Valorant: How To Play With Friends Guide

Valorant: How To Play With Friends Guide
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Playing with friends is so much better than playing with strangers. Besides bonding with them over a shared interest in gaming, tactical callouts can be easily relayed and implemented.

How To Play With Friends Guide in Valorant

  • First, you need to add your friends in-game by getting their Riot ID and the following four-digit tagline.
  • On the game’s main lobby, hover your mouse to the lower-right corner and click on add friend. Type in their Riot ID and tag, and click on the plus button. Wait for your friend to accept your friend request.

  • Once accepted, their name will show up on your friend list found on the right tab of your screen.
  • To play with a friend, make sure they are online and available. Simply invite them by right-clicking on their name and clicking “invite” if you’re the one creating the lobby or “join party” if you want to join them.
  • After accepting either invitation, you are entered into a waiting room with your friends. Click on start and wait for the matchmaking.

Pretty simple, right? Go and play with your friends now!

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