[Top 5] Valorant Best Odin Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

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Valorant is considered a fresh game but it has been released since 2020! Part of making players feel it’s still fresh is adding new cool skins to weapons and making them feel different every game!
If you are into shooting games you must have tried Valorant at least once and you must have seen a really destructive weapon called “Odin”.
In this article, I will show you the best Odin skins that can make you feel cool and also powerful!


Here are the top five Odin skins that can help you look cool:


5. Aerosol Odin:

Aerosol VALORANT Skins | Episode 2: Act 1 Battle Pass Skin Collection Showcase

If you like the street style and want to show how cool you are then the Aerosol Odin skin is surely for you! This skin was released a year ago on the 12th of January 2021. Most players loved it because it looked so hyped and chill as it offered a street signature making you feel like you own the field with your own style!
What's Awesome About Aerosol Odin:

  • Chill looks with the street style signature and pop colors.
  • Same gameplay if you don’t like any changes.
  • Most people call it a “Budget Glitchpop skin”.

How to get this skin:
You can obtain this skin by only leveling the Battle Pass up to Tier 40. You can also buy it in the rotating store but without the accessory pack so you must keep an eye out for this one if you want it badly!

4. Smite Odin:

Smite Odin VALORANT Skin | IN-GAME Skins Showcase

This skin is considered one of the best because it has a certain glow to it! The skin adds a thunder look to the mighty Odin! Most players would feel a rush when seeing it. It would have been better if the skin had a thunder effect to it but maybe that would be a future upgrade from Riot!
If you like thunder and feeling a rush then this skin might be the one for you!
What's Awesome About Smite Odin:

  • Thunder looks make it feel more powerful and make you feel the rush!
  • No changes in the gameplay if you like that style.
  • A bit cheaper than other skins as it was released in late 2020.

How to get this skin:
You currently can only obtain this skin from the store for 875 Valorant Points which is around 9 USD but as usual, you will have to wait for it to appear in the store.

3. Schema Odin:

Schema Skins Showcase (Schema Collection) - Valorant Battle Pass Skins

This might not be the best-looking skin but if you’re into simplicity then you would surely like this one! Simple red LED blinking color would surely feel like an upgrade from the basic look while not looking too much! Most would go for this skin if they are tired of the basic skin and still want to have a neat but not flashy look.
What’s Awesome About Schema Odin:

  • How simple and neat it is by only having a smooth red signature.
  • The fact that it’s available in the battle pass right now and it’s easy to obtain!
  • It’s a newly released skin which will give you the rich look among your friends!

How to get this skin:
The skin can be unlocked by purchasing the Battle Pass and earning XP through Episode 4: Act 1 of Valorant.

2. BlastX Odin:


If you like colors then the BlastX Odin would surely grab your attention and also everyone’s! I believe that Riot wanted to give this skin a fun feeling as it looks like a huge destructive nerf gun! If you enjoy playing with nerf guns then you should definitely give the BlastX Odin a try!
What’s Awesome About BlastX Odin:

  • A unique sound, it might
  • The nerf gun signature can be a lot of extra fun!
  • Awesome bullet holes with a lot of colors!

How to get this skin:
This skin was originally released as a bundle but now as it expired you can only get it when it becomes available in store for 2175 Valorant Points which is around 22.9 USD.

1. Prime 2.0 Odin:

Prime Odin VALORANT Skin (ALL COLORS) | NEW Prime 2.0 Skins Showcase

This is considered one of the best if not the absolute best Odin skin! It has a certain rich feeling! The gold touch feels so premium and would surely make you stand out from everyone else!
If you like guns that look like they came from the future then you would surely like the Prime 2.0 Odin skin.
What’s Awesome About Prime 2.0 Odin:

  • A gun that feels from the future!
  • Premium gold feeling.
  • Some say it can improve your aim. (But I believe your aim is good already)

How to get this skin:
You can only hope for this skin to get rotated in the store so you can grab it! If you like the golden touch and how unique the gun looks then you should surely keep an eye out for it!




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