[Top 15] Valorant Most Popular Skins That Look Awesome!

VALORANT Champions Skin
VALORANT Champions Skin

We all love good skins, especially in FPS games. That being said:

What are the most popular VALORANT skins?

15. Infantry

The Infantry collection

Infantry is a really simple and good-looking collection. This skin line makes your guns look like they were recovered from World War 1. The 3D model is completely different, and the texture work is just amazing. It really sells the idea that you have an old, but effective gun! Also worth mentioning is the special sound effect the Guardian plays when it runs out of bullets. It’s a simple and satisfying “DING!”.

And you get all that for just 875 VP (~$10)! This makes it one of the cheapest skin lines in the game.

You can take a closer look at these skins here:




The VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 collection

VALORANT GO! is a very simple collection. It’s the anime-inspired skin line in this game. But instead of having actual anime characters, you have VALORANT agents drawn in that style and placed on your gun. The texture work is done really well, and each skin could be sold without the stylized agent image that sits inside the gun, but obviously, that little extra image makes the skin so much better. The reason why this skin line is so popular is that people like having their main drawn onto their gun, it just feels cool. Plus you always get to see the really good artwork of your main. 

Having a gun with your main on it will cost you 1775 VP (~$20) or 3550 (~$40) for the melee, but there are no additional upgrade costs.

You can see exactly what gun has your main on it here:




The SPECTRUM collection

SPECTRUM is VALORANT’s collaboration with DJ Zedd. And they managed to do something truly unique. A skin that switches colors based on movement. A skin that has musical sound effects that were done personally by Zedd. A skin that plays a song when you inspect it! In short, it’s a really, really good skin. It comes at a premium price, but for that price you get:

  • Amazing sound effects
  • A satisfying kill effect
  • A stellar finisher that transforms the map you’re playing on into a mini stage that plays a song

The price for one gun skin is 2675 VP (~$25) and 5350 VP (~$60).

You take a closer look at the skins here:



12. Magepunk

The Magepunk collection

Magepunk is an extremely well-done steampunk-like aesthetic for VALORANT. As the name implies, instead of having steam powering your guns, you have magic! Trapped electricity/lighting to be more specific. While the guns may look similar to other media set in a steampunk world, they are unique enough that they stand out. The guns have transparent elements where the magical energy is hosted, and the body is made out of copper. But the things that sell this concept so well are the effects:

  • You get a satisfying electric buzz when you: shoot, reload, kill
  • The kill banner and sound are just amazing
  • The finisher gets your enemy pulverized by the electricity powering your gun

A gun from this collection will cost you 1775 VP (~$20) or 3550 VP (~$40) for the melee.

You can see what Magepunk is about here:



11. Recon

The Recon collection


The Recon skin line is simple in concept. It’s meant to look like modern military weapons, and they pull it off very well! The guns look sleek and modern, and the camo patterns are really nice to look at. Not to mention the fact that the melee is a butterfly knife with amazingly smooth animations for the tricks. Plus: 

  • You get random gun attachments whenever you buy a gun
  • And a pretty good kill banner and sound

You’ll need to pay 1775 VP (~$20) for one gun skin and 3550 VP (~$40) for the butterfly.

Here’s a showcase of the skins:



10. Ruination

The Ruination collection

The Ruination skin line is the second League-themed collection in VALORANT. The skin line is aesthetically in opposition to the Sentinels of Light collection, mainly because they were part of the same event. The skins themselves look extremely edgy but in a good way! They have a fantasy, goth-like look to them, which appeals to a lot of players. When you buy these skins you get:

  • A nice equip animation, where you pull out your gun from the black mist
  • Amazing firing effects
  • One of the best finishers in the game, where you make your enemy submit to you

This collection will set you back 2175 VP (~$25) for one gun skin or 4350 VP (~$50) for the melee.

You can see these skins in action here:



9. Sovereign

The Sovereign collection

Sovereign seems to be the “angel” themed skin collection. The guns are white with gold accents and have a heavenly blue crystal in them. The skins look extremely good, and they’re really popular with the player base. The only thing that makes this skin collection great, and not amazing, is the gun selection. There’s no Phantom, Vandal, or Operator in this skin line. But even so, the amazing effects have won the player base. When you buy a Sovereign skin you get:

  • Unique and subtle animations when shooting, reloading, and equipping the gun
  • Amazing sound effects when firing and killing people
  • A truly unique finisher that has a giant sword fall onto your enemy

Being a premium collection, one gun skin will set you back 1775 (~$20) or 3550 (~$40) if you want the melee.

You can take a look at the angelic effects in here:



8. Elderflame

The Elderflame collection

Elderflame is VALORANT’s dragon set. It was the first and only (as of now) “Ultra” collection. And it’s easy to see why, and why it is so popular. If you like dragons, these skins are for you! Because you get dragons, instead of guns. The dragons shoot, the dragons grab the magazine, the dragons breath as you hold them. The dragons are alive. Plus:

  • You get unique and gun specific animations
  • The skins have an amazing kill banner and sound
  • A pretty good finisher

The price of a dragon is 2475 VP (~$25) or if you want a dragon-themed melee you’ll have to pay 4950 VP (~$55).

You can see all the dragon species you have here:



7. Sentinels of Light

The Sentinels of Light collection

The Sentinels of Light collection is one of the two League of Legends collections, and because of that, it includes the same aesthetic that some League characters have. But that’s not the reason it’s so popular. The skins just look cool, really cool. The effects are on point, the 3D model is amazing, the animations are breathtaking. If you buy this skin you’ll get:

  • A powerful sounding firing sound
  • A really good equip animation
  • A breathtaking finisher

The skins in this collection will cost you 2175 VP (~$25) for one gun skin or 4350 VP (~$50) for the melee.

You can see how good these skins look and sound here:



6. BlastX 

The BlastX collection

BlastX is extremely popular for one simple reason. It’s Nerf guns. Nerf guns that you kill people with. It even shoots foam darts that get stuck on walls if you don't penetrate them! The skins look like they’re made of hard plastic, which is good for the whole toy gun thing. Plus the collection also has some really good effects, like:

  • An equip animation where you take out your gun from gift wrapping paper
  • As mentioned, the firing effects (which include the foam darts)
  • A finisher where you transform your enemy into a gift box

It’s a goofy skin line, but this goofy skin line is a bit more expensive than most premium skins. One gun will set you back 2175 VP (~$25) or 3350 VP (~$40) if you want to get the toy knife.

You can take a closer look at the skins here: 



5. Ion

The Ion collection

Ion is a collection with a clean-looking futuristic aesthetic. It’s not too flashy (apart from the energy core in the middle of the gun), but it still manages to look unique and eye-catching. The full white body with the blue VFX makes for a great overall skin. That’s why so many people use the Ion skins on their Phantom, Sheriff, and Operator. 

Now here’s a list of the things that make this skin so good:

  • Amazing sound effects when firing and reloading
  • The energy core in the middle of the gun
  • A kill sound that’s really satisfying to listen to

You’ll have to pay 1775 VP (~$20) for a gun skin or 3550 VP (~$40) for the melee.

You take a closer look at this collection here:



4. Glitchpop 2.0

The Glitchpop 2.0 collection

Glitchpop 2.0 is one of the most popular collections in the entire game. The reason for their popularity is quite simple. It contains skins for all the widely used guns (Classic, Vandal, Phantom, Operator), and it’s extremely well made too! Its focus on neons and bright, flashy colors appeal to a large group of people. Obviously, a huge part of their popularity are the effects, because when you buy a Glitchpop skin you get:

  • Amazing equip animations with tons of moving parts
  • Really good firing effects
  • An amazing finisher and kill sound

You’ll need to pay 2175 VP (~$25) for a gun and 4350 VP (~$50) for the axe.

You can take a better look at this collection here:



3. Oni

The Oni collection

Oni is yet another extremely popular collection in VALORANT. The Oni collection is inspired by Japanese culture. The color scheme, the art, the demon mask on the skins, make for a great collection. Add to that the fact that this was one of the first three premium collections, and it becomes easy to see why it’s so popular and loved by the player base. Besides that the effects are just really good:

  • Fitting, cool sounding, firing effects
  • An amazing kill sound
  • Probably one of the best finishers on a phantom

One gun from this collection costs 1775 VP (~$20) and the claw costs 3550 VP (~$40)

You can see how this skin looks in-game here:



2. Reaver

The Reaver collection

The Reaver collection has been a fan favorite since beta. And although the skin line wasn’t meant to be added back into the fully released game, the developers listened to the community and decided to upgrade it and add it back to the game after the community said what they wanted. The Reaver collection is goth and edgy, and players love that. It’s just very cool. For the money you get:

  • Ghostly sound effects
  • A really cool and satisfying kill sound
  • A finisher that drags your enemy in hell and makes the whole map darker
  • Amazing reload animations

I’ll say it again, it’s just a cool and edgy skin line, and that’s why players love it! And it has the standard premium skin price. Each gun being priced at 1775 VP (~$20) and the melee being priced at 3550 VP (~$40).

You can see the skins showcased here:


1. Prime

The Prime collection

Number 1 on this list is Prime. This was the first premium skin line when the game was fully released, and it’s still regarded by many as one of the best skin lines in the entire game. The white, black, and gold colors compliment each other really well. The animations are on point. The wolf theme is just really well executed. Everything about this skin line is extremely well made. The skin line offers:

  • A completely new reload animation, where the top of the gun pops out and you put in a new power cell in it
  • What is considered to be the best shooting sound effect
  • One of the most satisfying kill sounds
  • A really good finisher of a wolf destroying your enemy
  • Extremely good variants

This skin line is so good, that people even started to say that these skins give you an aimbot, because of how satisfying it is to use them. Needless to say, people like them a lot.

This collection will set you back 1775 VP (~$20) for one gun and 3550 VP (~$40) for the melee.

And you can see this collection in all its glory here:




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