[Top 5] Valorant Best Spectre Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Pheonix holding a Spectre
Pheonix holding a Spectre

The Spectre is everyone’s favorite run and gun weapon in VALORANT. Effective at short to medium ranges, it’s one of the most versatile half-buy weapons. It does its job, and it does it well. But like most guns in this game, the default look of the Spectre is lacking.

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered with this list!

5.  Recon

Recon Spectre - Green Camo


Starting off this list, we have the Recon Spectre. This is the go-to skin if you’re looking for a modern military take on this gun. The whole Recon aesthetic is reminiscent of Modern Warfare, and that’s what makes it so great.

It looks realistic enough that you could mistake it for an actual gun used by the military. The color scheme is great on the vanilla version, as well as the other three variants because the camo looks good, but it’s not distracting. To add to that, you also get a few quirks if you decide to upgrade the gun:

  • Two different attachments to the gun (a new grip and a laser or flashlight)
  • A pretty cool kill banner and sound

It’s not much when compared to other skins on this list, but that’s the point. The skin is sleek, modern, and good-looking. It’s the best skin for CoD players and people that enjoy the modern military aesthetic.

This skin is priced at 1775 VP plus 30 Radianite Points to fully upgrade it. Each variant costs 15 more Radianite Points.

You can take a better look at this skin here:


If the modern military aesthetic isn’t doing it for you, and you want something more “old-school” you can also get the Infantry Spectre, this one is priced at 875 VP.


4. Ruination

Ruination Spectre - Vanilla


The Ruination collection is one of the best collections in the entire game, and as you would expect from such a collection, the Spectre looks amazing as well. The almost gothic aesthetic works well on the small frame of the gun, and the edginess really carries this skin to the next level.

Although this is a League skin, you don’t have to be a fan of that game to enjoy it. It’s just that good. The effects are amazing, and the variants have something for everyone. But it’s not just the effects, it’s also the skin itself. It looks great.

And speaking of effects, if you choose to upgrade this skin you’ll get:

  • “Black mist” when you reload or equip a gun
  • A scary-sounding shooting effect
  • An amazing kill banner and sound
  • A great finisher that corrupts the last enemy killed

It’s overall a great skin, and if you like a more edgy aesthetic, this is definitely the skin for you! With that in mind, this skin is on the pricier side, being priced at 2175 VP and 30 Radianite Points to fully upgrade it.

You can check out the great effects here:



3. Forsaken

Forsaken Spectre - Sovereign Variant


Continuing the “spooky” theme, we have the Forsaken Spectre. This skin is basically the corrupted version of Sovereign, and that’s what makes it so good! Instead of gold, white, and heavenly blue, you have mossy green and silver. Instead of clean, shining lines when you equip the gun, you have broken and jagged lines. It’s a great contrast to the pure and angelic aesthetic of Sovereign, and that’s what makes it so good.

But if you decide that you’d rather have a “Sovereign Spectre” instead, you also have that option! You’ll just have to fully upgrade the skin, and then you’ll have all the effects associated with that collection.

However, if you would like to stick to the corrupted aesthetic, you can just choose not to unlock the Sovereign variant. And if that’s your choice, you’ll get:

  • A ghastly sounding Spectre
  • An amazing kill banner and sound
  • A spooky finisher that morphs your enemy into a swarm of crows

It’s overall a great skin, and it’s also fairly priced at 1775 VP and 30 Radianite Points to fully upgrade it. You will have to pay an extra 15 points to get the Sovereign variant, but that’s worth it for most people.

You can see the skin in action here:



2. Protocol

Protocol Spectre in Platform Status: ACTIVATED


The newest Ultimate collection in VALORANT makes its way to the number two spot. The Protocol Spectre is just as good as any other Protocol gun. The dystopian, or even apocalyptic, aesthetic is done remarkably well. And it works great with the Spectre.

As you would expect from an Ultimate skin, the Protocol Spectre has fantastic effects, and features that are only available for this collection. The skin looks compact, has loads of moving parts, and it gives off a futuristic military vibe.

It looks like a weapon that’s made to kill efficiently, and to add to that vibe you also have the effects:

  • A unique equip and inspect animation that makes the gun look more compact
  • A futuristic sounding shooting effect
  • A great finisher that summons a robot from space
  • The Ultimate feature of this skin: voice lines

The gun talks to you whenever you inspect your gun or when you get a kill. They have a total of 60 unique voice lines and depending on your preference you can choose a male or female voice.

It really adds to the dystopian military feel, and some would say it makes the skins feel like something out of the Terminator movies.

The only downside to this skin is the price. Because this is a new Ultimate skin, it costs 2475 VP and an extra 40 Radianite Points to fully upgrade it. And you will also have to spend 15 more points if you want a variant with the female voice.

That being said, you can check out the effects and the voice lines here:



1. BlastX

The BlastX collection


At number one we have the BlastX Spectre. This skin is goofy, is fun, and it’s well made. It obviously draws inspiration from Nerf guns, and it pulls out that aesthetic perfectly. You would be forgiven if you were to mistake this skin for an actual toy gun, that’s how well Riot pulled it off.

As you would expect from a Nerf gun, this Spectre skin shoots out foam darts that stick to walls, and because the collection was released near Christmas, you also get to unwrap your gun from gift paper whenever you equip it. And that’s not all, all the other visual and sound effects are great too!

If you decide to upgrade this skin, you’ll get:

  • The most satisfying sounding Spectre skin
  • The mentioned foam darts
  • The best kill sound
  • The special unwrapping equip animation
  • A goofy finisher that transforms your enemy into a huge gift

Another nice touch to this skin is the wrapping paper and gift box. They have different colors every time you get the last kill or equip your weapon. It’s just amazingly well done. It looks and feels like a toy, and it’s oddly satisfying to use.

The only drawback to keep in mind is the price. This is yet another pricy skin. If you want to buy it, you’ll have to pay 2175 VP plus 30 Radianite Points for the upgrades. 

You can see just how well they pulled off the toy gun aesthetic here:





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