[Top 10] Valorant Most Fun Agents To Play

Reyna, Phoenix, and Jett, from Valorant standing back to back.
Instalocking is an art form, really.

Unless you insta-lock Jett every match, at some point you’ll need to learn new agents. Whether you’re looking for your next main, or deciding who’s contract you’ll complete, you’ll want to find someone who’s fun to play with. There are some agents whose kit is more entertaining than others, whether it's because of the intel it provides, the movement available, or all of the different ways you can kill your opponents. Here are some of the most fun in the game to play, whether you’re soloing ranked, or rushing in with a 5-stack.


10. Cypher

Hailing from Morocco, Cypher is one of the best information brokers. To him, everything has a price, so secrets must be kept secure. He has gathered extensive information on all his fellow VALORANT agents, a fact which disturbs many of them.

Cypher is one of the few Sentinels who can still use his utility globally. This means Cypher can set up his camera and trips on one site, then rotate to the other one and hold both. His camera gives great utility and is great for preventing enemies from defusing. No one wants to defuse while a tracking dart is lodged in their chest.

Why Cypher is fun to play:

  • Can effectively hold two sites at once using camera and tripwires
  • His ultimate can provide more intel than any other ability in the game
  • With new buffs his tripwires last longer and provide more slow, making them a terrifying piece of utility to play against


9. Omen

Not much is known about where Omen came from, all he remembers is being killed and torn apart. Now, he is one of the first agents to join the VALORANT Protocol, and remains its most mysterious member. Oh, and he likes to knit.

If you like outplaying your enemies with good positioning, or you find yourself dying in kill spots and wanting a good escape tool, then Omen is the perfect agent for you. His biggest appeal is his Shrouded Step which allows him to teleport a small distance after channeling. Good players can use it to reposition around enemies or corners to completely confuse them, shooting or knifing them while their back is turned.

Why Omen is fun to play:

  • Shrouded Step allows him to reposition safely, meaning he can play off-angles with less risk than other agents
  • His ultimate, From the Shadows, allows him to cross the map to secure a safe plant or to retrieve a lost spike
  • Paranoia is a powerful blind that is good for entering site or for disguising his teleports


8. Reyna

Reyna is a Radiant from Mexico, with the ability to absorb the life energy from the souls of people she kills. Much of the energy she absorbs, she sends to her sister, Lucia, to keep her alive. Reyna is distrustful of most people, preferring to keep to herself and get as many kills as possible.

Reyna is the 1v5 queen. While her abilities do require her to get at least one kill to start, once she begins she can snowball her way to an ace. Her ultimate comes with faster firing speed and unlimited use of her abilities, making her terrifying to go against, even with a numbers advantage. Never try to play with the queen one on one, and hope that your aim is good.

Why Reyna is fun to play:

  • Empress is an ultimate with a low point cost, meaning she can get it quickly, and when she does, she can trade safely, giving her nearly unlimited healing and free repositioning
  • Leer forces opponents to look away from an entrance, giving Reyna the advantage when she peeks dangerous corners
  • Devour is a heal that also gives an overshield, allowing Reyna to sometimes take 250 damage in a round without dying


7. Killjoy

Killjoy is a German engineer who is a genius inventor responsible for much of the technology used by the VALORANT protocol, including spike defusers and teleporters. She spends much of her time tinkering with her tools, always seeking to improve them. She’s even helped other agents with their technology, enhancing it or making it more efficient.

Killjoy has seen a lot of work over the course of the game, she’s always been one of the strongest sentinels, and even after some nerfs, her kit is known for easily countering pushes and even scoring multikills without seeing the enemy. Anyone who’s played against her on Ascent knows the terror of pushing Speedway on B against her mollies. Good players can also use her turret in a variety of means, either intel, chip damage, or using it to jump on or off high ledges quietly.

Why Killjoy is fun to play:

  • Proper use of utility can prevent an entire site from being pushed
  • Ultimate can push people off site or delay a defuse to secure a round
  • Killjoy can swing off most of her utility, giving her a better trade than other agents


6. Breach

The bionic man from Sweden, Breach started off as a criminal. Being a double amputee he had to build his own arms to continue his life of crime, becoming so notorious he was exiled from his home. Later on, he met Raze, who would help him rebuild his arms into the weapons they are today, and together they would both join the VALORANT protocol, leaving behind his life of crime.

Besides his fun voice lines and slick design with his cybernetic arms, Breach is all about a big entrance. With two concussions, a flash, and a corner clearing molly, Breach is an initiator that is all about pushing enemies back. He may not have any intel abilities, but he makes up for it with a kit that’s fun to use and great for setting up kills.

Why Breach is fun to play:

  • Flashpoint detonates through walls, making it easier to flash for your team, but not flash them
  • Aftershock can force rats out of corners or deal a healthy amount of damage on a chokepoint
  • Rolling Thunder is an aggressive ultimate with a 7 second concussion that can safely push your team onto a site


5. Harbor

Born in India, Harbor was the twenty-first agent to join the protocol. He acquired his abilities through the use of an ancient artifact that allows him to summon and control water. Many parties are interested in retrieving this artifact for themselves, VALORANT seems to be the only organization that doesn’t want to kill him for it.

Harbor is a unique controller in that he doesn’t lose control when using his utility. Unlike Astra, Brimstone, or Omen, he can push with his team while laying down cover making him a pseudo-initiator. He might not be the best choice for the primary controller, but in a double controller composition, Harbor is a powerful and enjoyable addition to any team.

Why Harbor is fun to play:

  • His low end time on abilities makes him an aggressive controller
  • Most vision denying abilities out of any controller
  • Ultimate gives intel and forces enemies out of safe angles


4. KAY/O

KAY/O is a robot from an alternate future that was built to hunt down Radiants. He uses polarized radianite to shut down their powers and eliminate them. He traveled back in time and joined with the protocol, fighting alongside humans and Radiants he had once known and fought against. He still can’t forget some of the scars he earned from them.

If you’ve ever been annoyed about all of the smokes, stuns, and blinds in the game, then KAY/O presents the perfect counter to that. He has two abilities that suppress other agents, so only his team has the advantage. He has a high skill ceiling with his flash line ups and knife throws that make learning him both enjoyable and rewarding to climb the ranks.

Why KAY/O is fun to play:

  • ZERO/POINT can be used for both intel and for delaying a push as the initiators and duelists are without their abilities for 8 seconds
  • FLASH/DRIVE can be thrown or tossed to allow for team flashes or pop flashes to swing off of
  • NULL/CMD is a great way to disable many ults and gives KAY/O  the chance to be revived if he’s killed during it


3. Iso

A chinese hitman, Iso has the ability to create bulletproof constructs out of ambient radianite energy. Iso was given a new target, Omen, a previous employer of Iso’s contractors, however Iso learned about the VALORANT protocol and instead asked to join them as long as they could keep him safe from his previous employer. Now he stands as the newest member of the team.

Iso’s kit is packed full of useful utility, in a game where the fastest headshot wins, Iso buys himself extra time. In that moment after the first shot and the realization that their target didn’t die, Iso shines as a powerful anti-rat agent that can take dangerous fights and push his team deep onto site.

Why Iso is fun to play:

  • Double Tap allows him to ignore the next instance of damage, meaning he can swing an Operator or a Judge with little fear
  • Kill Contract is the best tool for isolating fights and lets you test your pure aim ability
  • Undercut works like Omen’s blind and can secure assists if you aren’t the first entering duelist


2. Neon

A Radiant from the Philippines, Neon harnesses her body’s bioelectricity into a powerful weapon. She requires a special harness to keep her powers in check, as her control is light. She joined the protocol in order to help them secure a teleportation route to Omega-Earth.

Neon is the fastest agent in the game, and while movement is typically frowned upon in a tactical shooter, the rest of her kit gives her an edge that she can capitalize on with her speed. Flying out of her wall with a dash, or sprinting across the map with her deadly accurate laser, Neon is a character with unpredictable movement that, if mastered, can give her the advantage on her trades.

Why Neon is fun to play:

  • Most mobile agent in the game with her heightened speed
  • Dash ability can make her movement unpredictable and harder to pre aim
  • Overdrive is good for eco rounds, but also a deadly weapon against even higher-elo players


1. Raze

Raze is an engineer from Brazil who used her fondness for explosives to drive Kingdom out of her home. Now she uses her colorful explosions to battle VALORANT’s enemies, leaving her mark on the battlefield with her flashy entrances. She brings color and style to any fight.

Raze is a character who thrives on eco rounds. Even with nothing but a Bucky, she can terrorize the enemy team. If you spend time mastering her double satchels and learning different entrances to the site, then there is nothing the defenders can do to prevent you from getting at least one kill.

Why Raze is fun to play:

  • Double satcheling allows for a massive skill ceiling that allows Raze to push deep into site before enemies can react
  • Grenade and Boom-Bot are good for clearing dangerous angles and making space
  • Showstopper deals splash damage and can force enemies into misplaying simply out of fear for the powerful rocket


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