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Valorant Best Skins
Valorant already looks awesome, but with the right skins it can be even better!

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Even better than playing a game of Valorant with friends is playing a game of Valorant in style. The game's skins don't improve the weapons' strength, but the visual element is much more attractive - and let's face it, when your teammate has a nice Vandal skin, we feel a little envious, don't we? If you want to add them to your inventory, check out our list of the 15 most beautiful FPS skins from Riot.

15. Prism Knife

Prism Knife VALORANT Skin Showcase

Prism, though expensive, is one of the most beautiful knives in all of Valorant. If you've played Counter-Strike, it's impossible not to think that it looks a lot like Valve's FPS knives, especially when you take into account the predominantly blue coloration with purple accents on the knife edges. The beauty of Prism Knife is unmistakable.

How To Get Prism Knife: You can purchase it for 2550 Valorant Points

14. Sakura Vandal

Sakura Vandal VALORANT Skin Showcase

Sakura's meaning in Japanese is ‘cherry blossom’, and that's exactly what this Vandal's drawing means. Predominantly white in color and with drawn cherry trees, Sakura Vandal refers to a principle of calm, beauty, and detail, similar to what we see in oriental culture.

How To Get Sakura Vandal: You can purchase it for 1275 Valorant Points

13. Valorant Go! Vol1. Phantom

Valorant Go! Vol1. Phantom VALORANT Skin Showcase

Part of a special game collection, Valorant Go! Vol1. Phantom combines the colors blue and pink very well for a very eye-catching and very attractive aesthetic. Their main feature is that the collection takes one of the game's agents and pairs it with one of the weapons in the collection. It's a special collection and it's certainly one of the prettiest in the game.

How To Get Valorant Go! Vol1. Phantom: You can purchase it for 1775 Valorant Points

12. Celestial Fan

Celestial Fan VALORANT Skin Showcase

The most expensive item on this list, the Celestial Fan inhabits the game's collection that honors the Lunar New Year. In addition to the black and gold coloring with several drawn clouds, the Celestial Fan draws attention by opening up when you want to inspect it, transforming itself into a fan.

How To Get Celestian Fan: You can purchase it for 3550 Valorant Points

11. Magepunk Marshal

Magepunk Marshal VALORANT Skin Showcase

Magepunk Marshal is one of Valorant's most beautiful skins for combining a design with old and modern elements, giving an air of appreciation and an incomparable beauty. While most famous skins call for explosive colors and a futuristic design, the weapons in the Magepunk collection are painted more rustic with black and brown accents, standing out over those that call for modernity.

How To Get Magepunk Marshal: You can purchase it for 1775 Valorant Points

10. BlastX Spectre

BlastX Spectre VALORANT Skin Showcase

BlastX Spectre is part of a collection that reminds a lot of cartoons and also children's toys with a light green/purple/orange/white combination. Furthermore, its design even makes it look like its composition is plastic and harmless, although it can be a very useful weapon for destroying enemies.

How To Get BlastX Spectre: You can purchase it for 2175 Valorant Points

9. Singularity Phantom

Singularity Phantom VALORANT Skin Showcase

If you prefer a darker and more direct Phantom, then Singularity is what you are looking for. It's a futuristic design with purple and black coloring but it's more aggressive - no wonder the killing animation with the Singularity Phantom creates a black hole in the downed opponent. Despite such beauty, it costs a little more than average.

How To Get Singularity Phantom: You can purchase it for 2175 Valorant Points

8. Sovereign Ghost

Sovereign Ghost VALORANT Skin Showcase

The combination of white and gold in Sovereign Ghost evokes luxury, in addition to having blue details that add even more beauty to the weapon and make it look like a collection of jewelry. Very beautiful and very well detailed, the low price compared to other collections means that you can buy a beautiful weapon without having to spend a lot.

How To Get Sovereign Ghost: You can purchase it for 1775 Valorant Points

7. Ion Operator


Ion Operator VALORANT Skin Showcase

The Ion Operator again draws attention to a futuristic design and a combination of colors that works very well, in this case, white and blue. The idea, according to Sean Marino, Valorant's art leader, was that Ion would refer to a sci-fi scenario and a hopeful utopia scenario. This wonderful skin certainly cannot be out of any list of the prettiest in the game.

How To Get Ion Operator: You can purchase it for 1775 Valorant Points

6. Elderflame Operator


Elderflame Operator VALORANT Skin Showcase

The Operator is the strongest weapon in the Elderflame group, which resembles a dragon and has custom animation when shooting and reloading. The Elderflame is extremely well modeled and very, very beautiful, despite being quite expensive. Acquiring it makes you almost instantly the coolest player on your team.

How To Get Elderflame Operator: You can purchase it for 2475 Valorant Points.

5. Forsaken Spectre


Forsaken Spectre VALORANT Skin Showcase

According to the Valorant Leaks page, as soon as the Forsaken collection was announced, the idea was that it would represent the other side of the Sovereign collection, more darkly and crudely. The dark green paintwork with very sharp edges and reminiscent of cracks in the floor draws attention, although the detail of the birds remains. Spectre is a beauty with this skin.

How To Get Forsaken Spectre: You can purchase it for 1775 Valorant Points

4. Reaver Vandal

Reaver Vandal VALORANT Skin Showcase

If much of the game refers to a futuristic and animated design, the Reaver Vandal is exactly the opposite of that: the weapon has purple and dark colors to delete your opponent without any mercy or ceremony. Reaver was launched only in November after its first appearance in the beta version of the game, being one of the highlights of the skin since that time. Killing your opponent with the Reaver Vandal gives a haunt… for opponents, of course.

How To Get Reaver Vandal: You can purchase it for 1775 Valorant Points.

3. Oni Guardian

Oni Guardian VALORANT Skin Showcase

The Oni collection refers to a Japanese theme, full of details and very striking animations. Despite being cheaper compared to other collections, Oni Guardian doesn't owe anything to any skin in the game, especially with its drawings that refer to ogres and with a painting that reminds the oriental culture.

How To Get Oni Guardian: You can purchase it for 1775 Valorant Points.

2. Glitchpop Bulldog

Glitchpop Bulldog VALORANT Skin Showcase

Okay, we know that the Bulldog isn't exactly the most used weapon during a competitive Valorant match, but you can't deny that its design in the Glitchpop collection is a movie thing. The pink, blue and black coloring makes an excellent mix and fits in well with the overall look of the game, so those who risk using the Bulldog have one of the most beautiful weapons in the entire FPS in their hands.

How To Get Glitchpop Bulldog: You can purchase it for 2175 Valorant Points

1. Prime Vandal

Prime Vandal VALORANT Skin Showcase

Prime Vandal is one of the oldest skins in the game - it was officially released along with the game on June 2, 2020 - but it stands out a lot for its clean design, its very unique reload animation, and its colors well detachable. Simplicity is what makes Prime Vandal stand out even over other skins which were released in later updates and which have more animated elements. Because of that, this skin will probably appear on the list of best designs in the game for a long time.

How To Get Prime Vandal: You can purchase it for 1775 Valorant Point


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