Valorant Best Breach Players

Valorant Best Breach Player
Meet the Agent - Breach

Here are the best Breach Plays in Valorant!


#10 - Clutch by ShahZam

Here, ShahZam uses Breach’s abilities to clutch the round! He utilizes his faultline power to stun the enemies before taking them down


#9 - Ace by JoeDaBozo 

Here, JoeDaBozo uses every single one of Breach’s abilities to take down the enemy team in an extremely satisfying Ace!


#8 - Ultimate Flash by CSGOALEX 

Here, we see CSGOALEX use Breach’s flash to destroy the enemy team with yet another Ace!


#7 - Knife Run by HermsLou

Here, HermsLou uses Breach’s abilities to sneak up on the enemy and knife them to death, quite a fun way to use his ability!


#6 - Crowd Control Clutch by Yegnud 

Here, Yegnud uses all of Breach’s abilities to control the enemy in a 1v4 clutch


#5 - Bait and Switch by Nihilhodie 

In an excellent show of skill, Nihilhodie wins the round by using Breach’s abilities to their max!


#4 - Explosive Frag by Hiko  

In this clip, Hiko uses Breach’s explosive move to kill Dr. Disrespect without even seeing him! 


#3 - Can’t see me by GODAZED 

Godazed uses Breach to his ultimate power by clutching up the round and distracting the enemy in this 1v2


#2 - Ultimate Diamond Clutch by TZAA 

In a dire position, he defuses the spike to ½ so he has time to get the kill and clutch up the round!


#1 - Amazing Ace by Base 

In this epic clip, we see Base uses Breach to his max to get the ace and secure the round by himself! 

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