[Top 15] Valorant Best Plays That Are Amazing

15 Amazing Plays in Valorant
SEN Tenz

15. C9B Vanity knife vs 100T

Up against three players and an Astra wall blocking him from protecting the spike, Vanity proves that bulletproof doesn’t mean knife proof.


14. TGRD Sayaplayer CLUTCH vs 100T

Shocking audiences, Sayaplayer deletes ec1s’ with one shot before proceeding to dash out of garage and spray down all of 100 Thieves.


13. ENVY Yay CLUTCH post plant vs GMB

With four of his teammates dead and four left from the enemy side, Yay works his magic with his trusty OP and a few Jett daggers.


12. Optic Yay ACE vs Xset

Using Chamber’s Headhunter, El Diablo eradicates the entirety of Xset and does it with absolute efficiency.


11. ACE Cned’s CLUTCH vs GMB

When faced with three enemies and a gun that only fires one bullet at a time, Cned proves why he is considered the best Jett in the world.


10. BBG b0i’s ACE vs RISE

In this “don’t blink or you’ll miss it” ace, b0i cleans up five players in under three seconds. What makes this so special is the full 180-degree flick to Rise Supamen’s head.


9. C9 leaf’s ACE vs NRG

With nothing but his aim, Leaf turns an awful situation into an easy ace.


8. G2 Nukkye satchel redirect ACE vs Acend

When Zeek fires a missile straight for Nukkye, Nukkye dodges by satchel charging himself to the opposite direction. Adding sprinkles to this beautiful play Nukkye then proceeds to finish the ace.


7. Tenz 4K vs NRG

As NRG pushes into B site they are greeted by an angry Tenz who dodges bullets while making them look like chumps. If only Dapr didn’t steal the ace.


6. 100T Asuna Zipline ACE vs Xset

As Xset’s five creep into A site, Asuna does the unthinkable and zips over four players, then he proceeds to gun them all down!


5. Fnatic Derke 3 player CLUTCH vs FPX

Up against one of the best teams in the world, Derke fights off three enemies with his Tour De Force.


4. SEN Tenz ACE vs G2

Even when the odds are against him, Tenz manages to turn everything around and even dodge an Op bullet while he’s at it. Not only is this an ace this is also a clutch.


3. TSM Subroza ACE vs BBG

Making use of Skye’s flashes, Subroza blinds the entire team and proceeds to mow them down with spray transfer after spray transfer. 


2. GUARD Trent 4 player CLUTCH vs Xset

Stuck in an unwinnable position, Trent uses Sova’s information gathering abilities to eliminate Xset one by one through wallbangs.


1. FPX Suygetsu CLUTCH vs PRX to win Masters

Suygetsu makes earning 200k USD look so easy in an incredibly difficult situation. Down one versus four, he uses a vandal to collect both the heads and souls of PRX and goes on to win VCT Copenhagen.

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