Valorant Agent Tier List [Valorant Best Agent Rankings]

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Valorant’s current agent roster as of patch 4.11.


    These agents are the current cream of the crop. Aside from the fact that they can do their jobs like no other agent can, these characters can adjust and do other jobs outside of their scope as well, depending on the situation. They can absolutely crush teams in 1v5 situations and are geared to easily finish jobs in clutch situations. Having a good S-tier agent player in a ranked team can easily determine matches’ outcomes if it all comes down to it. These are why these agents have the highest pick rate among all the others in Valorant, whether in pro play or ranked.


Chamber, Valorant's One-Man Army!

Currently, Chamber has the highest agent pick rate in Valorant due to his ability to easily shift between the duelist role and the sentinel role depending on team strats, for starters. Aside from that capability, he also has a great ability set that enables him to not only hold down a site efficiently but to act as an aggressor-type duelist, able to trigger gun fights and get away with it, scot-free. You’d think it ends there but no, he’s also great for flanks, too! Truly an all-around type of agent for every situation imaginable, what more can anyone ask for? Probably a good nerf to balance things out, we hope.

Check out Chamber here!


Look up, here comes Sova's shock darts!

When looking for a proper initiator, players shouldn’t look further for anyone better than one of the OG agents of Valorant, Sova. Till now, nobody could top his skill set when it comes to proper initiation as his abilities require no specific moveset to be efficient just point the arrow, shoot the arrow, bet it’ll land exactly where you were aiming it to, and BAM!  You either get valuable information or directly kill an enemy with your shock dart ability (yes, it’s still possible) or your ultimate ability. Of course, learning lineups wouldn’t hurt, but Sova is an agent who can definitely be impactful with or without prior experience with the agent–and really, that alone tells a lot about why he’s one of the agents assigned on top of this list.

Just who is Sova?


Jett's knives are both sharp AND fast!

Jett is 100% the best duelist Valorant has to offer. Countless nerfs and balancing has passed, and she is still more than capable of 1v5-ing the enemy team even when she’s on eco just because of her super OP ultimate ability. She is also considered to be one of the few, if not only, true agents who are Operator-ready, as her dash ability can be instantly used to one-off an enemy and get away with it easily. Of course, when it all comes down to her and a few other enemies, her smokes can be a huge help in isolating opponents for forced 1v1s. The only thing hindering her from grabbing the top spot is more or less the player using her–as she is heavily a movement-based agent which means she’d instantly nerfed to an extent if she were to be used by a player who cannot utilize her greatness.

Check out Jett here!


Don't get in Viper's way!

Viper is most definitely the go-to controller as of the current patch. She has walls and smokes that can make it extremely hard for enemy teams to either push or defend any given site on any given map; she also has mollies that are powerful as is, but can be combined with her smokes to almost guarantee a round win after planting the spike, and her ult is the best controller ult in the game, with it covering up almost the entire site when activated, surely nobody could top Viper when it comes to controlling any given map for the team.

Here's Viper's description for all you simps out there!


    These agents are highly recommended to be mained as they are easily some of the most impactful characters in Valorant. These agents’ abilities are very useful in almost every situation possible in-game, and they can easily either solo-carry a team or benefit the rest of the team given the right opportunity. The only reason they aren’t on the top tier of this list is more so because of their pick rate in the recent pro-player tournaments, wherein they can be substituted with any one of the S-tier agents depending on teams’ strats.

  • Omen
  • Kay/O


    These agents could easily dominate the game without a doubt, if, and only if they were given the buffs that they deserve. Unfortunately, their time in the spotlight isn’t up just yet… but any player can learn and master these agents with ease, and easily have a great impact in the game if they do their job right, with a little bit more room for error than those agents on the lower tiers, so B-tier they are.

  • Killjoy
  • Sage
  • Raze
  • Skye


    These agents are really fun and easy to main, but unfortunately, they’re either very risky to play around with especially during solo queues, or require an adept sense of team play whenever used in rank as their utilities are more or less based on the player’s game sense more than most agents in Valorant.






    These agents are good at what they do, and there’s no doubt about that… but as with everything in life, there are just agents who can do these D-tier characters’ jobs better than these agents as of patch 4.11. Other than that, playing these characters is pretty hard as their skills are either riskier to use albeit very rewarding, or downright plain and simple to a fault.

  • Astra
  • Cypher
  • Neon


    These agents are not necessarily the worst agents to main given you’re good at using their utilities to the best of their potential, but unfortunately, ranked Valorant gameplay offers no room for error; so, unless you’re really quite skilled, we’re just gonna have to wait for these agents’ buffs along the road before actually maining them to minimize the risk of demotion.

  • Yoru
  • Phoenix


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