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If you’re here then you probably already played Valorant for many hours and want to crush your enemies! Or because you just want to start big and impress your friends by upping your chances through playing the right agent!
In this article, I will show you the best agents -currently- you should play in order to climb and impress your friends too!


Here are the top five most OP Agents:


5. Sage:

What 1000 Hours of SAGE Looks Like...

You probably saw sage just too many times! She’s not just a healing monk! But she can be really lethal if you use her properly.
Regardless of your skills, you can surely be helpful to all your teammates as you can heal them and also revive dead teammates!
Sage’s walls are amazing for blocking enemies but you can actually use them offensively and end your enemies from above where they least expect it!

What Makes Sage OP:

  • Got shot? No worries! You can heal yourself and you can even heal your teammates making it much harder for the enemy team.
  • Can block sites easily and even make it a tough decision for enemies to break the walls as they can get instantly shot!
  • Recently, many pro players used her walls aggressively in specific spots making it nearly impossible for your enemies to spot you -especially at low ranks-.

4. Jett:

Valorant: What 1000 Hours of JETT Looks like... - Valorant Highlights Moments Montage

Jett has been on the throne of being OP for a long time! And even though she scaled a little bit low recently, she’s actually still S tier which is crazy!
If you like moving quickly, staying sharp, and killing your enemies by throwing knives madly then you would surely want to give Jett a chance or even main her!

What Makes Jett OP:

  • Insane mobility using dashes that can confuse the enemy and actually save your life making you hard to kill!
  • One of the best agents to crash a site and force an entry by surprising enemies using both your dash and smoke.
  • Lethal ultimate! You can literally clear the enemy team and score an amazing ace using your ultimate which will surely impress your teammates (especially a gamer girl).

3. Viper:

Valorant: What 2000 Hours of VIPER Looks like! - 200IQ Smokes & Poison Outplays - Valorant Moments

Ever thought that being toxic can also be sexy? That’s how I usually describe viper! Viper can be lethal if played aggressively and the best thing yet? It’s her defensive strategy! It can be really hard to penetrate a Viper’s ult! You have a good amount of CC at your disposal while also being able to one-shot enemies inside your ultimate!

What Makes Viper OP:

  • A considerable amount of CC as you can dictate how the enemy moves using your Snake Bite, especially in critical situations where you don’t want them to push and diffuse your spike!
  • Using poison clouds can be great to block off certain spots when you want to hold the site and keep your spike planted!
  • Her Ultimate is insanely good! You can literally keep your spike alive by using it properly. Viper’s ultimate gives you an advantage by making you able to one-shot any enemy that steps into Viper’s Pit.

2. Astra:

THE POWER OF ASTRA - Best Tricks & 200 IQ Outplays - VALORANT

When Astra came out, players thought it would be OP! And that’s completely true! Astra can easily replace most controllers in the game. If you like having control over the map, blocking your enemies and making them take wrong decisions because of your wall, and playing a team game then you would surely want to give Astra a good chance.

What Makes Astra OP:

  • Her Gravity Well can be like Viper’s Snake Bite making enemies receive twice the damage for the same hits.
  • Her Nova Pulse basically stuns all enemies in a specific range around it! Combine this with the Gravity Well and you will have a lethal effect.
  • The special Ultimate which places a huge bulletproof wall across the map which can be used to control how enemies go and ambush them!

1. Sova:

Valorant: What 2000 Hours of SOVA Looks Like! - 500IQ Line-ups and Insane Arrows! - Valorant Moments

Sova is my absolute favorite! He can be the best agent to scout ahead with, be aggressive, and also defensive! Sova grants your whole team vision while also having a dangerous Ultimate that can finish enemies easily especially if they’re low! He’s also a Russian initiator which means he’s probably tough!

What Makes Sova OP:

  • Easily spot enemies with his Recon Bolt as you can plan your next move accordingly and also ruin the enemy team’s plans!
  • Having the Shock Bolt can be so beneficial if you already know your enemies’ location, it can easily do some damage so it’d be easier for you to finish them or hold them back.
  • His Ultimate is crazily good! A great amount of damage that can either be played aggressively or defensively if you want to hold your enemies off your spike for a few last seconds.


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