22. Controllers

  • Controllers are also called smokers. Their abilities consist of smoke or walls that denythe enemies’ line of sight. These smokes or walls can be used aggressively or defensively, depending on your team’s strategy.

21. Sentinels

  • These are the experts in anchoring certain places in different maps. They have good stalling utilities, and they make pushing sites very difficult.

20. Agent Compositions

  • Agent composition is very important in this game. To win the game, you should have at least one agent in each role.

19. Teamplay is most important

  • Valorant is a 5v5 game, so it’s best to play with your team and combo your abilities. The team that plays with each other has a higher chance of winning the game.

18. Crossfire

  • Crossfire means positioning yourself in the opposite direction of your teammate. So, when enemies are pushing fast, one can distract them and take the first contact, so the other can kill them easily.

17. Weapon’s guide

  • There are 6 different gun classes in Valorant: pistols, sub-machineguns, shotguns, rifles, heavy weapons, and snipers. These guns have different prices and different damage outputs.

16. What is a good buy?

  • A good buy means you purchased one of the three best guns in the game: Vandal, Phantom, and Operator, as well as all your utilities.

15. Valorant Economy guide

  • Completing different tasks throughout the game will earn credits or money for the players. These credits can be spent to buy guns or improve an agent’s abilities in the shop.

14. Communication is important

  • One of the most important things in this game is communication. Learn to communicate with your teammates about what is happening in the game so you can all adjust well and help each other. Good communication gives a boost in your gameplay that will lead you to win the game.

13. Be friendly and helpful

  • Be friendly and don’t think that you are better than the other players. Don’t be toxic; rather, be kind and help each other out so you can win games.

12. Mini map settings

  • Mini map is one of the vital things you need to have a better gameplay. So, having your preferred mini map will improve your game.

11. Focus on impact, rather than kills

  • Play with your teammates and play your role the best way you can. Of course, killing is important in Valorant, but your game must not focus only on killing. You should know how to have an impact in the game depending on your role. If you’re a controller, use your smokes well. If you’re a duelist, go to the bombsites and try to find the opening kill.

10. Have a backup role to fill

  • When playing solo, you must have a backup role other than your main role. In competitive, people always tend to automatically lock in their agents/roles, so you need a back-up role so you can fill in what role your team needs.

9. Learn tricks with your agents

  • Try to learn tricks and tips for using your main agent by researching it.. These tricks might surprise your enemies and leave them unguarded.

8. Spike can be defused halfway

  • The spike takes 7.5 seconds to defuse. But you can defuse it halfway, so you can still shoot the enemies that planted the spike, if there are any.

7. Learn how to strafe jump

  • Strafe jumping is similar to jump peeking. When you learn how to strafe jump, it will boost your gameplay especially when engaging in a 1v1 duel.

6. Always watch your flank

  • Every map in Valorant is big, so your enemies can be everywhere. While keeping this in mind, you must always watch your flank, especially if you have no information on where your enemies are. With this, you can avoid an easy death from your opponent.

5. Know what every agent does

  • This is one of the most important things in Valorant. Even though you have your main agents, knowing the rest of the agents’ abilities is a big help. With this knowledge, you won’t be surprised at what utilities or abilities those agents can do; thus, you can even counter or avoid them.

4. Look out for enemies’ ultimate abilities

  • The strongest ability an agent can offer is their ultimate. By tracking their ultimate, you can be prepared for what strategies or plans your enemies might do.

3. Ultimate abilities don’t carry into half or overtime

  • If it’s the last round of the half and you have your ultimate, make sure to use it because it won’t carry over to the next half; same when the game goes to overtime.

2. Team ability damage is on

  • Any agent’s ability that damages your enemies when used can also damage your teammates if they are hit by it.

1. Improve your Game sense

  • Game sense is the most important thing you’ll need to have in order to be good in Valorant. Even if you are having a bad day at aiming, having a good game sense can still lead you to victory. This guide will teach you the importance of game sense and how to improve it

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