Valorant: How To Double Rank Up

Valorant how to double rank up.
Rank go brrrr!

Valorant is a competitive 5v5 FPS tactical shooter and as all things competitive there is always a rank system. Given that, players would want to rank up fast and get their desired rank faster. Good news! There are double rank ups that can get you to your desired rank faster.

So how do you double rank up in Valorant? 


Step 1: Perform well in games

If you want to have a high chance of getting a double rank, you need to perform well in your games and raise your MMR. MMR is your matchmaking ranking, which determines your rank. Top fragging and a high combat score will contribute significantly to your MMR gains.

Performing above your current rank and beating other players with higher rank than you will have a huge effect on your MMR growth.


Step 2: Get a win streak

Getting a win streak when you play your competitive rank will raise your MMR even further. Huge win streaks will give a tremendous boost to your MMR, even a small win streak such as 2 wins can have a big effect on your MMR.


Step 3: Get a hundred rank rating

Once you reach a hundred rank rating, you will rank up, and if your MMR is 4 tiers above your current rank, you will get your double rank up.

And that’s it. The next time you perform well in your competitive games, you might get your double rank and get to your desired rank faster.






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